[TNA] iMPACT! Spoilers for the Next Month


TNA iMPACT! spoilers for the next four weeks, acccording to PWInsider.com and Richard Trionfo (these episodes will air on www.TNAWrestling.com):

*Michael Shane pinned James Storm after Alex Shelley interfered. Tracy Brooks and Chris Harris were sent to the back during the match.

*Shark Boy pinned David Young with a rollup.

*Samoa Joe defeated Delirious with a choke.

*TNA X-Division champion Christopher Daniels forced Elix Skipper to tap out with a Koji Klutch.

*NWA champion Raven cut a promo inside the ring. The returning Jim Mitchell came out and they go back and forth. Abyss attacks Raven and is now managed by Mitchell.

*Sean Waltman pinned Sonjay Dutt with the X-Factor.

*Lance Hoyt pinned Eric Young with a big boot. Team Canada attacked Hoyt and the Naturals (no Jimmy Hart) made the save.

*Abyss pinned Sonny Siaki (with Apollo). Raven attacked Abyss.

*They announced the main event for the No Surrender PPV on 7/17 will be NWA champion Raven vs. Abyss in a double dog collar match, no surrender, must be a winner.

*America’s Most Wanted defeated Simon Diamond & Tryan. James Storm pinned Diamond with a superkick.

*AJ Styles pinned Alex Shelley with the Styles Clash. Shelley was bleeding from the nose.

*Chris Sabin pinned David Young. Samoa Joe attacked Sabin after the match, to set up a PPV bout for No Surrender.

*Zach Gowan fought Mikey Batts went to a no contest when Jeff Jarrett hit the ring and hit Gowan with a guitar.

*Samoa Joe defeated Elix Skipper and Shark Boy in a Three-Way when Joe choked out Shark Boy.

*NWA Tag Team champions The Naturals and Lance Hoyt defeated Team Canada when Hoyt pinned Bobby Rude.

*Petey Williams pinned The Amazing Red with the Canadian Destroyer. Christopher Daniels was at ringside doing commentary and will be defending against Williams at the July PPV.

*Abyss pinned Cassidy Riley. Raven attacked Abyss and they brawled.

*They announced Sean Waltman vs. AJ Styles with Jerry Lynn as the special referee at No Surrender.

*Trytan & Simon Diamond defeated Sonny Siaki & Apollo when Trytan pinned Apollo with a T3.

*The Outlaw and Monty Brown fought Konnan and Ron Killings to a no contest when the referee threw the match out due to excessive brawling. They announced a rematch for the PPV.

*Petey Williams and Eric Young defeated TNA X-Division champion Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe when Williams pinned Daniels. Joe brawled to the back with Sabin.

*Shocker pinned Sonjay Dutt with a rollup.

*A-1 and Bobby Rude defeated AJ Styles and Sean Waltman after Waltman accidentally kicked Styles, setting him up for Rude’s Northern Lariat. Jerry Lynn tried to separate Waltman and Styles as they argued.

This was the final show prior to the 7/22 No Surrender PPV, which will feature:

*NWA champion Raven vs. Abyss – Dog Collar Match, No Surrender, There Must Be A Winner

*AJ Styles vs. Sean Waltman with Jerry Lynn as the special referee

*TNA X-Division champion Christopher Daniels vs. Petey Williams

*Ron Killings & Konnan vs. The Outlaw & Monty Brown

*Chris Sabin vs. Samoa Joe

Credit: PWInsider.com

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