Survivor: Palau – Recap – Episode 12

Koror – Day 31

Tom is glad he’s still here. He says if he had been them he would have voted him off.

Tom and Caryn head for tree mail, talking about their strategy. Tom says he really can’t save Caryn at his own expense. Caryn says it doesn’t make sense to get rid of her; it makes more sense to split Gregg and Jenn.

Tree mail promises pampering for knowledge.

Ian says he and Katie made a promise if they won a reward challenge they’d take each other.


Challenge: A series of questions about Micronesia. Every correct answer gets you a chance to drop someone’s lantern. 3 drops puts a lantern in the water. Last lit lantern wins. Reward is a night on a luxury yacht.

First question is answered correctly by everyone. Tom drops Gregg, Jenn drops Caryn, Ian drops Caryn, Caryn drops Katie, Gregg drops Tom, and Katie drops and eliminates Caryn.

Second question is answered correctly only by Tom. He drops Ian.

Third question is answered by everyone. Tom drops Jenn, Jenn drops Tom, and Ian drops and eliminates Tom. Gregg tells Katie he’ll spare her if she spares him. Gregg drops Ian. Katie thinks about it, then drops and eliminates Ian.

Fourth question is answered by Katie and Jenn. Gregg immediately breaks his word and drops Katie. Katie hits Gregg.

Fifth question is answered correctly by Gregg and Jenn. Jenn drops and eliminates Katie. Gregg drops Jenn.

Sixth question is answered by Gregg. He eliminates Jenn and wins reward. He gets to take one person with him, and takes Jenn. JP says he can take one more person, and he takes Katie. Tom, Ian, and Caryn head back to camp, while Gregg, Katie, and Jenn head to the yacht.

Ian, Tom, and Caryn make it back to the beach. Ian thinks that if Katie were willing to throw him in the water for a night on the yacht, she would be willing to dump him for a million dollars. Ian and Caryn tell Tom that Gregg is the big threat and needs to go. They think Katie will join Gregg and Jenn in voting for Caryn, creating a split vote. Caryn thinks this is her only shot.

On the yacht, Gregg, Katie, and Jenn take showers and get massages. Gregg’s masseuse turns out to be his best friend Greg.

They sit down to eat, and Jenn’s sister and Katie’s brother-in-law both appear. Happy happy joy joy for all.

Back at camp, Ian is convinced Katie will vote against Caryn. Ian thinks they can convince Katie to vote for Gregg if they convince her that a tie is imminent. Tom and Ian are both willing to pick a rock if need be. Ian says it’s a huge risk, but it’s one they have to take.

Tom and Ian tell Caryn to continue to act like she’s going home.

On the yacht, they head to a secluded lagoon to watch a pack of dolphins. They jump in the water and swim with them. Katie says this was one of her dreams, and it came true. Jenn is glad she got to share it with her sister.

That night, Gregg and Jenn work on Katie over beers. Katie says that she is firmly behind Gregg and Jenn. Her strategy is to jump with whoever has the power. They agree to vote Caryn, and if she winds up with immunity to vote Tom.

Koror – Day 32

The next day, Gregg, Katie, and Jenn come to shore with their families. Tom is hurt that he lost this challenge.

As the families leave, Gregg begins to cry. He tells Greg to tell his mom he loves her. What, is he headed to the Iraqi front lines or something?

Tom sits back and says that this little trip Gregg, Katie, and Jenn took will wind up costing them big.

Koror – Day 33

Tree mail. They’ll have to redo former challenges.


Challenge: Race up net maze. First five advance. Put together star puzzle. First four advance. Eat 3 balute. First three advance. Next is a knot-covered box with a flag inside. First two flags up the pole advance. Finally, shooting tiles with the .50 cal machine gun. First to hit 3 tiles wins immunity.

Time for net maze. Tom, Ian, and Gregg in the lead. Tom finishes first. Gregg. Ian. Jenn. Katie. Caryn is eliminated.

Sea star puzzle. Ian finishes first. Tom next. Gregg. Jenn gets it. Katie is eliminated.

Balute time. Tom finishes first. Ian next. Jenn finishes. Gregg is eliminated.

Time for the knot-covered box. Tom finishes first, followed by Ian. Jenn is eliminated.

Target practice with a .50 cal. Ian goes first and hits. Tom misses. Ian hits. Tom misses. Ian hits his final target and wins immunity! He is safe tonight at Tribal Council.

They make it back to camp. Tom remembers the jungle course being a lot easier on day 3. He says it was a good thing he became a fireman and not a cop. Tom says he’s vulnerable, but it’s better to play hard than wait for elimination.

Gregg talks to Ian and Tom. They all agree that Caryn needs to go. Gregg notes that Caryn is in a Janu place. Ian notes that things will be interesting. Gregg is a bit confused by that.

Ian talks to Katie. Ian tells Katie that they’re voting for Gregg. Ian tells Katie that, if they have to, they’ll go to rocks. Katie thinks it’s a bit unfair. Katie admits that she can’t beat Ian. Katie knows people want to take her to the final two because they can beat her.

Back at camp, Gregg admits to feeling a bit paranoid. Jenn asks Tom, who says Gregg has nothing to worry about.

JP brings in the jury. Coby, Janu, and Steph. And might I add, DAMN!!! Janu and Steph are SMOKIN’!!!

Gregg says it was good to win the reward challenge, but it sucked that the others didn’t get to hang with their families.

Caryn says that she was eliminated first because she won food at other reward challenges. She doesn’t think it was malicious. JP says how could it not be malicious when Gregg was having to ask Jenn permission before he could vote anyone off.

Jenn and Gregg admit that they have a relationship and it was natural for them to go on the reward together. But they’re individuals playing their own games.

JP notes Caryn brought all her stuff. Caryn says she’s always been on the outside looking in and is prepared to be voted out at any time.

Tom says they are all friends, but they are all looking to slit each other’s throats.

Ian holds onto immunity. Tom votes first. Jenn. Ian votes for Gregg. Gregg. Caryn. Katie votes last. JP tallies the votes. Votes read, decision final. First vote, Caryn. Caryn. Gregg. Gregg. Coby is shocked. Gregg. 3 votes Gregg. Fourth member of the jury: Gregg. He can’t believe it. Torch out, adios.

JP says, with 6 days left, no one is safe anymore. He sends them back to camp.