[ECW] Hardcore Homecoming Results

Tod Gordon is introduced by the ring announcer to start the show. Tod comes down to the ring teary eyed. He says that he is glad to be here and he can’t believe that people still care. Joey Styles and Cyrus come out and both are teary eyed. Out comes Joel Gertner who talks about the things he loves…himself and women. Cyrus and Gertner get into an argument followed by a brawl.

The crowd is hot for Hardcore Homecoming.

Mikey Whipwreck & Chris Chetti defeat Simon Diamond & CW Anderson: “ECW” Chants all throughout this back and forth match.

Tracy Smothers defeated Blue Meanie: Smothers challenges Meanie to a dance off after Meanie and the Ref double team Smothers. Smothers attacks Meanie while he’s dancing. J.T. Smith, who is in Smothers corner, hits Meanie with brass knuckles and Smothers covered for the win.

Pitbull Gary Wolfe, Johnny Grunge, & Tammy Sytch come out and talked about everyone that had passed away in the past 4 years. Doring & Roadkill interupted and a brawl erupts. Doring & Roadkill are in control until 911 comes out to make the save. Grunge hits an elbow drop through a table on Roadkill. 911 then chokeslams Roadkill. Sytch, Wolfe, Grunge, and 911 celebrate.

2 Cold Scorpio defeated Kid Kash: Crowd chanted “F*ck TNA” as Kash entered. Scorpio was in great shape and looked like he should wrestle on a week to week basis. Really fast paced match.

Kronus came out but was attacked by Ian & Axl Rotten. The beating continued until New Jack came out to make the save. New Jack his usual scaffold spot. After Kronus and Jack cleaned house, New Jack cut a promo on “One Night Stand.”

Jerry Lynn defeated Justin Credible: This was probably the match of the night. Jason tried to help Credible but Jazz came out and prevented that. Lynn hit the cradle piledriver for the win.

Raven defeated Sandman: This match was an ECW brawl to the extreme. Sandman had the upper hand until Mikey Whipwreck came out. He hit the Whippersnapper on Sandman and Raven covered for the win.

Sabu defeated Shane Douglas & Terry Funk in a 3-Way Dance: They tried to turn this into a barbed wire match but the State Commission came out and wouldn’t allow it. They had to bring out covered barbed wire to please the state. Crowd is not happy about that. This was your typical barbed wire match. The lights went out and when they came on Cactus Jack was in the ring. He pulled out Mr. Socko and the crowd booed him out of the building. He covered Socko in barbed wire but the crowd is still upset. Funk rolled up Douglas and Cactus counted the fall. Sabu won with a chair leg drop.

Credit: WrestlingObserver.Com, PWInsider.Com, 1Wrestling.Com


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