[SD] Smackdown Taping Results from Sioux City (Spoilers)

Smackdown spoilers from Sioux City, according to WrestlingObserver.com:

Dark match

Rene Dupree b Chad Murdock


Nunzio & Funaki b Spike Dudley & Akio
Chavo Guerrero b Shannon Moore
MNM b Stevie Lee & Jason Bates


Matt Morgan is Carlito’s new bodyguard taking the role Big Show turned down. Big Show tried to attack Carlito over last week but got a chair shot from Morgan for his trouble

JBL is back doing the political commercials, this one telling people not to buy the John Cena CD. JBL said rappers should be in jail and said instead of buying the CD, you should buy his book.

Scotty 2 Hotty b JBL-DQ via the lucha oriented excessive rudo tactics. JBL pounded on Scotty with a belt after the match until he said “I Quit”

Kurt Angle is banned from the building for attempted rape, which, by the way, is something we don’t do in our storylines.

Teddy Long told JBL if he touched Cena, he’d be fined.

Mark Jindrak, who is now back as a face, and Kurt’s buddy again, said to Sharmell T he also likes bestiality. Booker was not amused. I learned at a young age you should never bring your girlfriend, let alone your wife, backstage at a wrestling show.

Booker T b Jindrak who juiced heavy

Matt Morgan b Delirious

Eddie Guerrero cut a promo without saying a word for two minutes, just gave the Eddie Guerreo face and beat up a Mysterio mask. Channeling the spirit of King Curtis anyone (who was famous for doing an interview once in Hawaii where he didn’t say a word)?

John Heidenreich b Orlando Jordan clean to get a title shot at the PPV

Bob Holly b Joey Mercury clean with the Alabama Slam so Haas & Holly get a tag title shot on the PPV

Angle does a Titan tron promo calling Sharmell T a gutter slut. he claimed Sharmell wanted it bad and was grabbing his crotch last week. Booker got so mad he dropkicked a TV into oblivion

John Cena was making fun of JBL’s book.

John Cena b Bashams in a handicap match with the FU on Doug. JBL attacked Cena and was choking him with a towel but Cena refused to quit. Cena came back and JBL ran off.

Credit: WrestlingObserver.com