Clark Upset By 'Idol' Sketch

Despite being picked apart by late night hosts for weeks, it apparently took an “American Idol” spoof to make Corey Clark realize his claims, rather than being taken seriously, were causing him to be the butt of America’s jokes.

Clark, the former contestant who says he had an affair with judge Paula Abdul, didn’t much care for a skit that made fun of the situation. On Wednesday night’s show, TV newsman Steve Edwards presented a satirical report entitled “Bad Judgment” that would reveal judge Simon Cowell’s “secret relationship.”

It turns out that the self-centered Cowell was all along in love with himself.

“We’re reminded once again last night in front of millions of viewers that not only are they not taking it seriously, but they don’t feel as though we should take it seriously,” Clark’s spokesman, Jed Wallace, told AP Radio on Thursday.

“It’s simply baffling to me that Fox would actually resurrect this controversy by doing something like that,” said Wallace, calling it a “slap in the face.”

Clark made a similar response after Abdul made an appearance on “Saturday Night Live” earlier this month.

Abdul has called Clark’s allegations “lies.” Fox has said it would investigate the claims, but that Clark had not responded to requests for help in the investigation.

Credit: Yahoo/AP