[WWE] More On Luther Reigns’ Release


Luther Reigns received the release from WWE he asked for last Wednesday. A few hours after the release, Reigns did an interview with the Torch. Reigns asked for a release after expressing concerns over the direction of his character, as well as wanting to put more time and effort into his outside business ventures.

Reigns spoke with VP of Talent Relations, John Laurenaitis about the release over the phone. Laurenaitis said he knew about Reigns not being fully into wrestling at this time and that maybe he should take six months or so off and then consider coming back. Reigns says he’s not sure if he’ll get a second chance due to him having blown an earlier chance with WCW do to a drug habit. He went on to say that if he never gets a second chance, he’ll be ok with it.

Reigns stated that he has no ill feelings toward WWE since the release was a mutual thing.

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