In Perspective: Make Me Give A Damn

The show that matters right now is Christian and he occupies the segment before the main event which hopefully is a sign of confidence in the man with the Three Cs. Considering his promo was mostly shots at John Cena and no matter what show Christian is on, he will be a check in the positive column. Granted Captain Charisma was in his home country of Canada, however the “peeps” signs are more abundant everywhere. Christian is going to be the break out star, if he is pushed correctly this year. His promos aren’t run of the mill, but he has charisma similar to the Rock. The sad thing about Christian moving to Smackdown would be is who will pick on Maria then?

Kudos for RAW for turning Victoria heel. I don’t know what glass dome WWE writers reside in, but fans are sick of the overpopulation of divas who have not earned their way up and Victoria said everything fans are thinking right now. It’s ashame they can’t cancel the Diva Search and use that money, I don’t know, foreign concept, to people working their way up in the business! Candice is beautiful, but she serves no purpose. She, and I don’t mean to single her out personally, but she among others, do nothing to benefit the show. Victoria as a face is pretty boring stuff, but viva la psycho bitch!

It’s nice the WWE makes a half ass effort to push new talent however it’s a wonder Vince ever made a superstar since he’s having difficulty keeping things from being predictable and stale (I called Victoria’s turn at the beginning of the segment, long before showing her obvious disdain after Christy was announced the winner). I encourage Vince to give us fresh faces but you can’t without their voices. These guys have no meaning and are a techno borderline homosexual version of Too Cool despite Lawler piping in that they hit on girls backstage? The tag team division has no meaning and hasn’t had meaning in at least ten years. Give us a reason to give a damn.

Then there is the minor problem of giving us storyline fans aren’t invested in. Teasing the “rivalry” breakup of Rob Conway and Slyvain Greiner, and throwing them as something to do for Shelton Benjamin as busy work, is ridiculous. Vince isn’t going to put a strap on either of those gentlemen. What happened to the competitive feud with Benjamin and Chris Jericho? Jericho’s priority is being a version of Rowdy Roddy Piper and Piper’s Pit now? If Jericho’s not the opponent (so much for storyline consistency) – I think Benjamin should get an opponent from Smackdown such as Billy Kidman or former tag team partner Charlie Haas.

Kane may just be the most in-depth character on RAW, but it is borderline too soft even for a guy going through a breakup of someone he loved. He takes Jericho’s heat and doesn’t get pissed (and take out aggression) that Lita flushed her ring down the toilet. By the way, Lita’s fourth grader in the bedroom comment, let’s hope she didn’t come up with that brainchild. This Kane is like the Kane, Stone Cold Steve Austin asked to get his fire/intensity back years ago. It’s easy to forget Lita was forced to have sex and marry Kane when people chant “You Screwed Matt” and see Edge and Lita make out far too often in one show, much less the half a hour block from last night. Someone’s sick on the WWE staff to get off on it, to have them make out that often. On a complete personal note, Adam Copeland is not that attractive, even in the old Goth way.

WWE apparently won’t address that Lita was apart of ECW as Miss Congeniality. Little details like that, huh? WWE owns the history of so much of wrestling’s past, yet doesn’t tap into that wealth of potential (much less research storylines). If wrestling wants to become interesting again and break out of a potential slump, bring back feuds from their previous work. Not only does old footage make good DVDs/material for WWE 24/7 (which I still can’t get on DIRECTTV) but consistency creates good feuds!

I really hate what WWE is trying to do on their Monday night shows by giving their version of ECW matches. If their version of ECW is what sells, then they grossly have watered down what ECW stands for and I hope that the ECW talent has more creative liberty at their PPV. I understand from a storyline perspective, Bischoff doesn’t want ECW to succeed; however, the message is still ‘this is WWE’s version of ECW.’ ECW really was about more than hardcore wrestling and breaking tables, it was about creative liberty among their talent. The best hope fans have is Bischoff will get some hardcore treatment, which I’m sure Paul Heyman will thoroughly enjoy. Another problem is, all this is happening while trying to promote/not promote the ECW PPV, yet no one from ECW is running to save one of their past boys (like Benoit). How did Chris Benoit have no friends in the last few months?

Moving on, Hell in the Cell as a dangerous gimmick match is fine but this must be the last Batista versus Triple H match for a while, period. The idea was to get Triple H off programming for someone else to step up and within two weeks he’s back (because we can’t be that lucky) and still has Ric Flair by his side (which is a insult to every Ric Flair fan on the planet). Fans seemd to have tuned out of Triple H promo in the arena so imagine what the rest of the world was doing. The fans are willing to accept and get behind Batista as champion but there is no opportunity for growth if his only main event opponent is Triple H. It was nice seeing The Animal come out of Batista for a out of character DQ in maybe the lamest of ways, not breaking the knee in the corner against Muhammad Hassan? Why not let him drive him through the table with a Batista bomb? It’s going to take more than coloring both Daivari and Muhammad Hassan (who gets to keep his winning streak even on Memorial Day) to show how aggressive Batista can be. I will give Hassan credit though, unlike Chris Masters, he actually wrestles. And that’s putting it in perspective, thank you for reading and you can reach me at

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