InsidePULSE Indy Report 5.2.5: Results & SAT Shows

4/29 – IWA MS – Valparaiso, IN
4/30 – NWS – Toms River, NJ
EWF – Marion, IN
SCW – Altamonte Springs, FL
GCW – St. Peters, MO
PCW – Arlington, TX
EWA – Baltimore, MD
GWF – Boonton, NJ
SAT SHOWS – 5/7:
MCWR – Johnson City, TN
SLOW – Texarkana, AR
ROH – Manhattan, NY
CCW – Gaffney, SC
PWU – Philadelphia, PA
IWR – Detroit, MI
WAR – Lima, OH
EWR – Marion, IN
PCW – Arlington, TX
SAW – New Brunswick, NJ
TMW – Knoxville, TN
AWA SCW – Madison, TN

IWA Mid-South results
Fri, 4/29 – Valparaiso, IN

*Josh Abercrombie/”Product” Marek Brave def. Lotus/Crazy J
*Mickie Knuckles def. ODB
*”Human Rulebook” Chandler McClure def. CJ Otis & Mike Wallace
*Axl Rotten/Trik Davis def. “Underwear Model” Eric Priest/”Male Chearleeder” Bryce Benjamin
*BJ Whitmer def. “Outlaw” Billy Gunn
*Danny Daniels def. Tyler Black
*IWA MS Heavyweight Title Match: champion Jimmy Jacobs retained over James Gibson
*TLC Match: B-Boy def. Sal Thomaselli

National Wrestling Superstars results
Sat, 4/30 – Toms River, NJ

Chris Candido Memorial J-Cup:
*Azrieal def. Louis Ortiz, Drew Blood, & Tommy Force
*Deranged def. Archadia, Neeno Capone, & Gavin Quest
*Trent Acid def. Nick Berk, Devon Moore, & Tony Flor
*Mike Kruel def. Steve Zapf, Slayer, & Damien Adams
*Azrieal def. Deranged
*Mike Kruel def. Trent Acid
*Mike Kruel def. Azrieal

*WXW World Title Match: champion Bison Bravado retained over Funky White Boy
*AWA Heavyweight Title Match: champion Danny Demanto retained against JD Smooth
*Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart/”Power Child” Eric Justice def. Simon Diamons/Hasheem Ali

Extreme Wrestling Federation results
Sat, 4/30 – Marion, IN

*Chance Laredo def. Chip Daley & James Vulgar
*Noah Lott (w/ JT Zorin) def. Dez
*Melliki def. Reign
*Matt Shock def. Wildman Rogers
*Fallen Dragon def. Hypnosis
*The SiKness def. CP
*Ryan Paradise def. Hank Calhoun
*Anarchy def. Bob by DQ
*EWF New Era Title Match: champion Indy Kid retained over Colt Cabana

Southern Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 4/30 – Altamonte Springs, FL

*SCW FL Heavyweight Title Match: champion Mister Saint Laurent retained against Josh Rich
*Scott Davis def. Rip Malibu via pin after a Pile Driver
*Chasyn Rance vs. Jerrelle Clark went to a draw
*Jason Hexx def. Dagon Briggs via submission w/ an STF
*David Mercury def. Aaron Epic by submission w/ a Rings of Saturn
*SCW Southern Tag Titles Match: champions The Heartbreak Xpress retained against Sequel/Ryze
*Vordell Walker def. Erick Stevens via pin after a 450 Splash

Gateway Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 4/30 – St. Peters, MO

*Rebecca Raze def. Rat Boy
*Mike Sharona def. Melvin Talent by DQ after Jimmy Charisma
*Cabal def. Kevin X & Michael Strider
*Cameron Cage/”Spoiled” Steven Kennedy def. Shorty Biggs/Jackal
*Chaz Wesson/Shaun Starz(w/ Sindy) def. Dingo/Trent Stone
*GCW Light Heavyweight Title Match: champion Jynx retained against Michael Serious
*D.N.S.(w/ Sadie Blaze) def. Big Bad Ben/Mike Sharona
*GCW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Kory Twist retained over Sean Vincent

Professional Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 4/30 – Arlington, TX

*Young Pioneer Cub def. Isaiah by DQ
*Jack Dalton (w/ Claudia) def. Chris Richter via pin
*Brett Anthony vs. BJ Turner went to no contest
*”Sexy” Steve DeMarco def. “Main Event” Mike Foxx
*PCW Cruiserweight Title, Ladder Match: Stephen Murphy def. G-Slice, Robert Evans, Jiggle-O James Johnson, JT LaMotta, & Claudia
*PCW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Shadow retained over “Bomber” Chris Stevens

Eastern Wrestling Alliance results
Sat, 4/30 – Baltimore, MD

*Jimmy Starz def. Bruce Chan
*Jawbreakers def. The Legion of UnGood
*Zach Matthews def. GoldThumb
*Eagle def. Tank Thomas & Morgus the Maniac
*EWA Cruiserweight, 30 Minute Iron Man Match: Ruckus def. Derek Frazier
*Money Power Respect vs. Prep Club went to a no contest
*Blood def. Jaxx Craven by DQ
*EWA Heavyweight Title Match: Adam Flash def. champion Stevie Riggs via DQ

Great Wrestling Federation results
Sat, 4/30 – Boonton, NJ

*”Buttery” Bert Williams def. Hubie Volk by pin
*GWF Light Heavyweight Title Match: champion Erik Andretti retained over Rick Silver. Esq & Travis Blackchurch
*Jason Static def. Korey Coresh via pin after a Pumphandle Olympic Slam
*GWF Heavyweight Title Match: Ethan De Sade def. Chocolate Boy Wonder
*GWF Women’s Title Match: Della Norta def. Kayla Sparks & Deville
*”Giant Sex Symbol” Harry Acropolis def. The Mombo King
*”Text Book” Philly Madison def. Sensational One & Bill Ding
*The Great Cerenzio def. Max Gaeta
*Danny Yamz def. Peter the Great & T-Bonz
*Monster Rumble: Bill Ding

Mark Curtis Wrestling Reunion
Sat, 5/7 – 7:30 pm
Freedom Hall, Johnson City, TN

*Featuring Mick Foley, Shane Douglas, Al Snow, Terry Taylor, Dr. Tom Prichard, Tim Horner, Cody Michaels, Tracy Smothers, Bobby Eaton, Ref Scott Dickenson, Les Thatcher, Chip Kesler, Sandy Scott, Lord Zoltan, Roger Anderson, KC Thunder, The Duke Of New York, Preston Steele, Count Grog, Ring Announcer Tommy Noe, & more

Tickets: $21 Ringside, $16 Adult GA, $6 kids GA

Superstars & Legends Of Wrestling
Sat, 5/7 – 8 pm
Four States Fairgrounds, Texarkana, AR

Featuring Jimmy Hart, Jerry “The King” Lawler, Kamala, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, General Skandar Akbar, Action Jackson, Calvin Knapp, The Cowboys From Hell, & more

Ring of Honor
Sat, 5/7
New Yorker Hotel, 481 8th Ave., Manhattan, NY

*ROH Heavyweight Title Match: champion Austin Aries vs. Alex Shelley
*ROH Pure Wrestling Title Match: champion Jay Lethal vs. Samoa Joe
*ROH Tag Titles Match: champions BJ Whitmer/Jimmy Jacobs vs. Roderick Strong/Jack Evans
Colt Cabana vs. Nigel McGuiness
*Dog Collar Match: CM Punk vs. Jimmy Rave (w/ Prince Nana)
*Losing Team Must Split: Ring Crew Express (Dunn/Marcos) vs. Deranged/Izzy vs. Azrieal/Dixie
*Also featuring Low Ki, James Gibson, Julius Smokes, Homicide, & more

Carolina Championship Wrestling
Sat, 5/7 – 8 pm
Gaffney Middle School, Gaffney, SC

*Texas Bunkhouse Match: Dusty Rhodes vs. Terry Funk
*2/3 Falls: The Midnight Express vs. Ricky Morton/Brad Armstrong
*Brad Anderson vs. David Flair
*George South vs. Bobby Fulton
*Hardcore Match: Madd Maxx vs. The Barbarian
*Tator Kirby vs. Hunter Thompson
*Little Joe Kidd vs. Bad Boy Buck
*Also featuring Ivan Koloff, The US Express, George South Jr., Chief Jay Eagle, & more

Pro Wrestling Unplugged presents “Jam Session 6”
Sat, 5/7 – 7:30 pm
Animal House, 3230 Collins ST, Philadelphia, PA

*Falls Count Anywhere: Trent Acid vs. Helter Skelter
*CJ O’Doyle vs. Greg Spitz
*The SuperFriends (Hulk Hayden/”Captain” Caveman Angus/a New Member) vs. The Deadheadz (Greg Spitz/KJ Hellfire)
*The PrimeTime Playaz (Teddy Fine/Mike Brown) vs. Salvation (“Mad” JT Moses”/”The Brutal One” Judas Gray) (w/ Dr. Don Bootz)
*2/3 Falls: Din Mak vs. Bomboy
*Unified Women’s Title, No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere Match
*Also featuring The Rockin’ Rebel, Johnny Kashmere, Mike Kehner, Luscious Lilly, Marcus Dowling, Saul S. Steinburk III, & more

Independent Wrestling Revolution presents “Revolution Enmascarada”
Sat, 5/7
Majestic Theatre, Detroit, MI

Featuring El Hijo Del Santo, Konnan, La Parka, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Psicosis, “The Juice” Juventud Guerrera, Zach Gowen, POD, Toad, Christopher Daniels, The Threat, Gutter, George Morbid, Jaimy Cox, Eddie Venom, American Kickboxer, Los Chocones Feos, Dark Skin Productions, & more

Tickets: $30 VIP, $20 GA

WAR presents “Aftershock”
Sat, 5/7 – 8 pm
UAW Hall, 1440 Bellefontaine AVE, Lima, OH

*(ref: Tommy Dreamer) “Sweet” Stevie Lee vs. Dusty Dillinger
*”Bad Attitude” Brian Beech vs. Matt Stryker
*Flex Falcone vs. “Metal Head” Steve Stone
“Bad Attitude” Brian Beech vs. Matt Stryker
*Flex Falcone vs. “Metal Head” Steve Stone
*The Highlanders vs. The Soul Shooters
*Matt Mason/”High Class” Carlton Kaz vs. Delivery Inc. (Stamp Lickage/Dexter Dementia)
*Jenelle Sinclair/Jon Moxley vs. AJ Sparx/Cody Hawk
*Also featuring Scotty Sabre, Tony Scarpone, Jeff Cannon, “Awesome” Gary Dawson, Mr. Main Event, & more

Tickets: $10 advance, $12 at door

Extreme Wrestling Federation
Sat, 5/7 – 7 pm & 10 pm
EWF Arena, 3400 S. Adams, Marion, IN

Tickets: $6 per show or $10 for both

Professional Championship Wrestling
Sat, 5/7 – 8 pm
PCW Arena, Arlington, TX

*Last Man Standing Match: Mace Malone vs. Mike Foxx
*Shadow vs. Jeremy Young vs. Steve DeMarco
*John Allen vs. Brett Anthony
*BJ Turner vs. Hotstuff Hernandez
*Dark Circle Rules Match: Tim Storm vs. Jack Dalton
*Canyon vs. Antonio
*Also featuring Thomas Bussey, Chris Bussey, The Knockouts, & more

Soul Asylum Wrestling
Sat, 5/7 – 5:30 pm
New Brunswick Boxing Gym, 121 Jersey AVE, New Brunswick, NJ

*SAW Tag Titles Match: Brian Mitchell Foster/Prince of Darkness vs. Spade/”Handsome” Hanson Johns
*SAW Women’s Title, Submission Match: Taylor Nicole vs. Alexa Thatcher
*Also featuring The Soul Brothers, Crazy Ivan, Kid Usa, & more

Tennessee Mountain Wrestling
National Guard Armory, Sutherland Ave, Knoxville, TN
Sat, 5/7

AWA-Supreme Championship Wrestling
821 W. Main ST, Madison, IN
Sat, 5/7 – 7:30 pm

Tickets: $5