[Upfronts] The WB's New Fall Lineup

There are going to be a few very upset people when they see the WB’s fall schedule. Missing is the critically popular but ratings-poor Jack & Bobby. Sadly The WB decided to give up on the quality drama that struggled in the ratings. The WB also moved Smallville and Everwood too new nights.

The network has decided that it needs an establish show starting off its programming every night. They’ve stuck to this formula for every night.

On Mondays the WB has broken up the duo of 7th Heaven and Everwood. 7th Heaven enters its tenth season and will stay in its 8 p.m. time slot. Following it up is a new drama called Just Legal at 9 p.m. I know what you are thinking but now the show is not connected to the magazine, Barely Legal. The good news though is that Don Johnson is back on the small screen. He plays a lawyer who fights for the underdogs and his new partner/prodigy is a 19 year-old lawyer played by Jay Baruchal (Undeclared, Million Dollar Baby). Kinda sounds like a Doogie Howser LLB or JD or whatever initials lawyers are putting after their name these days. Although with Johnson involved hopefully it has a bit more of an edge. I can’t wait for the scene, “You mean you’ve never seen an episode of Miami Vice?” I have no doubt that by the end of the first season Johnson and his partner will both be wearing pastel suits to court. Oh yeah!

Tuesday’s start off with another long running show, Gilmore Girls. Sadly this show probably needs to be put out of its misery but for The WB its a hit. At 9 p.m. the network returns to a genre it previously excelled in; the paranormal action/thriller. Supernatural will no doubt try to grab the same audience that made Buffy a cult hit. It is being billed as a small screen version of The Ring or The Grudge. Two brothers, played by, Jared Padlecki (Dean from Gilmore Girls) and Jensen Ackles (Smallville, Dark Angel), search for their missing father while encountering supernatural forces. So basically a lot of little girls will like this show because they have taken two young hunky guys from other WB shows and put them here. For some weird reason I bet this show will stick around.

One Tree Hill enters its third season, not sure how its done so well, and leads things off on Wednesday’s at 8 p.m. Following that up is what sounds like a drama/comedy, or a dramedy. Related features four sisters who each have different personalities. Wow, its like all of these writers went to the same script writing class. I could write more about this show but I know I will never watch it and I hope you never will to. I mean they haven’t even cast the oldest sister yet.

A brand new Thursday night line up is in store for The WB with Smallville leading off at 8 p.m. and Everwood coming in 9 p.m. This seems like a big mistake. They are giving both of these shows the kiss of death. Smallville will be up against The O.C. for young viewers and Everwood has to deal with CSI and The Apprentice. This makes me think The WB plans this to be the last season for both series.

Friday night is comedy night on The WB. The Jennie Garth, Amanda Bynes show What I Like About You starts things off at 8 p.m. In case you can’t remember what WE like about them is that Garth still looks good and Bynes, while I shouldn’t say this because she is underage, looks damn fine herself. 8:30 brings a new comedy called Twins, no there are no Danny Devito sightings. This show revolves around two twin sisters, one is smart, the other is pretty. The two sisters are about to take over the family lingerie business. Sure sounds like there will be lots of excuses for writers to get the pretty sister to model the outfits. Reba, which has been quite a hit for the fledgling network, checks in at 9 p.m. and its followed by Fran Dresche’s Living With Fran, which enters its second year.

Sunday night The WB continues its plan of running reruns of its more popular shows from 5-8 p.m. After that Charmed, how is this still on the air, gets going at 8. The sketch comedy show, Blue Collar TV sticks around for its second season.

Well The WB hasn’t done much to make itself much worse or much better, it is essentially treading water. It really needs one of Supernatual or Barely Legal to be a hit and the other to be at least decent. The fact it cut Jack and Bobby yet kept around crappers like Charmed is a great disappointment.

Monday Tuesday Wedneday
8 PM 7th Heaven Gilmore Girls One Tree Hill
9 PM Just Legal Supernatural Related

Thursday Friday Sunday
8 PM Smallville What I Like About You
9 PM Everwood Reba
Living with Fran
Blue Collar TV

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