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Hello everyone, I’m running late this week because I was tied up with reading some old Hulk issues. Hey I wanted to be accurate. I bet my editor will like that.

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Robb emails

Hey right awesome Column, very informative. My question is about Hyperion. Like what are his powers and abilities? Maybe something about the different versions? Cause the only version I know of is the Exiles version (who is very evil and very powerful

Alright this should be fun

The first Hyperion was a member of Squadron Supreme (Let’s just say the JLA). His real name: Mark Milton. He thought he was an alien but in reality was an Eternal in this alternate world. Him and his Squadron are right now trapped in the Marvel universe

The second Hyperion was a villain and member of Squadron Sinister. He was brought into being by the Grandmaster with 3 others to fight the Avengers. In the end the real Hyperion killed him.

The third Hyperion is the one in Supreme Power. Meant as a reboot of the Squadron. Hyperion is an alien sent to earth as a baby and raised in secret by agents of the United States government

The fourth is the one you know from Exiles.

The basic idea for Hyperion is he’s based off Dc’s Superman. Flight, energy beams, e-ray vision,

Beadle posted


I like to keep you ticking over with the random questions, so here’s one for you.

Hehe, fine by me.

In the early issues of his 80s-90s ongoing series (just after he finished fighting the Elders of the Universe) Silver Surfer fought a mute guy that used to be a martial artist on Earth, but got transformed somehow to have cosmic-level powers. I think he was almost completely black (kind of looked like Deathurge), and had discs fitted to his hands and feet. Can you remember this guy? If so, what was his name, what were his powers, and has he ever been seen again?

I have a feeling you mean the Midnight Sun.

Real Name: M’Nai
First Appearance: Special Marvel Edition #16 (Feb 1974)
Original powers: expert in armed and unarmed combat, his only equal being Shang-Chi. His specialty was to vanish into shadows. He was armed with a variety of daggers, nunchuks and throwing stars

Cosmic powers: superhuman strength (class 75), stamina, durability, agility and reflexes, and still possesses all of his combat skills.

All appearances:

Special Marvel Edition 16
Master of Kung Fu vol1 41
Iron Man Annual 4
Avengers Vol1 131-132
Giant-Size Avengers 3
Silver Surfer vol3 29-30
Silver Surfer Annual 4
Silver Surfer 60

Also, on the topic of obscure late-eighties Silver Surfer villains, what ever happened to Cap’n Reptyl?

Here’s one for you. Last time we saw him he was working for Thanos in Avengers Celestial Quest. He was mutated further and given more power.

All appearances:

Silver Surfer vol3 11-12, 19, 27-29, 63-65
Silver Surfer Annual 2
Fantastic Four Annual 24
Maximum Security 1-3
Avengers: Celestial Quest 2-8

And while I’m doing the whole cosmic riff, who was Starlord prior to his recent appearances in Thanos?

Actually Star lord was Star Lord, lol. Here’s the story:

Star Lord’s real name is Peter Jason Quill son of prince of Spartoi Jason and Meredith Quill of Earth. His father left him in the care of his mother and she raised him. His father wanted to bring him and his mother to his home world but sent ask his uncle to do it. The uncle sent someone to kill him and his mother. He killed Meredith. Peter went to an orphanage for years and then he ran away and later joined Nasa going into space. On the space station the crew where met by Star Lord who one would be soon. Peter was sent to earth after going mad that someone else wanted to be Starlord. He went back to the space station after stealing a ship and replaced the other guy becoming Star-Lord and meeting the Master of the Sun. He was given his suit and became Star Lord

His origin was in Marvel Preview 4


Marvel Preview 4,
Marvel Spotlight 6-7, 11,14-15,18
Starlord Special Edition 1
Marvel Premiere 61
Marvel Super Special 10
Thanos 8-12
Starlord 1-3

starvenger posted

Here’s a GLA question for you (since we’re debating it in another thread here) – just how the heck to Doorman’s powers work?

Doorman has the ability to open “doorways” through solid objects by standing next to them. This allows something/someone to pass through a solid by passing through Doorman’s body while he is next to something.

What is not known about his power is what happens when something/someone goes through his body when he is not standing next to something. He also has the ability to levitate and propel his body, much like flying.

Dave emails

I was wondering what the deal was with Daimon Hellstrom, the Son of Satan. I seem to remember him fighting alongside the Defenders and was wondering if he was still lurking around the Marvel Universe.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Hellstorm is still roming the Marvel Universe. He defeated his father of course back in his Defenders days and married Patsy Walker before taking over as ruler of hell and moved back to San Francisco. He became a supernatural investigator. Hellstrom continues to publish regularly in scholarly occult journals, and is considered a leading demonologist. Daimon Hellstrom uses the costumed identity of Hellstorm when battling supernatural menaces in public in order to preserve Daimon Hellstrom’s professional reputation.

While having his own series his wife was killed off and later he helped Hawkeye and the Thunderbolts free her from Hell in Hellcat’s series. The last time we saw him he did work with the Hellfire Club under Selene but rebelled against her and Blackheart.

Abdul emails

Jimbo whats the dillyo? A few clarifications if I may on the last installment of the Handbook.

Hey Abdul.

Fantastic Force broke up after reassembling one last time to fight Onslaught before going their seperate ways and Johnny Storm was a member of the team as well.

How the hell did I forget they reunited for Onslaught? Black Panther was leading the team to

In regards to Nomad Jack Munroe is dead he was shot and killed by the
mysterious Winter Soldier recent in Brubaker’s Captain America.

I don’t know I question that death a little. Don’t ask me why but I do

Rhino once has his suit pierced when he got brain surgery during a Peter
Milligan penned two part story in Tangled Web entitled Flowers for Rhino.
Its the issues where Rhino becomes super smart

I did say it got pierced before just not in those issue.
But a question as well inthe first issue of Force Works did anybody
die? I seem to recall someone dying but cant remember who

Actually Simon Williams died. Wonder Man died and didn’t come back till Avengers Vol. 3 # 1

The last 10 years of Hulk

1995 We started the year with the Pantheon falling apart and the Hulk forming into his new persona emerging: Savage Banner. Being the Professor Hulk during this time mostly. Doc Samson has to help Banner threw it as Betty fights for her life. They get away from it all and move to Florida. There we start: Hulk battles Man-Thing, Speedfreak, the Abomination. He then gets involved in Over the Edge by not stopping the Punisher from killing Nick Fury. Hulk then appears in Thor for two issues. He then appeared in Shadows and Light. Then an issue of War Machine. Then it’s the funeral for Nick Fury which the heroes don’t want him at. Then it’s Hulk vs. Superman in Dc vs. Marvel. Hulk lost though. He then appears in an issue of Over the Edge. Then it’s Hulk vs. Wolvie in Marvel Fanfare. Then hulk plays some Baseball vs. the Rhino. Then Hulk appears in Doc Samson’s solo limited series. Ghost of Future starts as the year ends

1996: Ghost of the Future where he battles Omnibus, the Leader’s assistant who now controls Freehold. Oh and he’s insane with the Leader inside his head. Hulk is captive of the army which is under Omnibus control. The Headshop goes to free Savage Banner who jumps on a grenade and needs equipment at Freehold to save him. Hulk gets there seeing the world being destroyed and takes on the guise of Maestro to take the blame. Omnibus is dealt with by the people of Freehold as the Hulk is taken down by the Avengers with the world thinking he’s dead. She-Hulk and Doc Samson star in the next 2 issues of Hulk. We find Hulk alive and Janis Jones comes from the future to help him. He battles Quarry and then Onslaught begins. Hulk is at first taken over by him but with Cable’s help breaks free to go help the heroes. Hulk and Banner are separated in the end with Banner going to Heroes Reborn to become the Hulk there for a year. While on 616 Hulk is now Bannerless. Pantheon comes back thinking they can help Hulk while he’s in the care of Janis Jones.

1997: Hulk still without Banner battles a team known as the Thunderbolts for the first time. We find out Hulk’s connection to the Heroes Reborn world as well. Then it’s Hulk vs. Hercules. More villains appear like Wildman, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, the Heroes for Hire, Deadpool. Then Hulk appears in Sensational Spider-Man in the Savage Land. Back in his title he battles a Hulk from the future, Wolverine, Kazar, the X-Men. Then he becomes the new Horsemen of Apocalypse War before Rick Jones with the help of Absorbing Man and Juggernaut. Then he battles Mister Hyde and Abomination before Heroes Return.

1998: The heroes return as well as Banner. Thunderbolt Ross comes back as well as the possible return of Maestro is started. As well as a new title is added Rampagin Hulk. Hulk is working with Thunderbolt Ross to help save Betty for some time. That is until the Avengers ask him for help and he refuses. We even see a poker game with Thunderbolt, Bruce, Reed, Samson and Tony involved. Betty dies as Peter Davis leaves the series. Then Hulk battles the Super Adaptoid, The Circus of Crime. While over in Rampaging Hulk it’s mostly retelling of old stories and some new twist.

1999: The series ends while Hulk helps old foe Qnax, the Xanterean as well as battling him. He appears in the Avengers before starting a new series. Bruce Banner moves to a new city being hunted by memories of the Hulk. The Hulk attacks places he’s going without Bruce knowledge. Tyrannus is the one controlling the Hulk and getting him to do all this. Hulk battles him and then Man-Thing. Owen Candler is the main foe in the next story as the Avengers show up to help Hulk battle him and his plant creatures. Hulk also battles Black Panther, Wolverine (as Death), then the Thing to close out the year.

2000: It’s Hulk vs. Tyrannus to stop him from controlling him. An army of Hulks is created as Bruce is put in jail waiting for trial. She-Hulk is there to defend him but he is set free to defeat the army of Hulks. Hulk battles the Thunderbolts, Spider-Man and Captain Marvel before Snake Eyes: visiting Angela Lipscombe after finding out he has Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Bruce makes a deal with the Professor and Fixit Hulk to defeat the Devil Hulk in his head. Dogs Of War: Think the Hulk dogs where new thanks to the movie? Nope. Hulk vs. Hulk Dogs while Thunderbolt Ross and others come looking for him. Flux appears for the first time to battle Hulk working for Ryker who’s behind the Dogs of War story. Hulk battles him but loses control over his personalities again. This time Bruce makes the deal to give Hulks control over his body at certain times of the day to defeat Devil Hulk. Hulk gets involved in Maximum Security helping Hack fight aliens

2001: Disorganized Crime: Fixit Hulk in control as he heads to Chicago for money the Delfini family owes him. They give him the money and offer more to deal with other business. The following story Bruce Banner writes a letter to Betty Ross, remembering good old days. Banner also talks to the Hulks about the good old days. Hulk then battles Killer Strike. He also appears in Avenger helping them fight an army of Hulks. Past Perfect: Banner starts having weird dreams involving Betty and a perfect life and a monster hunting them. In reality the dream world is being controlled by Demon Hulk. Hulk comes back to reality to fight Animus as well as Rejoin the Defender who are cursed to fight together as a team. He’s one of the members cursed along with Namor, Strange, and Surfer. Spiral Staircase: Bruce Banner is dying of amyotropic lateral sclerosis. Bruce goes into the dream world he meets up with the Hulks and Devil Hulk again but he’s not the villain here. The Leader is. The Leader it seems though is there to cure Bruce not fight the Hulk. Bruce is cured and the Leader defeated as well. Hulk fights Black Panther, and the Thunderbolts. The Defenders become the Order going mad and thinking the best way to deal with the curse is to rule Earth. They are defeated in the end and set free of the curse

2002: Bruce Jones takes over as writer with Return of the Monster: Bruce Banner is wanted again. He battles a gang, goones, Sandra Verdugo, Jink Slater. Hulk battles fake FBI agents and Agent Pratt in the next story arc

2003: The next arc Hulk battles the Abomination. Over in Avengers after the arc he helps the Avengers fight and save his cousin the She-Hulk. Hide In Plain Sight: Hulk vs. Absorbing Man who can now control minds. Hulk fights the Punisher in Punisher for an issue. Oh and not to forget Hulk the movie came out. Split Decisions: Hulk and Doc Samson battle the Secret Conspiracy. Betty Banner also returns

2004: Dead Like Me: Betty has cancer as Bruce tries to kill himself. He survives and battles a clone of himself. Big Things: Hulk fight Iron Man. Hulk fights the Leader again a few issues. Hulk battles the Thing in a Hulk/Thing mini series before the return of the main series and the return of Peter David. Tempest Fugit 2004-2005: This story is still ongoing. Bruce Banner/Hulk started on Monster Island battling another Hulk, Wolverine, Thunderbolt Ross, and Kang before waking up in a cell told that most everything I just said was a dream

That’s it this week. We’ve covered all the emails we were back up on, so I’m going to need some emails this week. Marvels big event House of M starts next week as well and I’m going to cover it somehow here in the column so stay tuned.

Now let’s sign off here. Boss you can go first if you like.


Now my turn

1. poll: Which is your favorite X team?

2. I’ve got 10 years of Daredevil will be covered next week here.

3. Nothing else important so reporting from the Marvel Universe I’m Jim Trabold. Have a great week and have a good holiday.

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