[ROH] Results from 05/13, Dayton, OH


ROH 05/13, Dayton, OH.

Grudge Match
Alex Shelley Defeated Roderick Strong
Pretty decent opener started off with with Gen Next in the ring
babbline which led to alex shelley coming in from behind match
finished with Shelley defeating Strong.

Special Bonus Match
Matt Stryker Defeated Masked Chicago Superstar Or something like that
A lot of Lets go Jobber Chants going on it was actually pretty decent
match the jobber was actually pretty talented and got a standing O
from the crowd after he lost.

Four Corner Survival
Jack Evans Defeated Samoa Joe, Ebessan, Delirious
Match started off with Joe announcing that he would give his Pure
title to anyone who would pin him tonight thankfully thats not how it
went down. I’m not sure how to exactly explain this match other than
ENTERTAINING, Seriously Ebessan was announced as having his debut
match from japan and when he and Delirious were facing off and were
babbling back and forth to each other it was down right hilarious they
went into a two or three minute slow motion match with each other when
the ref demanded that they fight Overall very good match. (this was
in a crazy tag team format where the first person to get a pin wins)

Tag Team Challenge Match
Colt Cabana & Doug Williams Defeated Nigel McGuinness & Chad Collyer
The brits started out and the match ended with a Cabana Pinning
McGuiness pretty good mixture of comedy and seriousness.

Jimmy Rave with Prince Nana Defeated Matt Sydal
Maybe its the fact that this happend so long ago tonight but I barely
remember this match it was decent Sydal about killed himself diving
into the entire embassy off the top rope and Daizee haze was at ring
side along with a valet for the embassy as usual.

BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs defeated. CM Punk & Ace Steel
Jimmy Jacobs was very over with HUSS chants but Punk as usual was most
over of the night the second his music hit the entire crowd was into
it closest thing to him was Joe and I dare say people were more into
Punk. Make him champ NOW

World Title Match
Austin Aries defeated James Gibson
I came into this knowing there was no way that Gibson could even
possibly win this match not possible, By the end I believed they
kicked out of each others finishers and power moves you name it it
happend in this match Gibson got pinned after trying a submission off
the top rope and being tossed onto his back awesome match 4 1/2 Stars
easy not perfect but very good.

Best Part of the night
Only reason I say that IT WAS BURNING UP IN THERE the AC/Fans were not
on and it was burning up.

Steel Cage Match- Deciding Contest In Best Of Five Series
Bryan Danielson Defeated Homicide
Bring your forks! This match went very well starting off with Homicide
bringing a fork to the ring and he and Danielson used them on each
other for a few minutes several top rope manuevers and Danielson
Jumped off the top off the Cage. This required amazing skill because
at the top of the cage his head was about six inches from the ceiling
he even touched it when he was up there. Match ended with danielson
doing his airplane spin on Homicide in what can only be described as
the plane ride of doom for around two minutes someone claimed to have
counted 76 spins personally I stopped counting after about 20 airplane
spin to a drop to a pin. I thought the end was a little weak but a
good match.

Overall my second show I believe the 3rd anniversary show was better
but lets be honest this was still 100X better than anything I have
seen WWE put on in the last several years.

Credit, thank you: Richard St.John