Details Released On Sixth Season of 'Sopranos'

David Chase, creator of “The Sopranos,” is known for releasing major details of upcoming shows and seasons.

According to Chase, next season (most likely its final one), will be about money. The cast and crew have been in production on the new season for several weeks now, and it’s currently scheduled to premiere early next year.

“I started thinking about what are these people really about, what are they really after. It’s going to be about money and about materialism, buying stuff, consumerism,” Chase told an audience in New York Tuesday about the coming season, according to Reuters.

“That’s all they care about. All that stuff helps them not to think about larger issues.”

Chase wouldn’t comment on whether season six will be the last for “The Sopranos.” Although it’s widely assumed that’s the case, he won’t say definitively just yet.

“I really enjoy it, so why leave something like that?” he says. “It’s just a question of whether the story works out creatively in six seasons, which I think it will. Then we probably shouldn’t do a seventh.”

Pressed on the issue, though, he admits that “It is possible.”