[TNA] Hard Justice Notes

Tito Ortiz carried himself with a lot of respect towards the wrestling business last night at the PPV. Ortiz enjoyed himself and was very kind towards everyone in the back. TNA has not closed the door on bringing him back in the future.

Dusty was in great spirits last night at the PPV. It is said that he looked like the “The weight of the world” was removed from his shoulders.

Bob Ryder was stressed out last night as he had to track down Jeff Hardy. Many were not surprised by Hardy’s actions. Many wondered if TNA would release Hardy for his antics but that is highly unlikely as they are trying to sign Jeff’s brother, Matt Hardy, who can legally compete on July 11th.

The reason Phi Delta Slam showed up during the Diamond Dallas Page and Ron Killings vs. The Outlaw and Monty Brown match last night was because DDP requested for them to interfere so he didn’t have to do a clean job.

Jim Duggan and NWA official Dave Nelson were backstage at Hard Justice.

Shane Douglas missed the PPV with a bad case of the flu.

Credit: PWInsider.Com