[OVW] OVW TV Report for May 7, 2005

05/07/2005 – DAVIS ARENA



A show featuring a ton of action started off with a tribute to a man who was known for his actions in the ring, Chris Candido. Better words were spoken by others about the man on the program and in other quarters (such as Lance Storms’ tribute on his website at http://www.stormwrestling.com/commentary.html, so all I can add that fans are all lesser for his leaving us all so soon. As Jim Cornette stated in the tribute, our sympathy to Candido’s fiancé, family and friends.

REF: Ray Ramsey

Aaron Stevens arrived in the arena in a black, studded robe more stunning than his ego and with Beth Phoenix by his side, wearing a one-strap black and white blouse, a white skirt, and black stockings. Mmm. Black stockings.

But this isn’t the place for a fashion report, and the attention of the audience was soon turned to the arrival of Nick Nemeth, who circled the ring to slaps hands as the audience greeted him warmly. As Nemeth entered the ring, Stevens prepared in his corner as Phoenix helped him with his robe.

The match began with the two circling each other and a wry smile played on The Idol’s face as they went into a lock-up. That smiled quickly disappeared, however, as Nemeth reached under Stevens arms and flipped Aaron on his back. With an angry Phoenix looking on, Stevens composed himself at the ropes and then applauded Nemeth for the move.

The two met up again in the center of the ring, whereupon Nemeth again flipped Stevens on to his back. By this time, The Idol was done with courtesy and demanded to know who Nick thought his opponent was and grabbed Nemeth by the face. Nick slapped the hand away, leading to Stevens taking a swing at Nemeth’s face. Nemeth moved around the swing, grabbed Aaron’s arm for a hiptoss and then put The Idol into an armbar.

Maneuvering out of the armbar in order to stand up, Stevens pushed Nemeth into the corner and then elbowed Nick in the gut. A whip to the opposite corner allowed Nemeth to grab the ropes, jump up, and then over the rampaging Stevens who came in from behind. Stevens, confused, turned around in the corner only to find himself being hiptossed and thrown into another armbar.

Stevens worked out of the hold by shoving Nemeth to the ropes and then punching his opponent in the mouth. The Idol then whipped Nemeth to the ropes to set up a backdrop, only for Nick to bounce back and tumble over Stevens’ arched back, landing on his feet. Nick then performed a standing kick on The Idol’s face when Stevens turned around. Nick next attempted to whip Aaron to the corner, but Stevens reversed. Reaching the corner, Nemeth pulled himself up and jumped back from the ropes, expecting to find The Idol rushing in like he had before, but Stevens was ready this time and instead grabbed Nemeth from behind for a takedown attempt. Nemeth jabbed back with an elbow to loosen the hold before it could really begin, and then grabbed Stevens from behind for the very same move.

Stevens dove at the ropes, sending his body between the top and second rope, while Nemeth smashed his face against the top rope thanks to the hold he had on The Idol. For this, Nemeth went flying backwards and down on the mat. Stevens walked over, reached down, and began choking Nemeth before driving his knee into Nick’s head several times.

Stevens followed a foiled pin-attempt by picking up Nemeth and placing him upside-down in the corner, punching Nick in the head twice and then elbowing him in the chest. The blow to the chest sent Nick back down to the mat in pain, and a pin would have been possible if Stevens had not stopped to give a kiss to his sweetie, Phoenix. Pulling Nemeth half-way out of the ring, Stevens elbowed Nemeth in the head and then made out some more with Phoenix as Nemeth crumpled back into the ring. Once again, a pin seemed certain, but fortunately for Nemeth, Stevens couldn’t keep his libido in check.

Still, Nick was in no shape to fight off Stevens as The Idol put Nemeth into an arm and neck submission hold, twisting Nick’s head in the process. Using what little strength he could muster, Nemeth managed to stand up and punch away at Stevens to break the hold. Seeing an opportunity, Nick ran to the ropes to bounce off and shouldertackle Stevens. Moving to the corner, Nemeth shoved Aaron away and then clothesline Stevens three times in quick succession.

Stevens whipped Nemeth to the ropes, allowing Nemeth to springboard into a rana on Stevens. Dazed, Stevens still managed to reverse a whip by Nemeth, only for Nemeth to jump on to the second rope in the corner and dive at Stevens, sending The Idol to the mat for a near-pin.

Springing to the ropes, Nemeth was halted by Phoenix grabbing his legs from the floor by the apron. Nemeth leaned over and grabbed Phoenix by the hair, forgetting that Aaron was right behind him. The Idol clutched Nick, tucking Nemeth’s head under his arm and then twisting their bodies around for a neckbreaker on Nemeth. With that, Stevens was able to get the pin for the win.

But the fun wasn’t over for Aaron Stevens. Motioning for Beth to join him, Stevens began beating on Nemeth as Phoenix cheered him on. Or rather, cheered him on until she caught sight of Danny Inferno running towards the ring. At that, Phoenix bailed, leaving Stevens to face the wrath of Inferno with fists flying all over The Idol’s head and body. Ducking out, Stevens ran around the ring and into the back with Beth Phoenix, with Inferno in hot pursuit.


Jim Cornette was in the ring to announce the first WWE Superstar who has signed on to appear at the first Six Flags Summer Sizzler Series on June 3 – none other than former WWE Tag-Team Champion, Rey Mysterio. Cornette is interrupted by the music and the rolling out of the red carpet, which could mean only one thing – the appearance of the new WWE Tag-Team Champions, M-N-M. The trio made their way to the ring in their usual style, with Nitro and Matthews displaying the Tag-Team belts well-hung from their pants.

Jim Cornette put them in their place by mentioning that, although they may have won the WWE Tag-Team Championship against Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero, “Some people in the Davis Arena say you still suck!” Matthews, or rather, Mercury as he is calling himself now, smirked in response, “if we suck, why do we have these belts?” He went on to suggest that the fans must be thinking of Mysterio, who they beatdown over the past three weeks on SMACKDOWN. Besides, Mysterio had nothing on them; Mercury went on to say, as “M-N-M is what’s going on in WWE!”

Johnny Nitro then came up to the microphone to remind everyone that they were the WWE Champs, and Rey’s appearance at Six Flags meant nothing. In fact, according to Nitro, Rey wouldn’t even be able to get on the rides due to height limits. Besides, as Nitro is apt to say, M-N-M make the belts “look SEX-AY!”

Before Cornette could correct them, Mac Johnson and Seth Skyfire came to the ring. Johnson, as no doubt most viewers would have liked to have done, told M-N-M that he was sick of their bragging. Skyfire and Johnson had beaten M-N-M before and they planned to do it again, going on to suggest that Mercury and Nitro should put up the belts in a match against them right there in the ring that night.

Mercury pointed out that Mac and Seth were not in the running for the WWE Tag-Team belts. “Come to think of it,” Mercury stated, “you guys aren’t even in the WWE!” Mercury then told the two that if they wanted a crack at the WWE belts, they would have to do what M-N-M did: “Earn it.”

Seth nodded, stating that they’ll start by “getting a tramp to show her ass” on television. Seth then asked, “Is that the way M-N-M earned it?”

With that quip, M-N-M formed a huddle to talk the idea out. Mercury then held out the belt to Skyfire. They have agreed to let the two take a shot at the belts, but “this is as close as you’ll ever get.” Mercury then slammed the belt into Seth’s head, sending him reeling out of the ring. Johnson began punching away at both Mercury and Nitro, but an eyerack from Melina made Johnson stumble right into a clothesline by Nitro.

Nitro and Mercury began to beat on the defenseless Johnson, until Melina pushed them off. Her idea was not to save Mac, however, but rather to get the boys to put Johnson into the snapshot. After punishing Johnson with the move, Mercury and Nitro high-fived each other and then Mercury left the ring to return with a steel chair.

Putting Johnson left ankle inside of the folds of the chair, Nitro them leapt off the second rope in the corner to land on the chair, snapping Johnson’s ankle in two. As the refs arrive to pull M-N-M off Johnson, Skyfire returned with a chair of his own and drove the trio away.

An examination of Johnson’s ankle proved that it was now broken, leaving Skyfire without a partner for the M-N-M match at Six Flags on June 3rd. Jim Cornette asked Seth what will happen and Skyfire announced that M-N-M should be there ready for him, as he’ll be bringing Rey Mysterio with him as his partner for the match. With both men passionately wanting to put M-N-M in their place for their own reasons, M-N-M may face the toughest battle of their career when June 3rd comes around.


The new OVW Champion, Brent Albright, came to the ring wearing the OVW Championship belt, and although a little hoarse due to Matt Morgan’s choking of him the week before, he was in a good mood. Albright reminded everyone that Morgan had called having the belt as “the proof in the pudding,” with Albright pointing out that the puddle was right there on his shoulder. He made Morgan tap out and he was OVW’s first Triple Crown winner, while holding both the TV title and the Champion title at the same time as well. Most of all, the belt was the proof that he was the best wrestler in OVW.

Cornette mentioned that Albright would be defending the championship belt against former OVW champion Elijah Burke at the June 3rd Six Flags show. Albright had no hard feelings about Burke, admitting that Elijah was popular. “But this isn’t a popularity contest,” Albright went on to say, “this is a business and I’m in the business of making people tap out. At Six Flags, Elijah Burke will be tapping out to the crowbar.”

Looks like a strong match in the makings for a great event coming up on June 3rd at Six Flags.

REF: Chris Kay

In his television debut, Chet the Jet arrived to the ring looking good. Even so, Blaster had his grand entrance, with Kenny Bolin and Mike Mondo at his side. Blaster wore a Mike Mondo shirt that looked to be one to get sometime … and here I am falling into a fashion review once again.

After some words of encouragement and some water from Mondo, Blaster started off the match against Chet in a lock-up that quickly turned into total brutality on Chet, with Lasheley throwing Chet all over the ring like a ragdoll. A whip to the corner allowed Chet to follow Nick Nemeth’s earlier move and use the ropes to jump up and out. Regrettably, Lasheley was right underneath Chet as he dropped, placing himself snugly on Blaster’s shoulder. Blaster began carrying Chet to the center of the ring, allowing Chet enough time to wiggle out of his position and then push Blaster to the ropes. Blaster held on, however and used the snapback of the ropes to throw Chet backwards to the center of the ring.

Picking himself up slowly, Chet exposed his back long enough for Blaster to walk over and slam an arm hard on to Chet’s neck. Lasheley threw Chet up into a vertical hold above the ring before dropping him, stomach-first, on to the top-ropes. Chet bounced off the ropes on to the apron and then down to the floor. From there, Mondo scooped up Chet and tossed him back into the ring for Blaster to pin. Chet managed to kick out of the pin, however, and Blaster REALLY started to let go with the beatdown.

Blaster goes for the ribs with a few punches and elbows, for which Chet tried to reciprocate, but Lasheley only punched him again to shut Chet down on that front. Slamming Chet to the bat, Lasheley put one foot on his chest and awaited the count-off, but Chet shoved the boot away and tried to stand up. This only allowed Blaster to put Chet into a bear-hug, which Chet finally fought off by dropping down and placing Blaster into a jawbreaker.

Feeling the effect of the jawbreaker, Blaster could not fight off blows to the head by Chet. A couple of clotheline attempts on Blaster, nevertheless, appeared to have the same effect that one would have on a wall. Lasheley retaliated with a couple of jabs to Chet’s ribs and then a whip to the corner. Chet ducked out of the way from Blaster’s run towards him, and then shoulderblocked Blaster, followed by kicks to the face. This all summed up to Blaster hitting the mat and Chet attempting to pin Lasheley, but it was quickly foiled by Blaster.

Chet attempted to set up a neckbreaker, but Blaster punched Chet in the face and then slammed Chet the Jet to the Mat for the Pin. With another win to notch in his belt, Blaster was joined in the ring by Bolin and Mondo to celebrate the win.

REF: Robert Brisko

Things didn’t look very good for a match on the show, as Seth Skyfire was without a partner, thanks to M-N-M’s attack of Mac Johnson earlier in the show. From the look on the Blonde Bombers’ faces, it was obvious that they thought the match was going to be a straight forfeit as well.

That, however, was not to be the case, as Seth Skyfire came to the ring and asked for the microphone. After Brisko gave him the mic, Skyfire told the Tolands that Mac Johnson was hurt, but he would be happy to take on either Toland. The Blonde Bombers found Seth’s idea funny, with Tank Toland telling Skyfire that they could care less about Mac. Furthermore, the match was setup to be a tag-team match, and “it’s either US or NO ONE at all.” The Tolands laughed, until Skyfire slapped Chad Toland across the face in anger. With that, it was apparent to all that Skyfire was willing to fight them both, and Brisko called for the start of the match.

Chad, still smarting from the slap, moved over to Skyfire and kicked him in the gut. Drawing Seth’s arm behind his back, Chad began to set Skyfire up for a quick submission. Seth had other plans and, reaching around Chad’s neck with his free arm, lifted himself off the ground, causing Chad to pitch forward, flipping Toland over and on to his back. Skyfire then followed up the move with two standing kicks to the head for a pin attempt.

Chad fought back with a kick to the stomach and then an elbow to the head. A whip attempt found Seth on the offensive, however, rolling up Chad for another pin-attempt. Chad broke out of the hold only to end up being pinned again and again. Pushing Skyfire off, Chad moved to the corner and tagged in Tank who immediately threw Seth into a takedown. Skyfire evened the score by wrapping his legs around Toland’s head and flipping him over.

Continuing the assault, Skyfire punched away at Tank, sending him into the corner for a monkeyflip and then a kick in the face for a pin attempt.

Getting as frustrated as his partner before him, Tank kicked Skyfire in the stomach and dragged him over to the corner to tag Chad back in. The two Tolands whip Skyfire to the ropes and then link arms with Skyfire on the rebound to suplex him, but Skyfire landing on his feet, grabbed the Tolands by the head, and slammed their heads together, sending both Blonde Bombers out of the ring. As the two Tolands on the floor tried to figure out what had happened, Skyfire ran to the corner, jumped up on the top rope and then dove at the men, knocking them down.

Tossing Chad back in, Skyfire moved him to the corner and then climbed to the second rope to punch away at Chad’s head. Seeing Tank coming up from behind, Seth then twisted around and leapt, putting Tank into a crossbody. Skyfire followed up with a spinning kick on Chad for a near-pin.

Getting up, Chad moved Seth just close enough to the corner ropes to tag in Tank. Thus, as Seth was whipped into the ropes and came back, Tank grabbed him and slammed him to the mat for a near-pin. Throwing Skyfire out, Tank tagged Chad back in and the two opponents went back and forth for a time until Tank was tagged back in. The Blonde Bombers double-teamed Skyfire by smashing Skyfire into the corner a couple of times and then down to the mat. Picking Skyfire up, Tank slammed him hard to the mat for another near-pin.

Mocking Skyfire by going over to Seth’s corner and acting like he wanted to be tagged in, Toland landed back in with an elbow-drop on Skyfire and then pulled him back to the other corner to tag in Chad. The two doubleteamed on beating down Seth before Chad savagely choked Skyfire on the ropes, followed with a few stomps and kicks, before performing an elbow drop on Skyfire’s back and then going for a pin-attempt.

Skyfire punched away in defense, yet Chad just slapped him across the face and then tagged in Tank so they could double-team on a backdrop. Tank dropped an elbow on Seth’s back and then tagged Chad back in so that both could get some kicks in on Seth’s back for another near-pin.

Chad went for the bow-and-arrow on Seth, sending waves of pain through Skyfire’s body before whipping Seth to the ropes and then slamming him again to the mat. Still, a pin was not achieved, and Tank was tagged back in. Tank climbed up to the top ropes and sat on the turnbuckle, as Chad picked up Seth and helped Tank cradle Seth before dropping down from the turnbuckle, brutally slamming Seth hard into the mat. Brisko came over to count-off, but Tank pulled Seth up from the mat before Brisko count hit the mat for a third time – an obvious attempt by Tank to extend the punishment Seth was going through.

At that moment, the audience was surprised to see Danny Inferno arrive on the scene to take a spot on the apron in Skyfire’s corner to join in on the tag-team action. Even with the okay by Brisko to continue with the match and allow Inferno to join in, Danny could do nothing but wait in frustration as the Tolands held Skyfire back through numerous tag-INS on their side.

Finally, a double-team whip to the ropes, allowed Skyfire to jump over the Blonde Bombers and tag in Inferno, who went to work on the two. Punches to the head were followed by a clothesline to Toland, a backdrop to Chad, and then a bodyslam to Toland. A pin-attempt by Inferno was spoiled by Chad breaking it up on the two-count, whereupon, Chad held Inferno in place for Tank to punch. Inferno moved away just in time for Tank to clobber Chad instead and then Inferno threw Tank down, face-first into the mat. Rolling Tank over, it appeared that Inferno was about to make the pin, when Aaron Stevens arrived in the ring to sucker-punch Inferno.

As Brisko called for the termination of the match, The Idol continued his onslaught of Inferno. Stevens then held Danny up so that Phoenix could kick him in the crotch, as a group of refs entered the ring to break up the attack. With Inferno and Phoenix refusing the stop, the episode of OVW closed for the week.

Credit: Dale Sherman, OVWrestling.com