The Sunday HEAT Wave


Welcome to another edition of the Sunday Heat Wave, hope everybody’s weekend is ending on a good note, I’m just here to try and make things better. So let’s get things started off now shall we!

Announcers for the night The Coach and Todd Grisham

And we’re treated to the opening segment of… Chris Masters, aww I was hoping to get a HHH promo! Anyway, is it just me or do I feel that they are wasting too much perfectly good pyro on this guy?

Well, we get another ‘Masterlock’ challenge that’s up to 5000 dollars. Bbbooorrriinngg. Hmm, I wonder if this is another plant guy, he actually seems like a real fan. Bit to scrawny to be a wrestler in training but who knows. Oh yeah, guess who wins the challenge….

Back from our first break, Todd gets us into the swing of things going back two weeks ago with the first round of the Gold Rush tournament on RAW with Benoit vs. HHH and the Batista interference within the tournament costing HHH the match and another title opportunity. Last Monday; HHH comes out and talks how he still deserves another title shot. And he does the normal song and dance of how he still is the champ and Batista isn’t. Reminding us that ‘we need him, more than he needs us.’ However Batista isn’t having any of it last night as HHH decides he’s going to just pack his bags and leave the show while he sits at home. If only that was the truth huh!

ECW PPV commercial promo!!!

Val Venis vs. C.M. Punk
Start of with a reversed arm lock into a side headlock for punk and down with a knockdown. However Venis gets back up and gets the shoulder take down with a few arm drag takedowns with both shooting back up to their feet. Venis tries to heat up the crowd but Punk goes low taking out Venis’ legs and gets the first advantage of the night. Punk continues to work on the legs but gets hit in the gut as Venis tries to fight back, hitting Punk into the near right corner. Punk though fights it off and exposes Venis’ left knee as he continues to work on it. Venis gets back up with a huge knee on punk and gets aback body drop as the momentum switches sides and Venis gets the neck breaker for two! Swing out slam gets another two for Venis. And Punk yet again goes after the knee, trying to get the tap out but Val gets to the bottom rope. Half nelson slam puts Punk down as Venis goes up top nailing the Money Shot for 1…2…3 and the win!
Winner: Val Venis

Cut to a commercial break with the John Cena “Bad, Bad, Man” music video. (Ok vid, and an ok song, nothing ‘bad’ from Cena but not the best either, just incase you haven’t watched it.)

Rundown of the Gold Rush tournament Semi- Finals:
1. Benoit vs. Kane
Winner: Kane
2. Edge vs. Shawn Michaels
Winner: Edge
Next RAW: Finals
Kane vs. Edge

W/ Christian vs. Ric Flair
Chris Jericho/ Shelton Benjamin vs. Hassan/ Daivari

HT (Heartthrobs) back again backstage with Maria wearing some odd looking white hats along with the matching black feathers. They pull into a close up shot of Antonio’s eye from last week, ‘ouch’ that thing looks nasty. But it was worse last week so he should feel lucky. And we get the scoop that it’ll be him and Regal one on one later on tonight in the HEAT main event.

Antonio w/ Romeo vs. William Regal w/ Tajiri
Hey Antonio even has some ‘kiss’ shorts just like Billy, ha-ha, and the similarities continue. A few reversals start between the two over the arm until Regal gets a good knock down. Side head lock continues the match for Regal down over to a drop toe hold getting the slight advantage. Regal brings everything back up and throws Antonio over across the ropes and gets another knee kick, sending Antonio out of the ring and us into a mid-match commercial.
Back from commercial the match continues as regal has the upper hand over Antonio. Back body drop from Regal and a knee drop only gets a two. Whip to the ropes as Romeo trips up Regal as a double team ensues ringside to switch the advantage to Antonio. Then out of nowhere, we get a Mike Tyson as Antonio starts to bite the ear!! Whoa, what was that? Another double team from Romeo outside as Antonio hooks a neck breaker for two! Match slows down a bit as Antonio puts Regal in a headlock and a side-Russian leg sweep but only for two! Switch back to another headlock on the mat, Regal finally gets up with a few knees and an uppercut and a toss to the ropes for a drop kick for two! Both men fight back and forth between the two, take down from Regal for two! Another cover for two! Then the match is blown out of the water as Romeo jumps in to save his partner for the DQ. Tajiri follows in quickly to help Regal clear the ring as that wraps up the show. Huh, what just happened!?

HEAT Wave of the Night: Well, I’m still kind of shocked over the weak ending that just happened to close out the show. It didn’t feel like a DQ and it didn’t feel like much of a finish, it just sort of left me hanging there. This had to defiantly be the weaker match out of the two tonight. Thus giving the ‘wave of the night’ to the Venis vs. Punk match with the winning Money Shot move from Venis by default. The two greatest words in the English language De-fault, De-fault!! Guess where I got that from? Well that’s it for me; don’t forget to catch RAW tomorrow night Live from Omaha, NE. As well as the usual coverage provided by The Pulse! Until next week I’m out and off to watch “Family Guy”, Peace!