Terminator 4 Pushed Back

According to GlobalArnold.com, Terminator 4 may be delayed for a couple of years.
But that might also be considered a good thing. Arnold Schwarzenegger may then have time to return to his most famous role. It was previously reported that he would not be back for the sequel, but now there appears to be a sliver of hope.

An insider from the Andrew Vajna film studio, Intercom Pictures, tells the site that T4 will most likely hit theatres in 2007 or 2008, and that it may still be a Schwarzenegger vehicle, but nothing will be known until Arnold makes some decisions about his political career.

The script is being worked on, but the film is not remotely close to going into pre-production. Also, both Nick Stahl and Claire Danes also recently announced that they would not be returning for sequel three.

Credit: GlobalArnold.com, Moviehole.net