Day of Vengeance #2 Review

Reviewer: Andy Campbell
Story Title: Chapter Two: Some Enchantress Evening

Writer: Bill Willingham
Pencils : Justiniano
Inks: Walden Wong, Livesay
Colors: Chris Chuckry
Letters: Pat Brosseau
Assistant Editor: Rachel Gluckstern
Editor: Joey Cavalieri
Publisher: DC Comics

While I may be in the minority around here, I am loving what DC has been doing lately. I loved Identity Crisis, I loved Countdown to Infinite Crisis, and so far, I’m loving the four minis that are leading up to Infinite Crisis itself.

Day of Vengeance has been very enjoyable thus far. I really enjoy Bill Willingham’s writing, and I think he was the perfect fit for this book. Anyone who has read Willingham’s Fables or Proposition Player knows that this type of story is his forte. Plus, you can tell by reading it that he really has an affection for these characters. How can you tell, you ask? Because I care about these characters.

These are the forgotten characters of the DC Universe…Ragman, Enchantress, Blue Devil, Detective Chimp, et al…these are characters that have been buried in storage for years. What Willingham has done is that he dusted them off and polished them up, and they are now being put to use in a genuinely compelling story of the attempted destruction of magic in the DC Universe.

This issue’s main focus is on the Enchantress, as she uses her powers to get our motley crew of magic users on the trail of the Spectre and his puppet master, Eclipso. Eclipso has been pulling the Spectre’s strings ever since he got separated from his human host in Green Lantern: Rebirth. Without that anchor, the Spectre has been susceptible, and Eclipso is using that to rid the DC Universe of magic.

As this issue comes to a close, our group of heroes show up to find the Spectre locked in combat with none other than Captain Marvel!

Aside from the cool story, Justiniano’s art is excellently done, and it has the perfect complement of inks (Wong and Livesay) and colors (Chuckry) to really make the art “pop.” This book has a unique look, and it is a great