[TNA] TNA’s Involvement In “One Night Stand”

There have been reports that TNA is going to let its contracted workers to appear at the ECW One Night Stand PPV on 6/12. These reports come from a Dusty Rhodes interview on Live Audio Wrestling. One TNA source says Rhodes doesn’t have the power to make that call, only Dixie Carter does.

According to sources in both TNA and WWE, there are no plans for TNA workers to appear at the ECW PPV. Several months ago WWE officials contacted TNA’s Shane Douglas about the idea.

Sources say that the plans for the ECW PPV are already set and TNA workers are not factored in. That’s of course not to say that some TNA workers do not want to be part of the event, because most of them do. TNA has not given them clearance for them and this is why the WWE has not factored them into the current PPV plans.

Former ECW World Champion, Mikey Whipwreck will be part of the show. Joining him to the list of names is the Sinister Minister.

Tickets for the event go on sale this Saturday 5/14 with tickets priced at $400, $250, and $150.

Credit: PWInsider.Com

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