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Man…Cena’s hair looks terrible.

Comment by Luke Stough – 6/20/2005 @ 8:36 pm


I don’t really get what they’ve been doing with Jericho. The last couple weeks it’s been this slow burn where he’s aggravating the fans by being more concerned with his band and other promotions than his in ring efforts, now all of the sudden he’s obsessed with getting the championship from Cena? The one that has been on the same show as him for three weeks? I don’t need all-out continuity in my sportz entertainment, but a little consistency in carrying out an angle isn’t too much to ask for.

You could shine your shoes with Cena’s hair.

Comment by Jharv – 6/20/2005 @ 8:47 pm


I think you missed one of the best backstage interviews in forever. Grisham asked him why he’s suddenly obsessed with the title, after weeks of saying wrestling wasn’t his priority: he saw an opportunity, went for it, and has his hunger back. Plus, he made a great point that’s VERY in line with his current character: Cena’s album is selling well, he’s in a movie, his merch is going like wildfire … and why? BECAUSE he’s champ. The belt is the means to an end – more mainstream crossover success – rather than the end-all, be-all. I LOVE it, and Jericho’s ‘new’ character finally came through today. Great interview, and while I don’t think he’ll win the WWE Title, I do feel he’ll end up on Smackdown now, reinvigorated, and part of a roster that has Eddie, Benoit, and a bunch of young workers that can really benefit from Jericho being around.

Comment by Matthew Michael – 6/20/2005 @ 9:13 pm

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