The Sunday HEAT Wave


EC F’n W!

Welcome to the “Extreme” HEAT edition, as I get to introduce the pre-show for tonight’s ECW “One Night Stand” PPV airing tonight. I have to say, I’m extremely (no pun intended) hyped for this PPV. Just great to be in some form or the other to be writing an ECW review. But anyway, enough of me blabbering on as the show’s a starting with our announcers for tonight, Michael Cole and The Coach, who by the way is wearing an ECW jersey that’s crossed out. Just to play off the crowd a bit and to remind us all that he’s part of the RAW clean up crew, he bad mouths the PPV and the fans who came. Which prompts up a very funny “Shut the f*ck up!” chant towards The Coach from the fans who are standing by as they make their way in. Also a great look too where they set up both announcers, as we get a true- sort of old school ECW feeling here in the small hallway of the ballroom.

Video review of the ECW funeral that Eric Bischoff had planned a few weeks ago on RAW on he was going to finally kill ECW once and for all. However, Vince McMahon struts his way down to the ring and talks about how he has a big interest in the well being of ECW. Also stating how this could be not only a one night stand, but more of a ‘resurrection’ of sorts, hmm, I’m intrigued. And also introduces Paul Heyman, marking this the first time that these three men have ever been in the ring at the same time.

Coach still rags on the fans as we come back from our first commercial. And we quickly go to a cut preview of “The Rise and Fall of ECW” DVD. By the way if you loved ECW or just a wrestling fan in general and haven’t checked this DVD out… go out and get it now! Rent it, buy it, just watch it… its one of the best WWE documentary videos that they have ever put out, and they really do a great job of showcasing ECW in the proper way. Plus narrated by ECW people too, in which they tell about some of their greatest highlights in the vid as they are showing now. And if you get the DVD, you’re even treated to a few added special matches of vintage ECW. Bottom line, “Five Star(s)” up!

Last Monday flashback of the ECW RAW Invasion. This was a great show as we got a really shocking draft pick of John Cena, and to top of the show, the true ECW invasion of bouncing out Team RAW. Just wondering, was it just me or is anyone else getting really annoyed by Lawler? I mean, REALLY annoyed? He made himself sound like an idiot when the camera had cut over to Heyman and the Dudleys walking to the ring from backstage as he kept on yelling and laughing how they were ‘leaving’ the building when they were clearly coming in. Especially when they had showed that exact same backstage shots a few minutes earlier. But hey… just a minor gripe, sorry.

And back from the break, just who I just finished talking about; we get a clip of Cena joining RAW along with the WWE Title. That whole segment past Monday… John Cena + Christian + Chris Jericho = RAW television goodness! Oh and a vid recap of Batista vs. HHH III Hell in a Cell, yawn. This feud is getting old and stale really fast so this better be the end of it with either the winner or both getting shipped over to Smackdown along with the World Title.

Oct. 26, 1996 ECW: First ever face-off between Tazz and Kurt Angle inside a wrestling ring.
Then cut over to last Thursday; Smackdown review of the Angle beat down on Tazz, who gets busted open really good. And if you notice, my what nine years does to you. Back then, both Tazz and Angle were pretty thin. Now they both have bigger body statures, but for different reasons.

We come back to the highlight of this past week ECW Invasion on Smackdown during the Chris Benoit and JBL match with Paul Heyman on announcing duties. Along with a GORE, GORE, GORE!!! With the usual ECW mayhem to destroy Team Smackdown. And for the second time this past week ECW stands tall in the ring as they close the show and as we close this show too.

Heat Wave of the Night: Gonna make this short and simple folks, with three letters… ECW! ECW! ECW! ‘Nuff said. Catch you all next week, and if you get the PPV, enjoy. This may or may not be the final curtain call for ECW, so take it all up while it last. But hopefully it isn’t, because if it’s always this exciting to watch, then count me in every time. Peace!