[Misc.] Upcoming PPV Information

iNDEMAND’s Web site has posted the following information about TNA’s 3-year “Slammiversary” PPV event to be held June 19:

Genre Event Wrestling Match
Running Time 2:58
Rating TV-14 (D ,L ,V)
Premiere Date Sun, Jun 19, 2005

Synopsis In 3 years, they have risen.. conquered.. and emerged as the new superstars of professional wrestling. And on June 19, TNA Wrestling presents its 3rd Anniversary Spectacular – “Slammiversary”! It will be a night like no other when “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett, Dusty Rhodes, Jeff Hardy, Raven, and the superstars of the X Division step into the Six-Sided Ring. Find out for yourself why, over the past 3 years, TNA has become the new face of professional wrestling. It’s TNA Wrestling’s 3rd Anniversary Spectacular – “Slammiversary” – live, Sunday, June 19, on Events iN DEMAND pay-per-view!

– According to PWInsider.com and John Borchardt, WWE has confirmed that June 26th’s Vengeance (RAW) PPV will be headlined by a Hell in a Cell match between HHH and Batista. This was included in their monthly PPV newsletter, along with other news, including that of the June 12 ECW PPV.