Wrestling Weekly Pulse


Wrestling Weekly Pulse, 5-8-05

Hello everyone! Sorry for all the inconsistency in the weekend column; Iain
and I are still trying to get settled in the new routine. Hopefully we’ll be
set sooner than later. In the meantime, it’s been a slow news week, and I haven’t
been watching the recent Pay-Per-Views, and I STILL don’t get UPN for Smackdown…so
I’ll see if I can find anything interesting to talk about. Here’s hoping.


Well, there really isn’t really anything in the news other than Candido’s death.
Not that anyone cares, but I’ll add my two cents about the man. I think "tragedy"
is the only word that truly sums this up. Chris had really turned his life around,
and was making a hell of a comeback. I saw him at a live event last summer here
in Buffalo, where he took on Al Snow in the main event. Those two guys went
for at least a half hour, probably longer; they battled throughout the crowd,
and in the ring they took turns exchanging popular finishing moves (Stunner,
People’s Elbow, Legdrop, etc.). They went all-out to entertain the crowd, especially
Candido, who played the heel. It was a great way to end the event. Thanks for
the memories, Chris.

The Draft

It looks like the Draft Lottery will be taking place after the Smackdown PPV,
which will also give Raw time to finish up their #1 contender tournament. Here
is what I would like to see happen.

From Raw to Smackdown:

Christian (can provide competition for both the WWE title and the US title)

Shawn Michaels (add a fresh main eventer to the mix)

Khosrow Daivari (get him out of Hassan’s shadow of suckitude, and into the cruiserweight

Sylvain Grenier (reunite the original La Resistance to stop Dupree’s floundering,
free up Conway for a singles run)

Gene Snitsky (a team with Heidenreich would suck in the ring, but at least be

From Smackdown to Raw:

Carlito (take those mic skills to the live show)

Matt Morgan (add a new big man to Evolution?)

Rey Mysterio (a fresh face for the upper midcard)

Big Show (a big guy for Batista to feud with)

Luther Reigns (can be a lone wolf, destroying everyone he comes across)

The Adventure of Links

Blatt is back!

Hatton has the
best Raw report in the IWC.

Listen to Hevia…unless
he’s talking about politics. ;-)

Eric is Eric,
and thus you should read him. Like you haven’t already.

Vinny bitches
about Hogan…something unheard of in the IWC. Oh wait. (For the record, my
opinion on the subject is this: people would not view Hassan as a bigger threat
if he would have beat Hogan at Wrestlemania…they would just be pissed.)

Bambi remembers

Mathan brings
the DCU knowledge, Tim
brings the DCU news (and some Ragman coolness).

And now, I pimp myself! In the Music zone, I reviewed GZR
. In Comics, I reviewed The
and Solo:
Howard Chaykin
. Look also for my review of The Intimates, coming soon!

Man, there was just nothing to work with this weekend. Here’s hoping for a
more exciting week!

Keep the e-mails and IMs coming, and I’ll see you here next weekend.

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