[WWE] 2003 Diva Search Winner Comments on 2005 Search

In a discussion group on her fan site, 2003 WWE Diva Search winner (the event took place on a Pay Per View special) Jaime Koeppe posted the following in response to fan requests that she try out for the higher-paying 2005 search:

I am not going to enter. I have some projects on the go right now and
I am focused on them. I was asked to participate last year but it was
mentioned in the press release Candadians weren’t allowed to compete.
I know what’s involved in the contract regarding the $250K and it
doesn’t intrest me. I enjoy the WWE but I am passionate about the
work I am involved in now. Also, I am keeping a bit of a secret right
now about a project I am involved in and once I let the cat out of the
bag you all will understand.

But thanks for thinking of me again. I wish I could have had what
Christy has now back when I won, but I will have mine too. 馃檪

馃檪 Jaime

Credit: JaimeKoeppeFanGroup