InsidePULSE’s TNA Hard Justice Live Coverage!

InsidePULSE’s TNA Hard Justice Report 05.15.05
Live from Orlando, Fla
Announcers are West & The Professor
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for InsidePULSE by PK

Shark Boy beat David Young to earn his spot in the Gauntlet for the Gold Match in the pre-show.

Team Canada (w/ D’Amore) vs. Sonny Siaki & Apollo
Petey Williams and Eric Young make up the Canadians tonight. Canadians jump Apollo and Siaki, but they fend them off, and Williams and Apollo end up squaring off. Apollo overpowers Williams to start. Siaki in, and more overpowering on Williams. Williams gets to Young, and Siaki and Apollo double team him. Young on the apron, Apollo goes after him. Williams comes from behind, and leaps over the top, and leg drops Apollo, who was reaching through the ropes. Young and Williams with some double teaming now. Apollo gets the hot tag to Siaki, while Young tags in Williams, and Siaki runs roughshot. Siaki tries to bring Williams in the ring with a suplex, but D’Amore grabs Siaki’s ankle. Williams goes for the Canadian Destroyer, but Siaki reverses out, and hits an inverted swinging neckbreaker. D’Amore gets on the apron, and distracts the ref, A1 gets in the ring, and nails a Jackhammer like suplex, and pulls Williams on Siaki, and the ref comes back over from D’Amore and makes the pinfall.
Winners – Team Canada

Recap of Tito, AJ and JJ coming to the arena.

Michael Shane & Trinity vs. Chris Sabin & Traci
Trinity and Traci start slapping each other around, but Shane and Sabin start. Back and forth action, but Sabin hits a hurra canranna, and Shane exits the ring. Traci and Trinity get in, and they go roll for roll, then they girl fight a bit. Trinity hits a springboard Crossbody for 2. Shane is tagged in, and he is threatening her, but Sabin comes out of nowhere with a drop kick. Sabin goes to the top, but Trinity distracts him, and Shane runs up the ropes, and hits a Superplex for 2. Shane is all over Sabin, and beats him down. Shane holds up Sabin, and Trinity hits a missile drop kick. Shane sends Sabin to the corner, but Sabin runs out with a enzaguri, and both men tag the girls. They fight up the ramp, and Trinity body slams Traci on the ramp. Sabin comes to Traci’s aid, but he runs off and takes out Shane. Back in the ring, Trinity goes to jump on Traci, but Sabin gets in the way, and takes a hurracanranna. Shane and Trinity double team Sabin. Something really weird happens, and Traci nails Sabin, and turns on him, allowing Shane to pick up the win.
Winners – Shane & Trinity

Team Canada cuts a promo, and Roode thinks it’s a US conspiracy that he has to be #1 in the Gauntlet match.

Raven cuts a promo, he says that he is disgusted that Jeff Hardy didn’t even show up. He is pissed that he has to deal with X-Pac tonight (yes, he does say X-Pac).

Raven vs. Sean Waltman – Raven’s Fun House
The ring is set up with 1 side of steel, and a bunch of chains holding up trash cans, chairs, a stapler, and so on. And then my cable goes out….great. Cable comes back, while I’m on the phone with the cable company, and both men are bloody on the mat. Raven gets up and locks on the ankle lock. Raven grabs a chair off the chains, and he sets it up in the ring. Raven looks to be going for the drop toe, but Pac fights back, picking up the chair, and tossing it in Raven’s face. Pac hits the Bronco Buster, and then the X-Factor. On the floor, Pac puts Raven on a table. Pac gets up on the top rope, and hits a spinning senton on Raven through the table for a 2 count. Back in the ring, Raven quickly hits the Evenflow, but only gets a 2 count. Raven takes Pac outside, and runs him up the ramp, and tosses him down to the side, apparently through tables. Raven and the ref finally get down there, but only gets a 2 count. Raven takes Pac back to the ring, and handcuffs him to the ringpost. Raven gets a kendo stick and starts hitting Pac with it. Raven with a mic, asks Pac if he’s had enough. Pac calls Raven a pussy, and asks for more. Dusty Rhodes comes down, and has the ref unlock the handcuffs, and Pac starts firing back. Pac ducks a chair shot, and kicks it back in Raven’s face. In the ring, Pac starts whacking away on Raven with the kendo stick, and uses the staple gun! Pac charges at Raven, but Raven back body drops Pac into the 1 side of steel, and the side falls to the ground, with Pac! Raven goes out and makes the pinfall!
Winner – Raven

Video promo of BG/Outlaw.

DDP with Taylor, and BG is not showing up, travel problems, or so it says on DDP’s text message. Truth shows up, and says he will be DDP’s partner.

DDP & The Truth vs. The Outlaw & Monty Brown
Back and forth action from DDP and Brown to start. Outlaw comes in, and runs over Truth. More back and forth action. Phi Delta Slam comes in and tries to take out DDP, but DDP hits them both with Diamond Cutters. Outlaw comes from behind, goes for the One and Only, but DDP gets out of it and reverses it into a Diamond Cutter, but at the same time, Brown runs in nails THE POUNCE.
Winners – Team Monty

Tenay sits down with The Naturals, and they are dedicating this match to Candido.

The Naturals (c) vs. America’s Most Wanted – NWA Tag Team Titles
Naturals bring a towel down to the ring in respect to Candido, and place it over an empty chair. Chase and Cowboy start. Chase has the upper hand for a while, but Wildcat gets in, and double teams on him. Douglas in, and more double teaming on him by AMW. Cowboy back in, but Naturals hits a double team on him, with Douglas bulldogging him into Chase’s knee. A melee ensues, and all 4 men are fighting on the outside. Cowboy tosses Chase into a chair that a fan was holding up! Douglas with a chair, hits Wildcat it in the gut. Naturals have the advantage, and Douglas rolls Wildcat in the ring. Douglas goes off the top rope, but lands in an atomic drop over Wildcat’s knee. Chase takes out Wildcat, but Cowboy is right behind, and this the Eye of the Storm on Chase. Douglas then takes out Cowboy. Chase hits Wildcat with a DVD, then the Naturals go for the Natural Disaster, but Wildcat hits Douglas with a big spear. AMW goes for their finisher (sorry, forgot the name) on Chase, but Douglas breaks it up. Chase rolls up Cowboy, and has his feet the ropes, but the pinfall counts!
Winners – The Naturals

Recap of Shocker becoming #1 Contender.

Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels (c) vs. Shocker – X Division Title
Quick stuff to start, and Shocker hurra canranna’s Daniels off the apron to the floor. Shocker then dives through the ropes on Daniels. Back in the ring, Daniels is all over Shocker. Daniels with a neck lock, but Shocker gets out, and they go chop for chop. Shocker knocks out Daniels and goes to the top and hits a frog splash for 2. Daniels back up, hits his hop up moonsault…well he actually completely misses, she he hits a springboard moonsault for 2. They fight to the top rope, and Daniels hits the Angel’s Wings off the top rope!
Winners – Daniels

Gauntlet for the Gold
Bobby Roode is the first in the ring…and second is…Zach Gowen! Gowen hops around, and Eric Young is in the ring next. Team Canada double teams on Gowen. Cassidy Riley comes in next, and comes to Gowen’s aid. Team Canada regroups and takes out Riley, and the next one in is Primetime. Riley and Primetime are going at it with Team Canada, then Sharkboy comes in. Sharkboy takes out Gowen with the shark bite, and eliminates him.

  • Gowen is eliminated (Sharkboy)
    A1 is next in. HAIL SABIN! Sabin is in next. Sabin runs in, and hits a running DDT on Riley, spinning around and kicking everyone else! Petey Williams is in next. Williams goes for a Canadian Destroyer on Sharkboy, but Sharkboy back body drops him over the top, only for A1 to put Sharkboy over the top rope.

  • Sharkboy (A1)
    Eric Young and Riley are both skinning the cat, Riley back in first, but Young grabs him with his legs, and pulls Riley over.

  • Cassidy Riley (Eric Young)
    Sonny Siaki in next. Primetime walks the ropes to get Petey Williams, but Roode tries to shove him off. Roode then clotheslines Primetime over the top.

  • Primetime (Roode)
    Lance Hoyt in next. Michael Shane in next, Hoyt lifts up Young and tosses him over top.

  • Eric Young (Hoyt)
    Shane and Sabin go at it and they eliminate each other.

  • Chris Sabin (Shane)
  • Michael Shane (Sabin)
    Hoyt gets Siaki and puts him over the top.

  • Sonny Siaki (Hoyt)
    Jarrelle Clark is next, and he falls victim to the Canadian Destroyer right away, and flies over the top rope.

  • Jarrelle Clark (Petey Williams)
    Mikey Batts is in next. The Outlaw is in next, and Batts comes right for him. Outlaw shakes him off, and hits 2 HUGE One and Only’s, then tosses Batts out.

  • Mikey Batts (The Outlaw)
    Trytan is in next, and he clears the ring, taking out everyone with choke slams. The Truth is in next, and he goes right for Trytan, but he takes him out with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Trytan is showing off, but Team Canada triple teams Trytan, and sends him over the top.

  • Trytan (Williams, Roode, A1)
    Apollo is next in. He goes at it with Hoyt. Truth is in next. Apollo charges Outlaw, and Outlaw ducks and Apollo goes over the top rope.

  • Apollo (Outlaw)
    Hoyt tosses Roode over the top.

  • Roode (Hoyt)
    Roode gets back in and holds Hoyt’s hair, for A1 to eliminates him.

  • Hoyt (A1)
    BG is next, and he stares down with Outlaw. They both take out Team Canada.

  • A1 (Outlaw)
  • Petey Williams (BG James)
    Abyss is the last one in, and he takes out BG and Outlaw as they stare off.

  • Outlaw (Abyss)
  • BG James (Abyss)
    It comes down to The Truth & Abyss. They go back and forth, but Abyss quickly hits the Black Hole Slam on a chair for the pin.
    Winner and #1 Contender – Abyss

    Video Package of AJ getting his title shot.

    Jeff Jarrett (c) vs. AJ Styles – NWA Heavyweight Title (Tito Ortiz is the Special Ref)
    Back and forth tie-ups for a bit. JJ gets out of the ring, and tries to regroup, but AJ is too much for JJ. AJ with a dropsault, then a kneedrop for 2. AJ hits the ropes, but JJ lifts him up, and drops AJ across his knee. JJ then with a knee breaker, then a cannonball on the knee. JJ picks AJ up for another knee breaker, but walks him over and drops his knee over the top turnbuckle. JJ then locks on the Figure 4. AJ tries crawling over to the ropes, but JJ drags him back to the center of the ring. AJ finally turns it, and JJ breaks it. AJ charges JJ, JJ moves, and AJ leaps on the turnbuckle and mule kicks JJ. He then hits a leaping tornado DDT for 2. JJ to the floor, AJ goes to leap on him, but JJ moves, and AJ lands on the apron. JJ clotheslines AJ’s leg, and he lands knee first on the side of the ring. AJ is having a tough time getting up, and JJ keeps knocking him back to the floor. Tito warns him, but JJ does it again, and Tito chokes him back. JJ gets out of the ring, and goes for his guitar, but Tito gets in the way, and dares JJ to hit him with it. JJ looks like he will hit Tito, but AJ takes the guitar, and Tito gets in his way. AJ isn’t happy that Tito won’t let him use the guitar, but he knows that JJ will use it, so he smashes it over the ringpost. Back in the ring, they go back and forth, JJ hits AJ with a Styles Clash! AJ up, he hits JJ with The Stroke! Monty Brown in, hits THE POUNCE…but AJ moves JJ in the way!!! Tito gets Monty out of the ring, and a new ref comes in for the pinfall….Tito pulls that ref out, and AJ gets in his face. JJ takes out AJ from behind, and takes AJ to the top. JJ shoves Tito, and Tito pulls JJ off the top, then KO’s JJ!! AJ, on the top..hits the SPIRAL TAP!! WINNER!!
    Winner and NEW CHAMPION – AJ Styles

    Show Over.


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