The Sunday HEAT Wave

We got the Smackdown version tonight of Sunday Night HEAT as we are on the eve of Judgment Day LIVE from the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN.

Our hosts for the night are Todd Grisham and Ivory for HEAT. As well as Steve Romero, Josh Matthews, Michael Cole and Tazz for Smackdown.

Todd and Ivory open the show for us as they run down a few of the match ups on the card tonight and start up a video package for the Kurt Angle and Booker T match. Just a few quick words on that… wow, did they change Angle’s character. I haven’t been watching Smackdown for the past month or so, but was it just me or is his new heel turn a little uneasy!? Anyway, he still manages to play the best out of it.

Back from commercial, Steve and Josh welcome us back as they give us a review of the Big Show vs. Carlito match up starting two weeks ago as Big Show turned down Carlito’s offer. Then from last Thursday when Matt Morgan took up his offer and helped Carlito take down Show’s attack.

Another commercial break as we get a “Public Service Announcement” paid by the friends and fans of JBL. Nice little homage to the politician’s service announcement commercials as JBL bashes John Cena’s thug way of life and new CD “You Cant See Me”. Which by the way also includes a plug in of how Cena’s new CD topped Billboards charts at #15 and 3rd on the rap list. Then cut over to one of Cena’s many appearances last week as he threw the opening pitch for the Boston Red Sox. And a quick interview with Chavo Guerrero on how he will beat Paul London later on tonight

Next up, another video package of the Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio match that’s been leading up over the weeks. Evil Eddie = Awesome!!! Probably the best heel play on Smackdown right now.

Michael Cole and Tazz make their first appearance of the night as they run down the match listings for Judgment Day:

WWE Title Match: JBL vs. John Cena (Champ)
Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio
WWE Tag Team Title Match: Hardcore Holly and Charlie Hass vs. MNM (Champs)
WWE Cruiserweight Title Match: Chavo Guerrero vs. Paul London (Champ)
WWE U.S. Title Match: Heidenreich vs. Orlando Jordan (Champ)
Big Show vs. Carlito w/ Matt Morgan
Kurt Angle vs. Booker T

-Wow, all titles on the line tonight, should be an interesting PPV coming from Smackdown!

Our last commercial break ends with a preview of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s cameo in Adam Sandler’s new movie “The Longest Yard.”

Akio vs. Nunzio
Smackdown! Cruiserweight action! We start off with a loud slap from Akio followed by another from Nunzio. Akio however fires back with a few fast kicks and a lot of fast action. Sidekick on the side of Nunzio’s head knocks him out of the ring. Quick brawl overtakes on the ringside before both wrestlers get back into the ring and a two count for Akio. Nunzio however takes advantage of the match with a few takedowns and a drop kick. Another kick to the mid-section and a take down from the second rope for two! Akio fights back up and delivers a moonsault off the top rope for another two! And out of nowhere Nunzio rolls up Akio for the pin! Wow, that was so fast I missed the end by just looking over my shoulder. I had to rewind the tape to see what had happened!
Winner: Nunzio

Show raps up with a video promo package of the WWE Title Match of John Cena vs. JBL. From the clips, and it could just be me, but it looks like Cena is finally getting back some of the edge he had.

Heat Wave of the Night: Well since we got a PPV coming up, HEAT delivered a re-cap show for Smackdown this week. And this was my first time covering the Smackdown show over my reviews, so it was fun to refresh with the second brand and catch up on Smackdown. Not much, but I give the Wave of the Night to Cena. Yeah, I know, its suppose to be delivered to a match but the Akio and Nunzio really didn’t spark my interest. And like I said, from the clips I saw Cena looks to be on track and in my view is a far better champ than JBL. Well that’s it for me… till next week, Peace!