[ECW] RVD Talks “One Night Stand”

Rob Van Dam recently met with several fans in London, England. During this meet and greet, a fan asked RVD a few questions about the upcoming ECW “One Night Stand” PPV in June. RVD said the following;

*Reportedly, he says the ECW PPV was his idea. He talked to Vince McMahon about it, and Vince loved the idea.
*He’s unhappy about not being able to wrestle at the show, but still plans on being a part of it.
*WWE is reaching out to former ECW stars such as Sabu, The Sandman, Balls Mahoney and Kid Kash. New Jack may also be a part of the show.
*He hopes that the ECW PPV is a big enough success that it can be done on a yearly basis.

Credit- PWInsider.com