[WWE] Various News Bits

There are reports that Heartthrobs member Romeo Roselli is getting heat at the moment. Apparently, the thought is that Roselli is getting a swollen head due to now being on the RAW roster. It’s been said that Roselli recently attempted to hold up a promoter for more money at a Northeast Wrestling event with less than 24 hours before their show last Saturday in Bristol, CT. There are rumors that he did this after gaining instructions from his parents. If that wasn’t enough, Roselli then complained about possibly getting injured in a match involving Mick Foley and Jerry Lawler. Not only was that seen as in insult to the two veterans, but on top of that an injured Jonathon Coachman took several bumps from Foley in the match, thus making Roselli look even lower in the eye of wrestlers, since Coach is a non wrestling personality. King Kong Bundy ended up replacing Roselli at the event. Many people believe that this is the reason William Regal and Tajiri worked stiffly with Roselli at Backlash. It is also thought that Roselli should be thankful he is not on Smackdown, where he would have to deal with Undertaker and JBL over his attitude.

Gangrel has been signed to a WWE deal and is currently training down in OVW. No word yet on when he may be called up to the main roster.

Steven Richards is also down in OVW training in an attempt to return from facial injuries suffered in his match against Chris Masters a couple of months ago.

Credit- PWInsider.com