Is Jack Osbourne the Next Action Star?

Jack Osbourne, the 19-year-old son of Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy Osbourne, knocked out his veteran opponent in the second round of a muythai match on Wednesday, April 27 in Thailand, reports the AP.

His victory comes after nearly four weeks of training at a boxing camp and physical detoxification consisting of colonic irrigations.

Jack’s proud parents, Ozzy and Sharon, flew in to Thailand to watch their son take on experienced Thai boxer, known only as “The Man.” The fight lasted only eight seconds into the second round. Typically Muythai fights comprise five three-minute rounds.

“I was very impressed with his training,” says Osbourne’s trainer Philip Wong. “He behaved and he trained so hard for it … he lost 20 pounds when he was with me.”

“At first mum and dad were a little concerned,” Osbounre said. “But once they came here and saw the training programs — and saw for themselves that I was mentally and physically well prepared — they were very cool about it all.”

As part of his decision to clean up his act after rehab, Jack took up muythai and even gave up drinking in 2004.