The Apprentice – Recap – Episode 16

Last time on The Apprentice, Craig blew the interview, and was fired. Kendra got to run the Best Buy Video Games Championship, and Tana got to oversee a NYC2012 athlete’s event. Kendra got to work with Danny, Erin and Michael, while Tana got Brian, Chris and Kristen. Danny tried to cover for Kendra’s absence, and Chris had trouble finding parking. The PlayStation rep was upset, and not because she has a frightening resemblance to Joanie “Chyna” Lauer – it was more because the PS2 games would be set up in the basement of the event hall. What will happen”¦ next?

Credits. Bo did a pretty good job with this song on Tuesday, btw.

Nighttime, Kendra gets Michael to pretty up the basement and make it look nice and not smell like feet. Michael tells Kendra not to worry; he’s got it under control.

Chelsea Piers. Tana puts Kristen in charge of making promo brochures. Kristen really seems to run with it. Chris and Brian put up the banners. Brian seems to be putting them up anywhere. Kristen appears, and notes that things are wrong. Tana comes out, and Brian and Chris are complaining that Kristen is doing their job, so why doesn’t she do that too? Tana thinks that this could cost her the job. To be honest, the fact that you aren’t college edjumacated will probably cost you. Just ask Troy. Or Sandy.

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Early morning. Trump Tower. Tana wakes her team up, to make sure everything is ok. Tana’s up and about, while her team is not ready. Kristen and Brian, especially. Chris seems to have gotten prepared in relatively good time.

Manhattan streets. Kendra arrives back at Webster Hall. She notes that the feature game is “Fight Night Round 2”, and they have a boxing ring getting constructed for the event. “How do you get in?” “Through the ropes. Unless you’re a Muy Thai fighter. Then you go over.” Um, okay.

Amy the PlayStation rep comes in, and is impressed with the way the basement is set up, and how Kendra is going to promote the area. George seems impressed.

Chelsea Piers. It’s almost showtime, and Tana seems stressed out because of the three idiots “helping” her out. It turns out that noone has been designated as Event Coordinator, which Chris thinks is important. He really seems to want Tana to win. Governor Pataki’s aide comes by, and wants a schedule. We see a montage of Tana running around, having everyone asking her questions.

Tana is on the way to meet the Governor, but finds out that Kristen just cut and paste bios of the athletes, including inside information that the general public shouldn’t be privy to. She rushes to attend to this, and pisses off the Governor’s aide in the process.

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Chelsea Piers. The Donald arrives, and greets the Governor. He hopes that NYC will get the Olympics, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Tana greets them, and introduces them to a bunch of US athletes, and MC Bruce Jenner.

Tana preps Governor Pataki on his role. Pataki wants to carry the US flag, but they can’t seem to find one, so he has to go without. Pataki complains to Trump about that. Pataki gives a speech, and we get to see various gymnastic and swimming demos. Chris asks the athletes about how much warmup time they need, and this causes a bit of confusion with Tana. Carolyn isn’t very impressed. Chris is trying to give Tana a heads up as to what’s next, and Tana feels that he’s trying to one up her. Um, actually, he’s just trying to make you look good.

The event ends, and Tana thinks she’s got the job locked up. We’ll see.

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Nightime, Webster Hall. George, jokingly, challenges Carolyn to a fight. Heh. Kendra meets rapper Fabulous, the MC for the event. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. The Donald arrives, and the event gets started. Donald kicks it to Fabulous, who humourously has to look at the banner to know what event he’s at. Gaming ensues, and Trump jobs to an unnamed blonde.

The event ends, and Kendra thinks they pulled it off.

Chelsea Piers. Tana says goodbye to her team, and lets them take off, saying that that’s how a boss should be with her employees. She thinks that she did it all on her own. Um, yeah, sure. She thinks it’s in the bag.

Webster Hall. The Best Buy exec tells Kendra that they’d love to hire her if she doesn’t get the Trump job. She has a more emotional goodbye with her team, and thanks them profusely. She says it succeeded because of the team. She says that she almost forgot what it was like to work with people who believed in her.

The Suite. Tana hugs Kendra, and they debrief each other on the days events. They talk in the bathroom. Kendra goes for a number one, and continues to talk, while Tana just goes to bed. Heh.

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Trump Tower. Tana and Kendra are packing. We get a “why I should win” montage as they prepare for the final (?) Boardroom.

The Boardroom. Robin waves them right in. Trump notes that in business, you just have to be smart – education doesn’t really matter. Carolyn notes that Tana was always belittling her team. They go over her not being able to control Chris, and Kristen’s brochure. Trump asks her about the flag thing.

Trump moves on to Kendra. Kendra tells her that her team worked harder for her than they did when they were competing for the job. Trump asks about the sponsors. Kendra notes that Danny scared the sponsors, but George calls her on it. Kendra says that Danny “grabbed” the sponsors and gave them a presentation. Uh-huh.

Trump plays Kendra and Tana against each other with the education card. Tana handles the lack of college degree quite nicely. Trump then asks about how they would handle the “sharks” in NYC. Both handle that question well. Kendra brings up her task success record, and Tana refutes that.

Trump congratulates them, and sends them outside. He asks Carolyn what she thinks. Carolyn says Tana is nice, but Kendra led well. George notes that both handled very difficult tasks, and that either would be a good hire. Trump notes that we’ll find out soon, as we head to an

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The elevator dings, and we see Danny, Michael, Eric, Chris, Kristen and Brian exit and head in, as the episode ends.