InsidePULSE’s WWE Smackdown Report


WWE Smackdown for June 9th, 2005. Taped from Kansas City, Missouri
Report by Brad Jennette, EXCLUSIVELY for

We start off with Smackdown GM Teddy Long in the ring. Teddy claims the entire foundation of Smackdown has been changed forever. Teddy shows the clip from Monday night. Teddy mentions that while it sucks that Cena is no longer on Smackdown, the real problem is that Smackdown is without a champion. The immediately draws out JBL who comes out with a huge toothy grin on his face. JBL says he saw fear and uncertainty in the eyes of the boys backstage because they don’t have a champion. JBL says when he was the longest reigning champion in over a decade, he established himself as a wrestling god and carried this show for over a year. JBL asks Teddy to name him the champion of Smackdown right now. JBL claims Teddy NEEDS JBL as champion of Smackdown. Teddy tells JBL to shut up and listen. Teddy says that no decision will be made on the WWE title until the draft lottery is completed at the end of the month. Teddy says now is the time to introduce the first pick of the draft for the Smackdown brand…… CHRIS BENOIT! Benoit gets a monster pop! JBL gets on the mic and informs Benoit that this is HIS show. Benoit says he has to give JBL credit for doing a lot of things on Smackdown. Benoit says that JBL did something Benoit has never done in his entire life, quit. The crowd starts a “YOU QUIT” chant as Benoit actually gets off a funny line. Benoit questions JBL wanting to be named champion when Benoit is here to FIGHT for it. JBL says Benoit is a true hall of famer, outside of his time in ECW. JBL blasts Balls Mahoney and the rest of the ECW crew. JBL gets an awesome dig in on Kansas City comparing Benoit in ECW to Joe Montana playing for the Kansas City Chiefs. JBL warns Benoit not to be involved with the ECW crew this weekend because it will be the worst decision of his life. Benoit says he doesn’t like people who dress up in coats and ties and beg for things. Benoit says they should decide who the better man is right here in this ring TONIGHT. JBL says the new guy doesn’t make the matches. Teddy says Smackdown is all about the people and tonight it will be CHRIS BENOIT V. JBL. JBL and Benoit jaw at each other some and JBL tries a cheapshot lariat. Benoit ducks! GERMAN! Benoit looks to lock in the crossface, but JBL bails out of the ring. JBL backs off as Benoit smiles to end a great first segment.

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Carlito v. Charlie Haas
Matt Morgan and Hardcore Holly are both at ringside. Carlito gets a quick boot to the gut and grabs a headlock. Haas rolls out and shoulderblocks Carlito down. Haas gets a big hiptoss and follows it with an armdrag. Haas sends Carlito into the corner shoulder first, then hits a nice shoulderbreaker. Haas drops a knee on the shoulder then slams Carlito head into the turnbuckle twice. He tries it again and Carlito counters it. Carlito sends Haas down with a stiff shot. Carlito slaps on a front facelock, but Haas breaks it and lands a nice standing dropkick. Haas hits a stinger splash and follows it with a Chief Jay Strongbow knee lift. Haas hits a big sunset flip, but Carlito pokes him in eyes. Morgan jumps on the apron, but Haas pushes Carlito into Morgan and that knocks him down. Haas then goes insane and jumps OVER the top rope onto Morgan. Haas really landed nasty on that one. Haas gets back in the ring, but Carlito quickly rolls him up with the tights for a cheap win.
Winner – Carlito

After the match, Morgan gives Haas an F5 and the heels bail just before Holly can make the save.

Raw Rebound: ECW taking over Raw.

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Backstage, Heidenreich and Benoit talk it up as Eddy walks up. Eddy says he didn’t expect to see Benoit here on Smackdown. Eddy says that its great they are back together. Eddy says the last time they were together was Wrestlemania 20 when Eddy was the WWE champion and Benoit was the world heavyweight champion. Eddy says it would be a honor if the board of directors made the match for the Smackdown title between those two because Eddy considers Benoit his “close friend”. Benoit says he would rather face the guy Eddy just can’t seem to beat, Rey Mysterio. Benoit says he will see Eddy at One Night Stand.

Some announcer guy interviews Kurt Angle. Angle admits he is obsessed with Sharmell. Angle says it felt so good last week to finally get to touch and hold Sharmell last week. Angle says last week that Sharmell clutched onto Angle and wouldn’t let him go last week. Angle says he looked deep into Sharmell’s eyes and that there was a chemistry there. Angle says tonight against Booker T, to the victor goes the spoils. Angle says after he makes Booker tap out, his wife will come home to daddy.

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Paul London v. Akio
This is non-title. London grabs a quick headlock and then gets a few armdrags. Akio comes right back with a backflip kick. London comes back with a back elbow smash of his own. Eddy’s music hits out of the blue and Eddy walks out to the ring menacingly. Akio attacks London from behind and beats him down as Eddy casually grabs a microphone and walks into the ring. Eddy gets on the mic and says he has something to get off his chest. London dropkicks Akio into Eddy, so Eddy decides to throw Akio into the post.
Winner – No Contest

London attacks Eddy from behind so Eddy dumps him through the middle rope. Eddy starts his promo again, so Eddy dumps him through the middle rope again. Eddy tries to start his promo one last time and London attacks again. This time Eddy throws London over the top rope and London takes the sick HBK bump right onto the flat of his back. Eddy says London is a prime example of the disrespect that Eddy has been recieving recently. Eddy says Rey Mysterio has not forgotten being wheeled out by the EMT’s as he listened to the screams of the fans wondering if he was going to be alive or not. Eddy says he KNOWS Rey hasn’t forgotten how it felt when Eddy wrapped a steal chair around his head at Judgement Day. Eddy tells Rey to remember the promise he made to him because Eddy NEVER makes a promise he can’t keep. Eddy simply drops the mic and walks off. God, I love heel Eddy.

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Kurt Angle v. Booker T.M
Angle gets on the mic and asks Booker T where he stands. WWE,the company that pays your checks or ECW, your foolish pride. Tazz doesn’t answer him. They lockup and Booker quickly backs Angle into a corner and breaks at 4. Angle grabs a headlock and then gets a shoulderblock. Booker comes back with a hiptoss and an armdrag. Booker slaps on an armbar, but Angle breaks with a hairpull. Angle drives Booker T down by the shoulder looking to hyperextend it. Booker powers his way back to his feet and breaks the armbar. Booker hits a big clothesline then starts chopping away in the corner. Booker T hotshots Angle on the top rope and then SCISSOR KICKS HIM TO THE FLOOR from the apron. Cool spot. Booker rolls Angle into the ring, but Angle comes back with a boot to the gut. Angle takes Booker to the corner and unleashes the European uppercuts. Angle starts unleashing right hands in the corner, but Booker fires back. Booker hits a nice chop the chest, then a wheel kick to the chin. Instead of opting for the cover, Booker mounts Angle and starts pounding him with right hands. Booker lands two more hard chops. Booker charges Angle in the corner, but Angle dodges it and lands a release GERMAN. Angle takes control and lands a Muay Thai knee to the face. Angle hits a backbreaker for 2. Angle starts to work over the back with some stomps. Angle chokes Booker on the ropes and breaks at 4. Angle hits back suplex for a close 2 count. Angle locks on a body scissors and just rips at the face. Booker struggles, but fights to his feet and slugs his way out. Booker charges Angle, but Angle catches him with a picture perfect overhead belly to belly suplex. Angle stalks Booker and charges him, but Booker ducks and sends Angle over the top rope with a back body drop. This buys Booker T so much needed recovery time as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial break.

We come back with Booker countering a waistlock with a Stone Cold stunner. Booker lands a couple of nice chops and then a flying forearm. Booker hits a pair of lariats and follows it up with a nice standing suplex. Booker looks for a scissors kick, but Angle akwardly moves and the move doesn’t get attempted. Booker counters the Angle Slam with the Bookend for 2. Angle counters to the ROLLING GERMANS! ONE! TWO! Booker counters to a rollup for nearfall! Angle comes right back with the Angle Slam. Angle locks in the ankle lock, but Booker rolls out of it and hits a spinebuster. Booker does a SPINAROONIE and then hits the scissors kick for the 1…2…KICKOUT! Booker is in disbelief as Angle comes right back AGAIN with the ankle lock. Booker fights for the ropes, but Angle drags him back to the center of the ring. Booker finally makes the ropes, but Angle just slaps the ankle lock right back on. Booker rolls it over and kicks Angle into the referee. Angle chases Sharmell for a second, then goes right for a steel chair. Angle blasts Booker in the ankle with the chair, then loads up for another shot. Booker avoids this one and Angle bounces the chair off the top rope and hits himself in the face. Booker hits a scissors kick out of the corner for the 1-2-3!
Winner – Booker T.

Angle freaks out and throws the chair on the ground as Booker T escapes the ringside area with his wife safely in tow.

Commercial break.

After the break, Angle is sitting in the corner with a glazed over look in his eyes. They replay what happened moments ago with Booker T picking up the victory over Angle. Angle slowly slides himself outside of the ring and grabs a steel chair and a microphone. Angle gets in Tazz’s face and says he told him he would give him until the end of the night for an answer. Angle says he changed his mind and that he wants his answer right now. Tazz stands up and takes off his glasses and headset. Angle says Tazz better give him the answer he wants or else Angle isn’t going to leave the announcer table until he does. Angle pops a squat right next to Tazz, blocking his exit from the announcer table. Tazz stares a hole through Angle who refuses to make eye contract with Angle. Angle then says, if Tazz doesn’t want to give him an answer, that he’s out of here. Angle starts to leave, but then he turns around and BLASTS Tazz in the face with a stiff microphone shot. Angle then cracks Tazz in the skull with the chair. Angle gets back on the mic and says he just made up Tazz’s mind for him. Angle says at One Night Stand, that he, JBL and the cabinet, and Bischoff’s crusaders are going to take out ECW once and for all just like Angle just took Tazz out. Tazz has a nice bladejob going for an announcer. Medics come out to tend to Tazz, but he stands up under his own power and refuses to let them help him to the back. Tazz tries to make his way to the back under his own power, but he falls down and the medics help him.

Commercial break.

Heidenreich v. Jobber
Heidenreich gets on the mic, tells a poem, finds and friend, then squashes the Jobber, finishing him off with the Boss Man Slam.
Winner – Heidenreich

Raw Rebound 2: HHH and Batista’s contract signing. They are going to hell ya know.

Tony Chimmel gets on the mic and informs us that Paul Heyman is YOUR guest color commentator for tonight main event. Heyman comes out with the Dudleyz, Rhyno, Sandman (w/cigarette in tow), and Tommy Dreamer as reenforcements to protect Heyman.

Chris Benoit v. JBL
Benoit gives the ECW crew fist pounds as he enters the ring. JBL comes out in the longhorn limo with his Chief of Staff Orlando Jordan. Heyman claims JBL tried to get into ECW in 1995, 1996, and 1997 and was turned down. JBL sends Orlando Jordan backstage and he quickly returns with JBL’s co-secretaries of defense The Bashams to even the odds. JBL cheapshots Benoit in the corner, so Benoit quickly chops the shit out of him. Benoit gets JBL in the corner and goes to town with right hands and chops. JBL very stupidly tries to get into a chop contest with Benoit, a contest he loses badly. Benoit hits a snap suplex and looks for the Sharpshooter. JBL pushes him off, but Benoit comes right back and tries it again. Again, JBL breaks it and comes back with a big boot to the face. JBL taunts the ECW faithful daring them to “come to New York”. JBL tries the cigarette powerbomb, but Benoit counters it to the Sharpshooter! The Bashams get on the apron, so Benoit breaks the hold to knock them off the apron. Benoit goes back to the Sharpshooter, but Orlando gets on the apron this time. Benoit tries to attack Orlando, but Orlando bails at the last second. JBL attacks Benoit from behind and dumps him to the outside as Carlito and Matt Morgan stroll to the ring. Tension rise as we take a commercial break.

Commercial break.

We come back with JBL choking out Benoit on the ropes. JBL pounds away on Benoit in the corner. JBL whips Benoit into the ropes and Benoit does the Bret bump complete with convusion selljob. Benoit counters a slam to a pin attempt and he gets a quick 2 out of it. JBL locks on a sleeper hold and Benoit’s arm falls once…. twice…. babyface comeback! Benoit counters with a back suplex and both men are down. Both men get up at the same time and Benoit just takes it to JBL with chops. Benoit with a GERMAN, GERMAN, GERMAN! Triple germans! Benoit slashes the throat as Kurt Angle walks to the ring. Benoit climbs and hits the swandive headbutt for 1…2… kickout! Benoit goes to the crossface and Angle immediately jumps in and causes a DQ. All hell breaks loose as both sides enter the ring. JBL eats a GORE GORE GORE! Dreamer hits the DVD on Carlito! The Dudleyz crush Orlando with a 3D! Doug Bashman eats a cane shot from Sandman! BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! Tazz comes out as Kurt Angle shits a brick. Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney are with him! Tazz’s head it taped up. Angle bails. Tazz chokes Danny Basham with the Tazzmission! Rotten hits Matt Morgan with a chair….. right into another chairshot by Balls! ECW cleans house! ECW celebrates on the top rope with Tazz in tow as we get one final shill for One Night Stand.
Winner – No Contest

End of Show.