The Amazing Race – Recap – Season Finale

Before we start, there’s some stuff you should take a look at.

First, we’ve got Baker and Coogan talking about London, and the game aspect of the Race (you know, where they make you figure out where you’re going instead of telling you).

Next, Cheri Widowski gives her opinions on the Race to the Finish Line.

Oddly enough, both Jonathan and Cheri have the same prediction I do:
1) Uchenna/Joyce
2) Rob/Amber
3) Ron/Kelly

As Jonathan said, the best team doesn’t seem to win (I never saw the original, so maybe Rob and Brennan were the best that season). Tara/Wil, KennyG, Kelly/Jon, Colin/Christie and Kris/Jon all earned the right to Race to the Finish Line, but came up short in the end. Plus, Amber has to do whatever Roadblocks come up, and if they’re demanding, they could be in trouble.

Based on what we’ve seen, Ron and Kelly seem to have a chemistry problem – they have none – so almost by default, H-Town residents Uchenna and Joyce are the pick to win.

My name is Kevin Wong, and welcome to the season finale of The Amazing Race!!

Last week, teams traveled from Istanbul, Turkey to jolly old England. Rob/Amber and Ron/Kelly took a risk and landed a fast flight through Frankfurt, while Meredith/Gretchen and Uchenna/Joyce just went direct and lost 90 minutes as a result. Rob/Amber thought smart and got help, while Ron/Kelly – already with no money – didn’t and wasted time trying to take cabs around the city. The end result being Rob/Amber giving Ron/Kelly a Yield (and in essence, a two-finger salute) and first place in the leg. A three-way horse race to not finish last ended up not being much of one at all, as Meredith couldn’t negotiate the bus driving course fast enough and the old couple were finally eliminated from the Race.

Standings after ten legs:
1) Rob (6) and Amber (4) a.k.a. Romber [Y] – Amber doing Roadblocks could be their downfall.
2) Ron (5) and Kelly (5) – Can they keep it together long enough to win it all? The magic 8 ball says “Unlikely”.
3) Uchenna (5) and Joyce (4) [FF] – Can the married couple win it all?
x4) Meredith (6) and Gretchen (4) – Leg 9
x5) Lynn (4) and Alex (4) a.k.a. Frick and Frack – Leg 8
x6) Brian (3) and Greg (3) a.k.a. The Dudes – Leg 7
x7) Ray (2) and Deana (2) – Leg 6 [FF]
x8) Susan (1) and Patrick (2) – Leg 4
x9) Debbie (1) and Bianca (1) – Leg 3
x10) Heidi (1) and Megan a.k.a. The Barbies – Leg 2
x11) Ryan and Chuck – Leg 1

Previously on The Amazing Race, Phil recaps everything that’s happened over the last 10 legs. Which leads us to –

Opening Credits

London, England. We’re at Pottersfield Park, the tenth Pit Stop in a race around the world. Since there are three teams left, I think they’ve got some idea what’s in store for them. Gamesmanship happens during the rest period.

Rob and Amber, who arrived at the Pit Stop first at 2:47pm, depart at 2:47am. Teams must now fly 4700 miles to Kingston, Jamaica. They must find Fisherman’s Cove in Port Antonio. They take a cab to Heathrow, and find the first flight out is at 12:40pm, so they know they’re bottlenecked.

Ron and Kelly, 4:26am. They talk about emotional issues. They argue about Underground vs taxis to Heathrow.

Uchenna and Joyce, 4:41am. They have $230 for this leg of the Race. Uchenna knows that the odds are good to win the million. They take a cab.

Ron/Kelly and Uchenna/Joyce find out that the first flight is 12:40pm. Ron/Kelly have a heart-to-heart about commitments and marriage. Ron doesn’t want to be pressured into commitment just yet.

All three teams get tickets for the Air Jamaica flight. They arrive in Kingston at night. They all take cabs over to Frenchman’s Cove, with Uchenna/Joyce in the lead, and Ron/Kelly trailing.

At Frenchman’s Cove, Uchenna/Joyce find out it’s a Roadblock. Team members must Limbo to see how early a departure time they can get the next morning. That’s pretty unique. Joyce takes it. Rob/Amber arrive, and Amber of course has to take it.

Joyce gets 8:45am, Amber gets 9am

Kelly takes the Roadblock. Amber gets 8:45am, Kelly does 9am. Amber eventually get 8:15am, as does Kelly. Joyce only gets 8:30am.

Teams will now spend the night at Frenchman’s Cove, and will depart the next day to Grant’s Level, 11 miles away. Uchenna and Joyce know they have to make up some time, which they’ll do after the

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Morning, and Ron/Kelly and Rob/Amber leave to find taxis. 8:30, Uchenna/Joyce take off.

Grant’s Level, Rob/Amber and Ron/Kelly find the cluebox and a Detour – Raft It or Build It. Teams either travel 8 miles using a bamboo raft, or build a bamboo raft and cross a river. Both teams decide to Build It. Rob, with his construction background, seems to have things under control, as do Ron and Kelly.

Uchenna/Joyce arrive, and decide to build it as well. Rob cuts his hand, while, Uchenna/Joyce, wearing gloves, gain on the other teams. Ron/Kelly seem to be having trouble, while the other two teams are on the seats.

Rob/Amber and Ron/Kelly’s rafts have some structural problems, while Uchenna/Joyce’s have none. They seem to leave at the same time. Rob and Uchenna go ashore and grab the clue. Ron/Kelly are still having raft problems.

Rob/Amber get ashore first, and are told to travel by taxi to the next Pit Stop at cottage 16 in Round Hill at Montego Bay. Rob/Amber and Uchenna/Joyce get taxis. Ron/Kelly are pretty far behind.

Rob/Amber and Uchenna/Joyce’s taxis stop for gas. Ron/Kelly catch up to Rob/Amber. All the teams get stuck in traffic, but Rob/Amber end up caught in a random police check, as Ron/Kelly pass them. It may have cost Romber the Race!!

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Rob hopes for a miracle to finish ahead of the other teams. Speaking of which, Uchenna/Joyce’s taxi is running flat. Romber catch up, and Uchenna/Joyce’s taxi tire finally gives out, meaning Ron/Kelly sneak ahead to first. Ron/Kelly’s taxi take a high road, while Rob/Amber’s take the low road. Meanwhile, Uchenna/Joyce’s taxi gets the flat fixed, and are back on the way.

All teams are looking for cottage 16. The first team to arrive is – Ron and Kelly!! Right behind, as team number two is Rob and Amber.

Uchenna and Joyce are the last team to arrive, but it’s non-elmination, and Phil robs them of all their stuff. They’ll start the final leg with $0, which is a new twist. The next leg starts, right after the

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Standings after eleven legs:
1) Ron (5) and Kelly (6) – With no bags to lug around, they’re in pretty good shape.
2) Rob (6) and Amber (5) a.k.a. Romber [Y] – Bags could weigh them down.
3) Uchenna (5) and Joyce (5) [FF] – No money, no bags, big problem
x4) Meredith (6) and Gretchen (4) – Leg 9
x5) Lynn (4) and Alex (4) a.k.a. Frick and Frack – Leg 8
x6) Brian (3) and Greg (3) a.k.a. The Dudes – Leg 7
x7) Ray (2) and Deana (2) – Leg 6 [FF]
x8) Susan (1) and Patrick (2) – Leg 4
x9) Debbie (1) and Bianca (1) – Leg 3
x10) Heidi (1) and Megan a.k.a. The Barbies – Leg 2
x11) Ryan and Chuck – Leg 1

Welcome back to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Ron and Kelly, who arrived at 2:37pm, will depart at 2:37am. Teams must travel by taxi 25 miles to Lucea, pick up a bag of onions, and chop them up at a restaurant to get their next clue. Kelly cries, and they look around for a taxi. They get the security guard to help them.

Rob and Amber, 2:38am. They have $445 for this leg of the Race. A taxi arrive, and Ron/Kelly take it. Rob asks the driver to call a taxi, but Ron/Kelly tell him not to.

Uchenna and Joyce, 2:48am. They’ve got no money, so they head to the resort lobby to get information. They think to beg for money at the airport, but find it’s the other way from Lucea.

A taxi finally arrives, and Rob/Amber get on. Ron/Kelly want their driver to hurry, but he’s apparently on “Jamaican time”. Romber reach the onion bags first. Uchenna/Joyce get a good Samaritan to drive them to the airport. Ron/Kelly get their bag.

At the restaurant, Romber find out that they need to chop 50 onions. Uchenna/Joyce arrive at the airport, while Ron/Kelly get to the restaurant and start chopping onions. Rob tells a tall tale about chopping onions as a kid, which makes Amber laugh.

At the AA counter, Uchenna starts begging for money, without much luck. Joyce starts crying, and Uchenna comforts her, as we head into the

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We’re back, and Joyce doesn’t know what to do, while Uchenna keeps the faith.

At the restaurant, both teams are making good progress. Uchenna manages to get some money from departing passengers, and head out to the restaurant.

Romber finish chopping, and get their next clue – go to Rose Hall Plantation Resort.

Ron/Kelly finish chopping, and head out. Uchenna feels it’s a long day, and it’s not even 9am. Ron/Kelly catch up to Rob/Amber. They reach the clue box – it’s a Detour – Pony Up or Tee It Up. Teams must either do horseback swimming or head to a driving range, dress in appropriate clothing and hit a target green 60 yards away, alternating shots. Both teams decide to Tee It Up.

Uchenna/Joyce get their onions. Humorous Mozart/serious Beethoven plays as Ron/Kelly and Rob/Amber have some trouble hitting the ball, never mind the target.

Uchenna/Joyce start chopping. Ron just misses the target, while Rob hits it! The clue tells the teams to fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where they must drive themselves to a fort. Romber have a flight schedule, and are going to try and catch a flight that leaves in 20 minutes. Joyce starts crying again, but this time because of the onions. Kelly hits the target, and Ron/Kelly are off.

At the airport, Romber can’t get on the flight for security reasons, and Rob is upset. I’m assuming more because they might lose their lead than anything.

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Rob and Amber manage to find a delayed American Airlines flight that leaves at 9:54am, and get on. Ron/Kelly try, but miss the flight, and get on the 12:40pm flight. Rob/Amber are the first team out of Jamaica. Uchenna/Joyce finish their task, and are off to the airport.

San Juan, Romber head out to old San Juan. Jamaica, Uchenna/Joyce reach the Plantation, and decide to Tee It Up.

Rob/Amber reach the cluebox, and are told to drive 87 miles to a sugar factory in Aguadilla.

Ron/Kelly take off for San Juan. Uchenna seems to hit the target rather quickly. Rob’s stuck in traffic. Uchenna/Joyce get tickets for a 4:58pm flight to San Juan, and start begging for money.

Rob and Amber reach the sugar factory, and find out that it opens the next day at 7:30am, meaning that they’ve lost their lead. They head to a hotel to get some rest. Ron/Kelly get their clue to head to Aguadilla. Uchenna/Joyce land in San Juan, and head to the fort. Ron/Kelly reach the factory, and decide to wait in the car. Uchenna/Joyce are heading to the factory, and discover that they’ve caught up.

Morning. All the teams rush out to the find the clue box. It’s a Roadblock – Who’s ready to take a plunge. Racers have to jump off a 30 foot bridge and swim 90 yards to a cluebox. Amber, Uchenna and Ron take it. Amber follows Rob, as Ron and Uchenna jump off the bridge and swim to the clue. Rob and Amber get back to the clue box, and find out that the other teams have completed the task.

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On shore, Ron/Kelly are told to head to their final destination – Miami, Florida – to find their next clue. Amber takes the plunge, and gets her clue. Amber is exhausted, and Rob carries her. Ron/Kelly pass Uchenna/Joyce, and Rob/Amber catch up to them as well. Rob/Amber actually pass Ron/Kelly at the tollbooth.

Kelly backseat drives, poorly, and she and Ron argue. Again.

Romber head into the airport, and get tickets for a 11:15am flight, as the 10:00am flight is already boarding. Uchenna/Joyce, right behind them, get the same flight. Kelly is still whining about giving poor directions. Rob gets put on the standby list for a 10:00am flght. And they get on. Un-fricking-believable. Uchenna/Joyce just miss it.

Again, un-fricking-believable.

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San Juan airport. Uchenna/Joyce get the gate agent to check with the pilot if they can get on the flight. And they do!! Un-fricking-believable. Ron/Kelly get tickets for the 11:15am flight.

Miami. Jan Hammer-esque music. Rob/Amber and Uchenna/Joyce head to the cluebox. Ron/Kelly’s flight take off. Rob/Amber get the clue, which tells them to go to Little Havana, and find a cigar store known as the King of the Havana’s. Rob gets some help, and is told to go to 27th and Eight. Uchenna/Joyce are told to go Eleventh Street. Rob gets bad directions, Uchenna gets good ones. They’re told to head to the Bonnet House in Fort Lauderdale and the Finish Line.

Rob and Amber are still looking, and lose their driver, who was looking for them. Uchenna’s out of money, and leans out of the window, begging for money. Romber finally find the cigar shop, and are off to Fort Lauderdale.

Ron/Kelly arrive in Miami, and obviously, they’re screwed. Uchenna/Joyce arrive at the Bonnet House, and haggle over the fare, because he has no money. They still owe $25.

Ron/Kelly reach the clue box, and start looking for the cigar shop. Uchenna/Joyce are still $15 short. Rob/Amber are heading to the Finish Line. Uchenna/Joyce settle, and head into the House. Rob/Amber are just about there. And here come Uchenna and Joyce!! They are the winners of The Amazing Race!! Uchenna is overjoyed, and thanks everyone for just being in the Race. Next for them is in vitro. Or adoption.

And coming in a not-really-that-close second are Rob and Amber. Rob is frustrated, but is happy to be with Amber. Next for them, (TV) marriage.

In third, Ron and Kelly. Hopefully they realize that they’re not meant for each other.

Hugs and mingling all around, and a group shot ends the show.

And that does it for this season of The Amazing Race. Thanks very much for reading!!

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