[WWE] Flair, Rey Jr. and HBK notes


It’s being reported on PWInsider.com that Ric Flair was at RAW this week, but left before taping began. There are two rumors about this, one being personal reasons and the other being that he wasn’t needed for the show. It was advertised that after the taping, he was to join HHH in a handicapped match against Batista, but the match never happened. The WWE has advertised post show matches and not delivered on them in the past, so that might not be as notable as you may think. He was also previously advertised on the weekend house shows, but is no longer. the card is subject to change, but this coincdence just might be related.

You won’t be seeing Rey Jr. wrestle on Smackdown! this week as a precautionary measure. Over the weekend he suffered what is thought to be a sprained ankle at a house show. It’s doubtful this will keep him from any real action in the future.

We haven’t seen Shawn Michaels on RAW recently, and it’s because he is taking time to heal his knee. He didn’t get injured, but this is just a wear and tear issue. He’ll be getting some physical therapy, resting up and no doubt spending time with his family before returning to RAW.