TNA At Ringside: Better Than AJ As Champ

Welcome back to Ringside everyone. No column last week due to school and some other crap but I am back and better than ever this week. Lets start with….

TNA Hard Justice Recap

*Team Canada defeated Sonny Siaki & Apolo: Pretty good match, nothing too special. I wish TNA would quit mixing and matching the Team Canada members and go back to just Roode and Young.
*Michael Shane & Trinity defeated Chris Sabin & Traci: Shane and Sabin delivered as usual. Traci turned on Sabin and Shane turned on Trinity, which I thought was pretty un- expected.
*Raven defeated Sean Waltman in a Fun House Match: Waltman replaced Jeff Hardy because Jeff is a drug abusing un-committed spot monkey. Pretty good brawl with some cool spots.
*Monty Brown & The Outlaw defeated Diamond Dallas Page & Ron Killings: Killings replaced BG James, who was stuck in traffic or something. I paid no attention to this match. Phi Delta Slam helped out Team Monty because DDP refused a clean job. More on that later.
*The Naturals defeated America’s Most Wanted to retain the Tag Team Titles: Very good match. The Candido chants during it seemed so right. Also the way the Naturals won (feet on the ropes) seemed to fit the Candido style.
*Christopher Daniels defeated Shocker to retain the X Division Title: Another match that did not disappoint. The Angel Wings off the top rope by Daniels was sweet as hell.
*Abyss wins the Gauntlet For The Gold: Cool spots in this match including the Ultimate Canadian Destroyer. BG James finally showed up and he and Outlaw worked well together by accident. I hated all the pointless people in the match when guys like Monty Brown, DDP, Daniels and others could have taken their place. Oh yeah, Zach Gowen was pointless too.
*AJ Styles defeated Jeff Jarrett to win the World Title: This match just seemed slow to me. Tito Ortiz being the ref kinda hurt it because Jarrett had to argue with him every 3 seconds. Also Ortiz helping AJ to win sort of made the win seem less thrilling

For a detailed report click here to read PK’s live report.

Ok now TNA’s 3rd Year Show “Slammiversary” is on June 19th. So I figured why not do a weekly Top 5 on TNA related things. This weeks Top 5….

Top 5 Reasons….TNA is better than WWE

5. Tag Teams: Name some WWE Tag Teams. Hurricane and Rosey, Regal and Tajiri, La Resistance, MNM and that’s about all I got. Now who does TNA have? The Naturals, Team Canada (6 different combos), Siaki and Apolo, 3LK (3 different combos), Jobber Teams (yet they team consistently), and America’s Most Wanted (Arguably the best Team in wrestling.) TNA actually cares about their tag team division. The WWE just teams together random people in order to give them TV times and keep the fans happy (Example: Rey and Eddie.) The tag titles actually mean something in TNA, they are throw away titles in the WWE.

4. PPVs: Now I’m not saying TNA has better PPVs than the WWE quality wise (although that could be debated) I’m talking about the little things. WWE charges 35 bucks for a PPV that lasts from 8-10:40. TNA charges 30 bucks for a PPV that lasts from 8-10:55. TNA charges less and really gives you more. Also on TNA PPVs you can always bank on a match that is almost worth the 30 bucks. See, TNA does the little things better.

3. Finishers: Two Words, Canadian Destroyer. Almost everyone will agree that the Canadian Destroyer is the coolest move in wrestling. What’s the best finisher in the WWE? I honestly don’t know. Everything seems so basic in the WWE. 20 people use the Powerbomb as a finisher, the guy who had the title for a year almost uses a Clothesline, and the current WWE Champ uses a DVD Slam. In TNA you have cool looking moves like the Destroyer, The Spiral Tap, Angel Wings, anything Elix Skipper does, and some other cool finisher. Still, Canadian Destroyer rules all

2. The Fans: Now most of this may have to do with the fact the TNA is in the same building every week but oh well. The TNA fans give me the same feeling that the ECW fans used too. Stupid things get over huge with TNA fans. Konnan takes off his shoe and throws it at his opponent, the whole crowd takes off their shoes. The Chris Candido chants at Hard Justice during the Naturals match just seemed so perfect. Of course you can’t forget DUELING CHANTS! It’s awesome to watch AJ Styles vs Petey Williams and here the crowd go “Lets go AJ” “Lets go Petey” The respect that the fans have for the workers is tremendous.

1. Athletes: AJ Styles, Chris Sabin, Petey Williams, Christopher Daniels, really anyone in the X Division are great athletes. The WWE has Benoit, Jericho, Angle, Eddie, Christian, Shelton and that’s all I got. The things the X Division workers do in the ring are amazing. Did you see Final Resolution? When Sabin dropkicked AJ off the wires and AJ flipped inside out. Oh man that bump was sweeter than the move. TNA has guys that do things in the ring that WWE guys like Triple H could only dream of.

Ok, I’m expecting hate mail galore on that.

Now we move to DDP and the future lack there of. DDP has left TNA, which doesn’t really bother me. There was nothing left for DDP to do in TNA. He refused to put over Monty Brown in a tag match, which means he would refuse to put him over in a singles match. DDP is way past his prime. The only thing he could do in TNA was to put over young talent, something it seemed like he wouldn’t do. So DDP leaving, not a big deal.

The C-Cup

ONE CANDIDO MEMORY?!?!?! Come on now, somebody had to like Chris Candido. Oh well, here’s the one memory.
*My favorite Candido moment was when he was in ECW and he feuded with Taz. I remember one time when Taz’s music started up, and Candido walked to the ring in pure Taz Fashion.

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