[WWE] Various News Bits

Former WWE head writer Chris Kreski died yesterday of cancer at age 42. Kreski was head writer during what is thought to be WWE’s best drawing period, credited with being a strong writer who had a lot to work with in top stars and a deep roster. Stephanie McMahon replaced him as head writer in 2002 after he left the company, citing burn out and other opportunities.
Kreski had previously written The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Beavis & Butthead, and MTV’s Remote Control. After working for WWE, he was involved with the NFL Kickoff Concert (2003) and the MTV Movie Awards (2002).

WWE has hired Brett Wingate as the VP of Creative Services, reporting to the Executive VP of Marketing, Kurt Schneider . Brett is charged with overseeing the WWE Creative department and providing direction, from concept through execution, of all creative materials to support the WWE brand and its marketing initiatives in print and online campaigns.

On a less depressing and non business note, the Stacy Keibler Stuff magazine came out today. For those of you who want to see the layout, but don’t feel like buying the issue you can click here.

Credit- PWInsider.com & StuffMagazine.com