The Apprentice – Recap – Season Finale

We are live from New York City!

The Don quiets the audience, and asks Tana why she ragged on their team. Tana admits she talked bad about them, and she could not have completed the task without them. The Don asked what happened to the US flag during the opening, and Tana says a NYC2012 representtive had accounted for it, but it got misplaced, and she chose to start the show rather than hold up the ceremonies.

The Don tells Kendra that he doesn’t like crying, and she cried in the boardroom. Kendra says even 300 pound men cry when they win the Super Bowl.

The Don asks Kristen how she felt about Tana, and she says Tana did a great job.

The Don asks Erin about Kendra, and Erin says Kendra treated them great, and not like stooges.


The Don introduces Bill and Kelly.

Kelly says that his experiences on The Apprentice has helped him in working for The Don.

The Don says he just extended Bill’s contract. The Don asks Bill what he thinks of Kendra and Tana, and Bill says Tana didn’t show the leadership qualitites needed to work for The Don. Tana says that’s not true, just ask her employees. The Don says he will after the break.


The Don shows the two jobs being offered: work for his Miss Universe organization; or oversee the renovation of his Palm Beach Mansion property.

The Don asks Tana which she would prefer to do, and she says without a doubt Miss Universe. Kendra says the Palm Beach Mansion.

The Don asks Chris about Tana, and he says he thinks Tana was a good leader, but he was disappointed by what she said. Chris thinks Kendra, because of her real estate background, would be better for The Don. Tana says Chris never worked with Kendra, and Chris says he and Kendra are going into some joint ventures.

The Don asks Caroline what she thinks, and she says that, besides the final task, Tana was excellent. She thought Kendra did a great job, but was disapponited she waited so long to become a project manager.


The Don asks George his opinion. George says he didn’t like how Tana treated her team on the last task, and he didn’t like how she bailed on the one task. But she also is one of the most creative and enthusiastic people he’s met. He thinks Kendra stayed under the radar too long, but when she stepped up, she turned it on. George is glad he doesn’t have to make the decision.

The Don asks Kendra if she thinks she has an advantage because she has a degree, and Kendra says yes she does. The Don asks Tana if she thinks she has a disadvantage by not having a degree, and Tana says she does, but she graduated from the School of Hard Knocks.

The Don asks Kendra why she allowed Craig and Tana to take credit for the Pontiac brochure, and Kendra says she’s a team player and she doesn’t believe in showing dissension in public. Tana says what people don’t know is that she was the one who came up with the concept of the circular brochure, which was one of the biggest selling points for the brochure. Kendra says that is true. The Don says he did not know that, and Tana says she had decided that she was going to make sure The Don knew about it. She also admits to being a bit freaked out right now. The Don says they both id a good job.


The Don says it’s time. In his eyes they’re both winners. But it’s time to pick. The Don says he didn’t like the way she treated her team, but over the whole competition she was a star. But he thinks that Kendra really stepped up the last 2 weeks. The Don says he didn’t like her crying, but he likes the way she handled her team, and for that reason, “Kendra, Your’e Hired!”

Kendra is the new Apprentice!