InsidePULSE’s Live Coverage WWE Judgment Day


InsidePULSE’s WWE Judgment Day Report 05.22.05
Live from Minneapolis, Minn
Announcers are Cole & Tazz (Hugo & Carlos for those with SAP)
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for InsidePULSE by PK

On Heat, Nunzio rolled up Akio.

Opening video showcases Eddie vs. Rey, Angle vs. Booker and JBL vs. Cena.

MNM (c) vs. Charlie Haas & Hardcore Holly – WWE Tag Team Titles
Nitro and Haas start. Back and forth, Nitro puts a key lock on Haas, but Haas works out of it, and hip tosses him through the ropes. They stand off, then tag partners. Mercury and Holly go back and forth, and Holly nails his big drop kick. Nitro distracts him, and Mercury chops on Holly in the corner. Holly reverses, chops back, Holly goes for the Alabama Slam, but Nitro saves Mercury with a superkick. MNM now go back on forth, working over Holly. Holly with a full nelson slam on Mercury, and Haas with a hot tag. Haas takes out both men, and hits a suicide plancha. Back in the ring, Haas hits his Exploder on Mercury, but Nitro breaks up the pin. Nitro sends Holly shoulder first into the ringpost, and Holly falls to the outside, and MNM hits the Snapshot on Haas to finish him off.
Winners and Still Champs — MNM

Recap of Big Show/Carlito/M-M-Morgan the past few weeks.

Carlito comes out with Morgan, and gets on the mic. He said that he was talking to his good friend, Randy Moss. He said Moss warned him about Minnesota, because the people there are not cool. He says that people to appreciate how talented Morgan is, because he is different. He then says that the only thing Morgan has in common with these people is that he is going to sit back and watch Carlito take care of the Big Show.

Carlito Caribbean Cool (/w Matt Morgan) vs. The Big Show
Carlito gets chased around a bit, and Show catches him. Show slaps him around a bit, then hits the ropes, but Morgan pulls down the top rope. CCC distracts the ref, and Morgan slugs away on Show on the outside. CCC is all over Show, but Show keeps shoving him off. CCC bumps the ref. Show goes for the choke slam, but Morgan comes in with a big boot…Show bounces off the ropes, right back to Morgan who lifts up Show on his shoulders and hits the F-5!!! CCC can’t believe what he just saw, scampers over to Show, as Morgan puts the ref back in the ring for the pin!!!
Winner – Carlito

ECW Preview.

Recap of Booker/Angle.

Sharmelle T is warming up her man. She gets a delivery in a Victoria’s Secret bag. It’s some bras and stuff…then a pair of handcuffs…with a note that says ‘Gutter Slut’ HAHA. Booker runs off to look for Angle.

Paul London (c) vs. Chavo Guerrero – WWE Cruiserweight Title
Chavo beats down London to start, but London fires back, with some quick CW moves. London hits a dropsault, and goes for the 450 Splash, but Chavo gets his knees up…ouch. Chavo is now working on London’s ribs. Chavo with an abdominal stretch, London gets out, but Chavo is right back on London with kicks to the ribs. London off the ropes, nails a leg lariat. London then hits a running enzaguri for 2. London goes for an electric chair, but Chavo rolls though, and holds the ropes…but only for 2. Back and forth for a bit. London reverses a Gory Bomb, KO’s Chavo, then goes up for a 450, but Chavo rolls to the outside, and London goes for a Helo…but COMPLETELY MISSES CHAVO. Chavo back in the ring, this a suicide dive. They climb up the ropes, and it looks like Chavo is going for a top rope Powerbomb, but London reverses it into a back body drop, then hits the 450 for the win!
Winner and Still Champ – London

Booker is looking for Angle still…runs into a bunch of B-list SuperStars, but not Angle…however Angle is in Booker’s lockerroom with Sharmelle T. He tells her that after he is done with Booker, he will finish with her.

Kurt Angle vs. Booker T
Booker charges the ring, and jumps Angle. Angle quickly takes control, and starts wrestling Booker. Booker lays Angle over the top rope, and Booker runs across the apron, and scissor kicks Angle to the floor! On the floor, Booker tries to run Angle to the post, but Booker reverses it. Back in the ring, Angle is all over Booker. Angle goes for an Angle Slam, but Booker flips through, and this a Book End for 2. Angle then hits the Trifecta of Germans…but Booker rolls up Angle for the pin!
Winner – Booker

Sharmelle T comes out to congratulate her hubby, but Angle beats down Booker. Sharmelle T goes to check on him, and Angle rolls her in the ring. He gets the handcuffs, and goes to handcuff her on the ropes, but Booker gets back in the ring, and handcuffs Angle. Booker and Sharmelle T beat Angle down…and Sharmelle T kicks him in the nuts.

Both OJ and Heidenreich are in the ring, and Heidenreich picks out a friend, and reads a poem to her.

Orlando Jordan (c) vs. Heidenreich – WWE United States Title
OJ comes to the floor and jumps Heidenreich, and rolls him in the ring. OJ is all over Heidenreich for the first few minutes of the match, but Heidenreich fights back, and slugs away, and hits a big clothesline. Heidenreich with a big boot for 2. OJ fights back, then goes for his signature ‘O-J’ hand sign, but Heidenreich rolls him up for 2. OJ reverses a whip, the hits a DDT for the pin.
Winner and Still Champ – Jordan

Heidenreich’s friend gets in the ring and cheers Heidenreich up.

Matthews with JBL. JBL cuts yet another killer promo.

Recap of Mysterio/Eddie.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio
They go toe to toe to start the match. They quickly go outside, and Eddie tosses Rey into the ring post, then slams him on the announce table. He then hits another spine buster on the table. Back in the ring, Eddie is just beating down Mysterio. Mysterio fires up a bit, and runs into Eddie, but Eddie lifts him up and nails an toss over Powerbomb. Eddie locks on a one legged crab, but Mysterio boots out. Mysterio then hits an enzaguri, allowing some time to catch his wind. Rey launches Eddie across the ring, charges Eddie, but Eddie back body drops Rey over the top rope…only for Rey to catch on the top rope, land on the apron, then shoulder to the gut of Eddie, followed by a top rope (rope, not turnbuckle) headbutt. Eddie comes back, locks on a full Boston Crab…then turns it into a STF. Rey gets to the ropes, but Eddie tosses Rey on the mat, sliding him to the floor. Eddie starts setting up the ringsteps, but Rey fights out, and shoves Eddie back into the ringpost. Rey then runs and hits a 619 using the ringpost. Both men back in the ring, they go back toe to toe. Eddie with a big punch, Rey falls back to the ropes, but fires off, hitting a big boot, then hitting a springboard Crossbody for 2. Rey then hits a springboard senton for 2. Eddie in the corner, Rey charges, but Eddie moves, and Mysterio goes shoulder first in the ringpost. Eddie sets Mysterio on the top turnbuckle, then hits a TOP ROPE SUPERPLEX for 2. Eddie then hits the Three Amigos. Eddie has a chair, and Rey goes for a springboard, but Eddie slaps him right in the head with it!
Winner via DQ – Mysterio

Eddie attacks Mysterio some more, beating him down with the chair, but then the agents and refs come out.

ECW Preview.

Recap of JBL/Cena.

John Cena (c) vs. JBL – WWE Championship – I Quit Match
JBL is out first, in his limo. Cena comes out next, on a flatbed being pulled by a tractor trailer…and Tha Trademarc on the turntables! Cena has a nice pyro display, behind the flatbed. The match begins, and they go back and forth with wrestling moves in the ring. They fall to the outside, and JBL starts choking Cena with a belt, but Cena pulls him through, hitting him on the ringpost. JBL back up, whips Cena with the belt, then sets him up on Cole/Tazz’s table, to Powerbomb Cena to the Spanish table, but Cena back body drops him through the Spanish table. Both are down for a bit, and Cena charges and gets a face full of chair. Cena is bleeding hardcore. In the ring, JBL hits a series of short arm clotheslines. Cena won’t quit. Cena fights back, and hits the F-U. JBL walks away, back up the ramp. Cena catches up, and slams him on the hood of the limo. JBL fights back, with a swinging neckbreaker on the limo hood. They then brawl over to the side, and JBL has a cord, choking Cena. Cena fights out, shoving JBL headfirst through a TV. They then fight back to the limo, and Cena hits a suplex on the top of the limo. JBL tries to crawl in the limo, but Cena catches him, and runs JBL into the opened door…and the door comes off! They go up to the flat bed, and JBL pulls Cena face first into the back of the tractor trailer, taking off the exhaust pipe. JBL clears off Tha Trademarc’s turntables then tries to choke out Cena some more…however Cena pulls him down, and JBL goes through Trademarc’s table. JBL is back on the floor, infront of a couple of glass panels (ala Shane/Angle KotR 2001). Cena has the exhaust pipe, and looks to be charging JBL with it…but JBL backs off…and yells I QUIT. Really weird ending.
Winner and Still Champ – Cena

Cena still charges with the pipe, and shoves JBL through the glass!

Really awesome main event…however a really odd ending.


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