The Sunday HEAT Wave

Welcome to HEAT! Wow, sorry about the delay guys… Memorial weekend was full of surprises and well… surprises. Just got back in and after a quick mid-day nap and a viewing of Star Wars: Episode III, I’m just plugging in the tape to see what I missed on Sunday. And boy do I get more surprises, fair amount of matches and best of all DIVAS galore!!!

Our announcers for the night are Todd Grisham and The Coach along with special ring announcer for the following match Christy Hemme….

Robert Conway vs. Val Venis
We start the match off with a couple of holds going back and forth between both men as Conway wraps up Venis in a back arm lock. Val shoots back with a few hard clotheslines and a knee to the mid- section with a side Russian leg sweep. Lots of offense from Val as he goes for a cover and only gets 2. Getting back up onto his feet, Conway whips Venis to the far left corner to change the momentum as he begins to work on his left arm. Few minutes pass until Val fires back and gets a few takedowns followed by a swing out slam for another 2. Val forces Conway into the ropes to nail a half nelson slam and goes up top only to get chopped down and worked over the left arm once more as Venis suddenly taps out from an arm lock.
Winner: Robert Conway

After a few commercials and ECW promos, we get Maven and Simon Dean who are backstage talking some smack towards the World Tag Team Champions The Hurricane and Rosey. And not to forget… STACY!!!!

Cut over to last Monday where Eric Bischoff is celebrating ECW’s death. Cue intro for Vince as he goes on to tell us the ECW has some financial interest for him. But he can’t really tell us what ECW is really about, no; in fact he needs someone else to do it. Paul Heyman!! And we get one of those special surreal moments in the business as the three mega- powers in wrestling over the past years are all in the ring for the first time. Nice way to pimp the ECW PPV. I just hope the invasion angles coming from RAW and Smackdown doesn’t ruin the specialty of making this a real one night stand reunion of ECW! ECW! ECW!

Maven w/ Simon Dean vs. Hurricane w/ Rosey and Stacy!
I just got to say, the super hero gig may be a little lame on how their trying to pull off that Stacy isn’t really ‘Stacy’ on ringside, but she looks extremely HOT in the superhero costume. Can anyone out there get me a picture of that!? Well any way onto the match, Hurricane is in complete control of the match as he takes down Maven with a few arm drags and a huge uppercut. Trying to go up top doesn’t go anywhere as Maven bails out before Hurricane can pull off a move and cuts him down and delivers a neck breaker for 2. Hurricane fights back up but is stopped as Maven hits a dropkick and a cheap shot from Simon outside for another 2. Stacy pumps up the crowd as Hurricane finally gets some offense in as both men go back and forth until Hurricane hits a flying body drop for 2. Up top, Hurricane delivers on both a flying neck breaker and a shining wizard for yet another close fall on 2! A few outside action occurs as Rosey hits a clothesline on Dean and Stacy slaps Maven, allowing Hurricane to hit the Eye of the Hurricane for the win!!
Winner: The Hurricane

Back from commercial, we get a video package of Edge vs. Batista last Monday. Complete with the inevitable Flair turn and HHH comeback. Wow, HHH the ‘walking- off’ only lasted for a week, what a shocker. I’m surprised he didn’t comeback sooner and announce all of this over HEAT as well. So much for Edge taking the top heel spotlight for a while.

Texas Tornado Tag Team Match: William Regal & Tajiri vs. The Heartthrobs
And for all of us lucky HEAT viewers we get eye candy in the form of Candice Michelle as our special ring announcer for the main event. And thanks to The Coach who wraps it up nicely for me “She looks better than she sounds.” She’s got that annoying nails on the chalkboard voice, but I have to say she has to be one of the top looking Divas on RAW right now. I definitely give her a higher number than Christy. But onto the match as Regal and Tajiri are in the drivers seat pouring it onto HT. Both men get tangled up in the corners as Antonio is used as a human ram that gets charges straight into Romeo’s man hood. Another double team move is executed as Regal and Tajiri clear the ring as we head into a commercial.

As we come back from the break, the tables have definitely turned as HT is not in charge of the match constantly double teaming each member. This knocks out Tajiri from the ring as Antonio and Romeo began to work on and wear down Regal. Each time Tajiri tries to make his way back in, HT knock him out which goes on for about three times. Jeeze after the second, you think you’d have to find another way in, don’t you? At last, Regal makes enough commotion to get Tajiri back in, but as he does, Regal gets tossed out himself. Tajiri fires in a few shots until he’s finally double-teamed and hit with the Heart attack, gaining the pin for HT.
Winner: The Heartthrobs.

Heat Wave of the Night: Very, very busy show from the HEAT crew tonight as we get in three decent matches. From bottom up, Val and Conway to HT vs. Regal/Tajiri. I don’t know, it could be just me, but I’m not too hung up on HT just yet. They need to find more of a swing to their gimmick, if not their just another rehash. So the Wave of the Night goes to: Hurricane vs. Maven. Nice match, and well developed ending as Hurricane gets the hot pin after the shining wizard. And of course Stacy was there! It may be a small gimmick, but she does give that something more to that team and a very good manger to help them stay afloat in a week tag team division right now as champs. Oh and before I forget, a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Candace, sorry I was late. Well that does it for me, I’m out… I still have a lot of sleeping to catch up on. So here’s awaiting the next holiday weekend, Peace!

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