[WWE] Snitsky Status, Gewirtz Takes Leave, Patterson Back

  • Raw’s head writer, Brian Gewirtz, has taken a leave of absence from Raw, and has started to write a movie script for WWE Films. However, it is being reported that Gewirtz will not be returned to the Raw team, and feels as though he has done all he can. Ed Koskie is now the head writer for Raw, under the supervision of Stephanie McMahon. He is known to be better creatively, however not as logical.
  • Gene Snitsky has had a blood clot in his stomach, which explains his lack of TV time. This was very unfortunate for him, because RAW just made a round of shows in his hometown area. He will be cleared next week, and may get involved in the Kane/Lita/Edge stuff this week on RAW.
  • Molly Holly went on record to say that she quit WWE because she wanted to spend more time with her family and church, and had nothing to do with the Diva Search. She also made it known that the door is always open, if they do decided to push Woman’s wrestling again.
  • Pat Patterson is back on the road part time with WWE. Apparently, he was unable to leave the WWE atmosphere.

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