[SD] Smackdown Taping Results (Spoilers)



Carlito’s Cabana starts off with Carlito claiming that The Big Show will not be here due to last week’s attack by Matt Morgan. Then the Cabana started with this week’s guest, John Cena. Cena made fun of Matt Morgan, comparing him to Michael Cole. They talked about the draft and how this can be their last night together, therefore Cena announced that he went to Teddy Long earlier today and made a tag team match for tonight. Carlito and Morgan vs Cena and his partner who WILL be here before the night is over, The Big Show.

A backstage vignette is shown where Booker demanded that Sharmell be taken out of the match with Kurt Angle. Long said he couldn’t do that but did change it to a handicap match with Booker and Sharmell against Angle.

In a 15-minute match where the most falls scored wins, Tag Team Champions MNM defeated Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas 2 falls to 1. Mercury pinned Holly to make it 1-0 and it was soon followed by Mercury pinning Haas after Haas was KO’ed after being thrown headfirst onto the ringpost after performing a plancha on Nitro. Haas pinned Mercury to make it 2-1. With 20 seconds left, Holly hit the Alabama Slam on Mercury but Melina ran in and distracted the ref long enough for the time limit to expire.

Kurt Angle hit the ring to taunt Tazz. Angle explained how Tazz disrespected him when Angle appeared on an ECW event in 1996. They showed a clip from ECW Arena where Tazz said to Angle, “you may be a great amature, but I’m a great professional.” Angle told Tazz that WWE made him a superstar, not ECW and invited him to join him and his SmackDown volunteers at ECW One Night Stand.

Angle beat Booker and Sharmell in a handicap match. The end came after a ref bump, Angle nailed Booker with chairshots. As he went to Sharmell, she tried to slap him but he reversed it into a rollup. Angle proceeded to mount on top of her and tried to kiss her but Booker got up and fought him off.

Heidenreich pinned Devon Nicholson (I think that’s what his name was). He did the poem thing and the friend thing …

Backstage vignette with Torrie, Joy, Michelle and Jackie interrupted by Mark Jindrak. They mentioned the draft and Jindrak said that if he stays on SD, he hopes to get new Divas because these ones were old.

JBL vs. Nunzio. JBL bad-mouthed ECW. He said all the brutal type of matches we have now is because of ECW. Talks about how Paul Heyman is a liar and how McMahon hand to lend him money because he is a bad business man. He then bad-mouthed Lance Storm, saying he couldn’t sell out an arena if the tickets and beer were free. He said the only big thing Blue Meanie ever did was marry a porn star. He will not allow ECW to invade his hometown of New York and will join the crusade against ECW. He then asked Nunzio, “Hey Little Guido, how about we make this an ECW rules match.” Nunzio grabbed a kendo stick and hit JBL and his cabinet members until JBL nailed him with a boot. Orlando Jordan and The Bashams held Nunzio as JBL nailed him with a hard kendo stick shot and followed up with a pin.

Booker T is shows backstage with Teddy Long, blaming him for what happened to Sharmell. Booker wants Angle next week in one of any two ways: legal or illegal. Long tells Booker that if he isn’t drafted to RAW this Monday, he will have his match.

In the main event, John Cena and The Big Show beat Carlito and Matt Morgan. Show had his ribs and shoulder taped up. Cena hit the FU on Carlito for the pin. Cena then proceeded to celebrate in the crowd as the show went off the air.


As Cena made his way back to the stage area, JBL and Orlando Jordan attacked him, leading to a handicap match. Cena pinned JBL after an FU.

Credit: Peter Tavares and WrestlingObserver.com

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