InsidePulse’s WWE RAW Report 5.30.05

Memorial Day video. It’s actually pretty creepy with Vince’s voice-over.

LIVE from Calgary, Canada
Hosts are Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross

King is in the ring, and it’s time to kick off summer with a swimsuit competetion. Technically it’s still spring. The contestants are Christy Hemme, Candice Michelle, Maria, Victoria(!), and Lillian Garcia. I wonder who’s gonna show up? Lillian goes first, but Viscera interrupts. Shocking. Vis isn’t out here to judge the contest, but says that the thought of Lillian in a swimsuit made him come out. So, he takes her away. Anyways, the show goes on. Victoria’s not my type, Maria’s alright, ditto for Candice, and Christy’s her usual fine self. King picks Christy as the winner, rightfully so, but Victoria turns heel and beats the hell out of the contestants, as well as the King. Widow’s Peak puts Christy out as we go to a…

Commercial break.

Backstage, Todd interviews Victoria, who is sick of Christy. She says she should have competed in WM 21, and reminds us that she’s sick of Hemme.

The Hurricane & Rosey(3-1)(cs) vs. The Heart Throbs(0-2) – World Tag Team Championship match
Stacy’s out with Hurricane and Rosey again. The heels attack Rosey , so Hurrican takes it to ’em. Leg lariat gets 2 for Hurricane. Swinging neckbreaker gets 2 for Antonio. Romeo and Antonio work over Hurricane, as the crowd chants “Stacy’s hot”. No shit. Hurricane jumps on the post and clothesline Romeo to bring in Rosey. Crowd’s into this match thanks to Stacy. Rosey cleans house, and Hurricane gets the SUPER splash for 3.

Commercial break.

They totally ruin the new Audioslave song by showing pictures of the Diva Search contestants to it. That may have single handedly stopped me from buying the album.

Video package of what went on with Batista last week.

Backstage, Batista is seen with Bischoff, who informs us that HHH is not even tonight. Dave accepts the Hell in a Cell match, but I have no idea why. Hassan comes in and asks what HHH did to earn another title match. Good q. Muhammad once again brings up that he’s undefeated, which isn’t true. Batista is tired of him, so agrees to have a match with him tonight.

Commercial break.

Shelton Benjamin(4-2)(c) vs. Sylvain Grenier(1-2) vs. Robert Conway(0-1) – Intercontinental Championship match
Shelton fights off both for a while, but La Resistance take control for a while. Benjamin gets a somoan drop on Grenier, but Conway clotheslines him down. The tag partners have a beating competition on Banjamin for a while, but Shelton fights back. Backdrop on Conway, and inverted backbreaker gets 2. Double team gets 2 for Grenier, thanks to Conway. The two fight over the pin, and Conway rolls up Grenier for a quick 2. Sylvain gets angry, but Conway clotheslines him out, and gets the same treatment from Benjamin. Top rope lariat gets 2 for Shelton thanks to Grenier. Sylvain gets an inverted DDT for 2, thanks to Conway. Conway gets a swinging neckbreaker on Grenier for 2. Shelton runs back in with a splash on Conway, a dragon whip on Grenier, and a T-bone suplex on Sylvain for 3!

Commercial break.

Highlight Reel time, and the Albertians love Y2J. Jericho makes an announcement that he will get the first interview from the first person traded from Smackdown!. He introduces his guests tonight: Kane and Lita. Kane comes out first, and gets accused of having malfunctioned equipment. Y2J taunts Kane some more, until Edge pops up on the tron. He rubs some salt in Kane’s wounds, and mentions that Lita won’t be going out to the ring with him. So, she’s in the locker-room with Edge. Lita gets all personal, announcing that she’s filed for divorce, and flushes her ring down the toilet.

Commercial break.

Bischoff comes out to the announce table with a mic in his hand. He reminds everybody of his business at One Night Stand, and says that tonight he will out-ECW ECW on his own show. As a matter of fact, Edge is one of his generals.

Edge(5-2) vs. Chris Benoit(3-3) – Tables match
Eric is doing commentary. Big pop for Benoit. The two tie up, and the fans chant “we want tables”. Benoit gets a snap suplex and is in control of the match. Edge reverses a whip however, and goes out to get a table. Benoit suicide dives him however, and we take a:

Commercial break.

We’re back with Edge in control. Benoit dodges a dropkick and goes for the Sharpshooter to a big reaction, but Edge fights out. Edge gets back in control and goes out to get the table, but Benoit baseball slides it in his face! Benoit almost sets the table up on the outside, but stops to pull Edge’s legs through the ropes. Ow. Benoit finishes setting up the table, and tries to german Edge off the apron, but Edge fights out. They fight on the apron for a while, until Benoit vertical suplexes Edge back in. Edge goes up, but Benoit takes him down to the outside again. Chris gets another table, which he sets up in the ring. Benoit looks for a superplex through it, but Lita moves the table. Edge gets the briefcase, but Benoit stops him with the triple germans. Benoit gets another one, and sets Edge up on the table. Benoit goes up, but Lita pushes him down, and Bischoff calls out the troops. Benoit fights them off for a while, but Snitsky(!) stops him, giving Edge the opportunity to powerbomb Benoit through the table!

Commercial break.

They show the footage of HHH beating up Batista AGAIN.

Anyways, HHH is live in the WWE studios. JR asks why he deserves another title shot, to which HHH tells JR to shut up. HHH goes on to says his usual stuff, and promises to get back his WHC.

Commercial break.

Master Lock Challenge
Tonight’s prize winnings are $10,000(American). However, Masters opens up the challenge to anybody in the locker room. Venis accepts, and the WOMEN GO WILD! Chris mentions that his roommate in college had all of Val’s movies. Anyway, Venis goes to sit down, but Masters cheapshots him and hooks on the Master Lock. Venis looks to fight out for a while, but to no luck.

Commercial break.

Christian comes out to the ramp to a nice pop. Christian brings up the Lottery starting next week, and points out that SD! has every ethnicity but Canadian. Crowd eats this up, and Christian introduces the 3 Cs – Charisma, Canada, and Christian.

Commercial break.

Muhammad Hassan(0-1) vs. Batista(4-0)
Dave’s got a new entrance. Nice pop for the big man. Batista takes it to him right away, and clotheslines Daivari on the outside. Back in, Hassan catches Batista with a DDT, and works over the injured head area. Neckbreaker gets 2 for Hassan. Batista fights out of a cobra clutch, and stops Hassan with a clothesline. Muhammad runs into a spinebuster, and Daivari gets taken care of as well. Batista knees the hell out of Hassan, causing the ref to call a DQ.

Afterwards, Batista continues his rage on Hassan and Daivari, and gets in a chair shot on Muhammad. Batista Bombs on Daivari and Hassan end the show.


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