Counterfeit Pennies: Early WWE Lottery Predictions

The upcoming and now-annual WWE draft lottery kind of reminds me of the clichéd “it was only a bad dream” copout ending that every 1980s sitcom invoked when the writers realized they f*cked up. With that said, it is fun to speculate on who will be moved to what show and why when the lottery is held …

Chris Biscuiti presents … WWE Draft Lottery Predictions

To Monday Night Raw

01. Carlito Caribbean Cool. Carlito has the type of star potential that can really make him shine on live television. He would certainly bring a hip edge to a Raw show that is desperate for new – rather than recycled – vignettes and storylines.

02. Orlando Jordan. In what would be a real twist, Orlando Jordan could move to Raw, thus bringing the U.S. Championship to the WWE’s flagship show. This would set up my grandiose idea of crowning an Undisputed Intercontinental Champion on Raw, and resurrecting the Hardcore Championship on Smackdown!

03. and 04. Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio. I am hoping that the draft lottery really shakes things up, and in order to do so I would like to see Eddie and Rey finish their feud on Raw rather than Smackdown! This would help Rey avoid the age-old question, “Should be a Cruiserweight or Heavyweight?” As for Eddie, I think Latino Heat needs a change so that he can seek out fresh storylines once his angle with Rey Rey unfolds.

05. Miss Jackie. I want this for no other reason than to see another Gayda-Trish incident.

06. Tony Schimmel . I am really running out of ideas here. Either that, or I feel that Smackdown! needs a little more help than Raw right now, so whoever is in this spot should not be someone of major significance.

To Smackdown!

01. Chris Jericho. Carlito can bring the Cabana to Raw, and Jericho can bring the Highlight Reel and desperately needed charisma to Smackdown! While Carlito has potential to be a star, Jericho is already a tried and true main eventer who could carry Cena to some of his best matches if given the chance.

02. Randy Orton. Randy can switch over and finish his feud with The Undertaker. Then, he can reestablish himself on a show that isn’t bogged down by the Triple H mantra.

03. HBK: Shawn Michaels. Michaels moving to Smackdown! is just what the Thursday show needs to create a little more of a mainstream buzz. Angle and Michaels could feud for months upon months, and I don’t think I’d ever get sick of seeing it.

04. and 05. Simon Dean and Maven. They might flounder on Raw, but on Smackdown! these two could make for a moderately entertaining mid-card tandem.

06. Matt Hardy, Version 1.0. If Vince truly uses the MSG audience as his barometer, then he will cowtow to the crowd and give Matt a rightful place on Smackdown! Besides, an Edge-Hardy match somewhere down the line would be a huge draw as a cross-brand match. If Vince can turn the Bret Hart screw-job into the Austin-McMahon era, then why not go with an angle that is just too good to be scripted by WWE writers.

That’s all for now … PEACE.

Chris Biscuiti writes exclusively for Inside Pulse.