[Rock] Audioslave Make History

from NME.com:

AUDIOSLAVE are set to become the first US rock group to perform outdoors in Cuba.

The band have announced that they will play a free, open-air concert on May 6 at La Tribuna in Havana. The venue can accommodate up to one million people. The first open air concert by a US rock band in Cuba was authorised by the US Treasury Department and the Instituto Cubano de la Musica.

A statement from Audioslave said: “Kids are the same all over the world, and we are extremely proud and excited to bring rock ‘n’ roll to the youth of Cuba. It’s all about the music, and free expression of music crosses all barriers. This is a rare opportunity, and we are grateful and honored to have the support of both countries.”

Audioslave will release the Rick Rubin-produced ‘Out Of Exile’ on May 23.