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Welcome back to ringside everyone. I hope everyone has got ECW out of their system and is ready for TNA’s 3rd Year Anniversary.

Blast From The Impact! Past

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Ok, this is the final week for a Top 5 list as the Anniversary for TNA will be over after this Sunday. So, I have saved the best list for last.

Top 5 Reasons…You Should Rent Slammiversary

That’s right, I’m here to tell you why you should shell out 30 bucks for a PPV that has had little build. Here we go.

5. Samoa Joe: Samoa Joe signed with TNA this past week and will face Sonjay Dutt at the PPV. Personally, I’ve only seen one Samoa Joe match, and that was against CM Punk in what I thought was a classic. Other than that, I’ve only read about matches that Samoa Joe has put on. This Sunday, TNA gives me a shot to see Samoa Joe once again. I figure if he puts out half of what he put out against CM Punk, then this match should be very good. I read that Joe was very good in the ring, hell he held the ROH World Title for 21 months so he has to be something special. Reading is one thing, getting to seem him is another.

4. The Return of Red and Shelley: I was always a big fan of Alex Shelley, so when TNA released him, I was pretty upset. Shelley returns to TNA at the PPV to face an opponent to be named later. My thoughts are the same about Amazing Red, sad when released, happy he’s back. It would be real cool if Shelley faced Red at the PPV, that would be a great way to re-debut both men and put on what should be a great match at the same time. I guess that’s not going to happen though as I have learned that Shelley will face Shocker at the PPV. That should still be a good match.

3. The X-Division: Slammiversary marks the first time that TNA puts on a 3 Way X Division match without a gimmick in their 3 Hour PPV history. They sure put some great people in the ring for this match. Daniels vs. Sabin vs. Shane could take Match of the Night honors. You know you’re getting atleast a *** match out of each man every time they step in the ring. HAIL SABIN! Bitches. Now, they’ve also added a 6 Way X Division shoot out featuring: Skipper, Shark Boy, Red, Deliriuos, Clark, and Gowan. I just pray, Gowan hits his dropkick and moonsault, then is out.

2. The Main Event: I never saw the first King of the Mountain. I know Jarrett won and that started his 11 month title reign. I really don’t care how dumb the match is (I hear it’s complicated), all I need to know is that AJ Styles is in the match. AJ only puts on a show so I expect the same from him this Sunday. There’s a 90% chance AJ will retain the title (I always leave a little margin for surprise.) I honestly don’t care. Wrestling can be predictable, yet we still pay money for the PPVs if we think it will be a good show. AJ 9/10 puts on a good show.

1. Surprise! Surprise!: There have already been some shocks the past week for TNA. Samoa Joe signed, Red and Shelley will return, and Shark Boy sued Disney. I received an e-mail this past week saying TNA will announce a new TV deal at the PPV. The person who sent this to me is a good source who got the info from a reliable source. It’s only a rumor, but it would be a surprise if it happened. I expect at least one pretty big surprise from TNA this Sunday.

There you have it, 5 reasons you should pay 30 dollars for Slammiversary this Sunday. Go, right now, press the buy button on your TV remote, call your cable company and order it, just rent the TNA PPV, help them survive, and make me happy.

The E-Mail Bag

1 e-mail this week, man I’m popular.

Enjoy the column man. I think whether you love or loathe TNA, you have to admit that at least them being a major contender would create competition again and perhaps the “E” might step their game back up a notch. Who knows. I wanted to write though about your Top 5 dream matches. The War Games match… I can’t see Jericho/Guererro/Angle/Michaels fitting too well with the TNA crew. Wouldn’t it be better served to put in, say, Rey Mysterio (arguably the best high flier EVER), Paul London (still can vividly hear “Please don’t die!” chants from RoH DVD), Shelton Benjamin (most underrated wrestler out there, he’s brilliant), and RVD? Let the TNA gymnasts have a go with the WWE guys that can match their atheletic ability. Throw in a ladder or two for good measure and I think you’d have some spots that would be darn near groundbreaking.

Let’s just all hope now TNA finds a new home for their programming, so you can keep going with the column and the Monopoly in CT can come to an end.


First off, cool name. Mysterio, Benjamin, London, and RVD may be a better combo against the TNA guys I picked. I just happen to like Jericho and Company much better and I could’nt leave them off the card. Maybe I should have done a Top 10. I probably would have put RVD instead of Michaels but the fact is, I hadn’t seen RVD on TV up until One Night Stand. Jericho, Guererro, Angle, and Michaels can all fly around a bit themselves. Thanks for the e-mail.

The C-Cup
Same as last week, a hopefully long list will be up in next weeks column.

*Slammiversary Special: TNA is coming up on their 3rd year Anniversary so give me your favorite moment in their existence. Send in your moment with your plug.

Next week, I THINK Campbell and I are getting together and doing a joint column. I will check with him on that. Drop me a line at and join me next time, At Ringside.