Rasslin Roundtable for RAW Vengeance!


Welcome to the Rasslin’ Roundtable for WWE RAW’s Vengeance! We’re doing things a bit differently this month … as we’ve added a couple of “wild card questions” for our staff to answer, as we try to predict results of a Pay Per View event being held during one of the least predictable times in WWE history, as four more wrestlers will be drafted (and who knows how many will be traded?) in the week following the event!

Here we go…


Widro, InsidePulse BOSS – victoria wins if there is a match
Winner: victoria

Brad Jennette, Smackdown Recapper – I guess with the second Raw Diva search about to go down, they will showcase the winner of the original search and have Christy steal a victory.
Winner: Christy

James Hatton, Columnist/Monday Night Rabble – With Trish apparently waiting in the wings, this match will involve run ins, and a diva getting her ass kicked twice.
Winner: Victoria via DQ

Jed Shaffer, Columnist/Rewriting the Book – Ye Olde Piss-Break Match.
Winner: Not Miss Playboy

Kevin G. Bufton, Columnist/Truth or Consequences – I, for one, don’t hold any particular animosity towards the feisty Ms. Hemme. That being said, if there is any justice whatsoever on God’s green Earth, then Victoria will completely destroy her, annihilating her with the widow’s peak. With Trish out of the way, Victoria is the only legitimate female wrestler on the roster (let’s face it, Lita doesn’t count), so she should get an easy victory here, leading to a SummerSlam rematch, where Christy gets her revenge.
Winner: Victoria

Vin Tastic, Columnist/Alternate Reality – The only way the feud can mean anything, and the only way to continue Victoria’s journey to the dark side, is for Christy to come out with a win somehow. Not sure how she can defeat the Queen; perhaps with some assistance?
Winner: Christy

Jeremy Lambert, Columnist/TNA at Ringside – This match might not even happen, so who cares right? Give Hurricane and Rosey a match and move on.
Winner: Diva Search Winner

Bambi Weavil, Columnist/In Perspective – This should be a short match as Christy explodes on Victoria but Victoria will eat her prey with a Widow’s Peak.
Winner: Victoria

Gene Lindberg, WWE Byte This! Recapper – I think that Christy Hemme will end up with the win. I personally want Victoria to win, but I guess they’ll put Christy over.
Winner: Christy Hemme

Matthew Michaels, Columnist/Friday Daily Pulse – Victoria will (if she’s there) beat her silly. Let Christy “chase” for a bit.
Winner: Victoria

Dustin Young, Figures Reviewer – Well I think this match is pointless there is no title on the line and I think we all know Victoria is going to have to carry this match, but if they are trying to get Christy over she will have to win here
WINNER: Christy Hemme

Shawn M. Smith, Music Columnist/Stuff I Think and Shouldn’t Say – Why the sweet friggin’ hell are these two fighting? Victoria is Dan Hevia’s goddess and doesn’t deserve to slum it like this. She will, however, destroy Hemme, and maybe even remove her own clothes in the process.
Winner: Victoria


Widro – it wouldn’t be very cool to see shelton regain the title here.
Winner: carlito

Brad Jennette – There is no way they would hotshot the title to Carlito would they? Carlito wins by DQ or nefarious means.
Winner: Carlito

James Hatton – Making the main event scene even MORE questionable, Carlito retains so Shelton can elevate to a feud with Angle.
Winner: Carlito.. and thass cool.

Jed Shaffer – Is it me, or does it seem like they’re just gonna run the same storyline with Carlito they’d intended on doing with the US Title before he got injured? Debuts on a show, wins a title…sounds strangely familiar. I can’t imagine “creative” hotshotting the title to Carlito for 6 days just to give Shelton two IC Title reigns.
Winner: Razor Ramon Lite

Kevin G. Bufton – Hmm…a tricky one this. Shelton is on a roll and is possibly the hottest young talent that the ‘E’ has under contract. However, Carlito is newly drafted and has just won the IC title. In order to protect both guys’ heat, I see Shelton dominating for most of the match, with Carlito sneaking out a win through some good ol’ fashioned heel chicanery…
Winner: Carlito

Vin Tastic – Carlito’s win may have been nothing more than an homage to his US Title victory in his debut on SmackDown. He’s clearly not the number 2 face on Raw. I don’t see him carrying the IC strap for long, but he most likely won’t loose it THIS soon.
Winner: Carlito

Jeremy Lambert – I cant see them taking the belt off of Carlito after a 6 day reign. I would like to see this feud carry over to SummerSlam, that way it will have actual build.
Winner: He’s Cool

Bambi Weavil – This could be the show stealer of the night if Shelton can stay healthy. I expect some good chemistry with these two if they are given a longer than RAW match, with Carlito pulling the victory with something like a school boy, something minimal where he can cheat.
Winner: Carlito

Gene Lindberg – I think that Carlito will retain the title. If they make Carlito drop the belt in under a week…that won’t be cool!
Winner: Carlito

Matthew Michaels – After consultation with a close associate, I’d have to go with Carlito, with help from a NEW body guard (he seems to go through them like title belts): Rob Conway or Chris Masters!
Winner: Carlito

Dustin Young – This should be the best match of the night if Shelton doesn’t flop another top rope plancha, but I don’t see why they would take the title off of shelton in the first place if they just planned on giving it back to him after he held it for ten some odd months lose it then just give it back doesn’t make sence plus i see a WGTT reunion after tomarrow night so Carlito with the coolest win in Vengence history.
WINNER: Carlito

SMS – Oh look, a match to be excited about. No way they spend all this time building the two of these guys up, and then have a squash or clean win.
Winner: Carlito Caribbean Cool (some wonky clusterf*ck will occur)


Widro – i don’t see hbk laying down for ANYONE… twice in a row at least.
Winner: michaels

Brad Jennette – Obviously, Angle is returning the J-O-B from Mania. Shawn Michaels wins this one clean in the match of the night and potentially another MOTYC.
Winner: HBK

James Hatton – Kurt needs the rub here so he can gloat about having beaten Shawn. Easily the match of the night as long as Shawn doesn’t show any rust.
Winner: Angle

Jed Shaffer – A quandary: Angle is new to the show, and a loss would look bad, especially to a guy who’s been absent for a few months. But Shawn is the face and, logically, needs revenge. Oh, what will creative do? Take the easy way out.
Winner: You think he’s cute. You know he ain’t jobbing.

Kevin G. Bufton – Let’s see. This is, of course, the WrestleMania rematch. HBK lost at the biggest event of the year and, if they want to continue this feud then HBK needs the win here. Let Michaels win and then we have it down to one victory apiece and we can top off the feud with a gimmick match at SummerSlam.
Winner: Shawn Michaels

Vin Tastic – Modern WWE logic demands HBK “get his win back” from WM 21. I’m guessing they’ll play that by formula, and allow for an eventual rubber match.
Winner: Shawn Michaels

Jeremy Lambert – The first match was a classic with a lot of build. This match has had almost no build but I expect the same performance from both. HBK has got to get his win back.
Winner: The Showstoppa

Bambi Weavil – This will be good on so many levels. The first match was great and I feel they are going to try top each other and their last match with this opportunity. I’m a winner either way because I love watching their ring work but I expect HBK to tie up their feud with a victory over Angle.
Winner: Shawn Michaels

Gene Lindberg – Since Angle won at Wrestlemania 21, I have to say that HBK will come out with the win.
Winner: Shawn Michaels

Matthew Michaels – Shawn gets his win back here, and they play it up to Michaels/Angle III at Summerslam!
Winner: HBK

Dustin Young – I’m not really looking forward to this match it’s just not as special now the they are on the same show so i’ll make this shhort and sweet. HBK wins to even the score 1-1

SMS – This match won’t top ‘Mania, but HBK will save some face from by avenging the loss when God strikes Kurt dead.
Winner: HBK (by Divine Intervention)


Widro – i’ll go out on a limb and call for a matt hardy return to help kane defeat edge.
Winner: kane

Brad Jennette – Kane will win this one via a quick DQ. Kane either snaps and freaks out on Edge drawing the DQ, or Edge gets himself purposely DQed to be fresh for the post HITC shenenigans.
Winner: Kane

James Hatton – Edge and Lita will have heat forevermore, Kane is the representative of Matt Hardy in this bit, the fans want Matt. Thusly..
Winner: Kane

Jed Shaffer – Wow, you mean it’s only been a year since Edge and Kane fought last on a pay-per-view? So THAT’S what’s been missing from my wrestling diet! Hard to believe this started with Kane (the heel) blackmailing Lita (the face) for sex, isn’t it? Edge has humiliated and shot down Kane at most every turn, so the crowd will be aching to see Edge get his. So, naturally, “creative” will go in the other direction.
Winner: Mr. Feces

Kevin G. Bufton – Come on, does anybody really expect Kane to come out on top for this one? I know I don’t. Whether or not you like the backstage reasons for it (for the record, I couldn’t give two f*cks) Edge is the biggest heel in the company and Good Lord, doesn’t he know it? A victory for Edge, following interference from Lita, with the Money in the Bank suitcase.
Winner: Edge

Vin Tastic – Whatever… If Matt Hardy DOESN’T show up, Vinnie Mac is an idiot.
Winner – Edge

Jeremy Lambert – I think Kane will cry once he sees Edge and Lita make out during their entrance. Then he will bitch about it online and start his own reality show. Sounds too familiar.
Winner: He Speared Lita

Bambi Weavil – Though it seems to be downplayed possibility, I wish Matt Hardy would return – but since that’s not likely since he has a appearance somewhere else – hopefully Kane can gain some “revenge” for being “scorned” and ultimately let Lita take a bump onto a table. I expect the chanting to be in full force, it’s just too bad it can’t be Wrestlemania Goldberg/Brock type of heat on Edge and Lita only. I predict Edge to win only because I expect this to be drawn out even more until Summerslam since that would leave Kane without a feud once this is over unless he’s drafted to Smackdown.
Winner: Kane

Gene Linbderg – It all depends… If Matt Hardy interferes, Kane will win. If Matt Hardy doesn’t interfere, Edge will win.
Winner: All depends on Matt Hardy.

Matthew Michaels – Edge by DQ after Matt Hardy shows up and chases him off, then takes his vengeance out on KANE.
Winner: Edge

Dustin Young – Well I think we all wonder how this match will end or who will come out. I think two interference and 1 pin fall leading into a huge feud not just any feud a tag team feud (I’ll explain Later)
Winner: WWE’s Ratings

SMS – Edge will break his leg. I am calling it here. I just want this angle to go the f*ck away ever so badly.
Winner: Kane (when Edge can’t continue)


Widro – i gotta go with cena, after squashing hassan, neither of the other guys should be champ. i could see jericho winning if its part of a jump scenario.
Winner: cena

Brad Jennette – Cena’s push is safe. Cena will retain and hopefully avoid an immediate program with HHH.
Winner: Cena

James Hatton – Whomever wins heads to Smackdown, as I don’t think they will get rid of Batista for the other show. Carlito is here, so the Cabana takes over the Highlight Reel. Cena/Christian get their main event at Summerslam.
Winner: Jericho

Jed Shaffer: CHRIS JERICHO GETS A WORLD TITLE SHOT?!? Did Triple H fall ill in the creative meeting or something? Taking the belt off Cena so soon, after so much build-up, would be insane, unless the WWE Champion stays on Raw so he can chase the new champ. But if…oh, bollocks. Too many options!
Winner: Um…er…Vanilla Ice…sure, we’ll go with Vanilla

Kevin G. Bufton: Triple Threat time, in the crappy WWE sense of the word. Seriously, Heyman had the right idea, making these match-ups under elimination rules. I see this match as the sleeper of the night, as Jericho and Christian help to get the very best out of Cena. Unfortunately, Cena is being modelled as the next Stone Cold, so I can’t imagine the booking team having him lose the strap. I foresee Cena pinning Christian to retain, thereby leaving Jericho with the argument that Cena has never beaten him, in order to get a 1 on 1 rematch at SummerSlam. Christian, meanwhile, should end up drafted to SmackDown! on the following night’s Raw.
Winner: John Cena over Christian

Vin Tastic – God, I hope Christian wins and gets drafted to SmackDown Tuesday night.
Winner: Christian

Jeremy Lambert – I figured when Carlito came over to Raw, Jericho would win this match and take the belt and the show to Smackdown. I pray I’m wrong.
Winner: Chris Jericho

Bambi Weavil – This should be a great triple threat match and highly competitive. I expect a lot of fast pace action with Christian getting heat for mocking John Cena’s “style” – I expect John Cena to retain, however I’d love to be wrong and see Captain Charisma gain his first WWE Championship.
Winner: John Cena

Gene Lindberg – As a huge peep, I would have to say that Christian should win it. But honestly, I have a feeeling that Jericho is going to win somehow.
Winner: Chris Jericho

Matthew Michaels – Wow this is a hard one. Part of me would like to see Jericho get the belt, then go over to Smackdown via draft or trade. The other wants to see Christian get the title, and have a short program with Cena before the inevitable Cena/HHH Summerslam push. But Cena’s hot right now, and WWE needs to ride him. WAIT — I change my mind. Christian’s winning the belt for the surprise-factor, and will drop it to Cena again in a few weeks.
Winner: The Bad Man Captain Charisma

Dustin Young – I Know who I want to win but it wont happen it’s to early. I think Jericho will get pinned by Cena leading into Christian Vs. Cena at Summer Slam where Christian finnaly gets what we all have know for years he deserves the WWE title
WINNER: John “I Can’t Beat Christian” Cena

SMS – Jericho gets the win, heads to Smackdown! and immediately gets in a program with Benoit. Granted, I know there is that “title match” on Tuesday, but since when should WWE continuity make sense?
Winner: Jericho


Widro – after hunter pinned batista on raw, it became a shoo-in probably with help from someone.
Winner: batista

Brad Jennette – Batista is definately winning. The only question is, are they sending Batista to Smackdown, or will Edge use his title shot and defeat Batista for the title and then be moved to Smackdown himself.
Winner: Batista

James Hatton – Let us pray that Vince and Creative realize that Batista needs to remain at the top. There are enough good feuds that don’t need the belt for Trips. Batista needs to develop as a champ away from him.
Winner: Batista

Jed Shaffer – No one’s taking a bump here, so get that out of your head. That means the match will be reduced to Lesnar/Taker-style brutality. They MIGHT be able to pull off a decent match given those parameters, but I doubt it. As for the winner? Well…trading either guy to Smackdown without getting someone equally important would be horrible, and the only person who could match them in stature would be JBL…and I doubt he’s moving…crap, I don’t know. This whole Draft Lottery makes things impossible to figure out. Mr. Lincoln, a little help?
Winner: Um…er…Metrosexual Man. Sure, go with it.

Kevin G. Bufton – This should be the final blowoff in the HHH vs. Dave feud. Either Batista will win his third successive PPV outing against The Game, thus cementing his place at the top or Trips will pull a power move and continue his unbeaten (*cough* Armageddon 2000 *cough*) Hell in a Cell winning streak. Personaly, I think Triple H is going to do a Jarrett and distance himself from the World Title hunt for a while. After all, he’s now got Cena and Angle to feud with for a spell, not to mention Shelton Benjamin. This match should play similar to Taker vs. Brock from No Mercy 2002, with the veteran destroying the up-and-comer, but the champion ultimately retaining after a hard-fought battle. Hopefully the addition of HiaC rules will help disguise the lack of wrestling moves on Dave’s part.
Winner: Batista

Vin Tastic – This is a tough one to call. I think one of the big titles needs to go back to SmackDown to prevent Teddy from creating a third heavyweight title. If my prediction for the 3-way were to come true, there’d be no reason to move either HHH or Batista, except that the draft seems to have heavily favored Raw so far. I guess Batista can retain and move to SmackDown with the big gold belt, but only if the WWE title stays on Raw. Either way, I can’t imagine both of my last two picks working simultaneously. Plus, Batista really “owes” HHH a job at this point, right?
Winner: HHH

Jeremy Lambert – I do pray that HHH wins this match and takes the belt to Smackdown because I dont watch SD and I’ll never have to see him again. Even if he doesn’t move to SD, he will still win this match because ummm 3rd tries the charm?
Winner: He Speared Stephanie

Bambi Weavil – Without a doubt this will be the most violent, dangerous match of the night. This should help give Batista more creditability as champion to beat HHH in a Hell in a Cell, though I expect HHH to show his expertise in this type of matchup and color him up well. I choose Batista because he should be champion through the summer and people still feel ODed on Triple H as champion.
Winner: Batista

Gene Lindberg – No way is Hunter going to job 3 times in a row… let alone in a Hell in a Cell.
Winner: Triple H

Matthew Michaels – I keep playing out different scenarios in my head on this one. HHH wins it, then gets drafted to Smackdown. Batista wins, gets drafted. Edge shows up just after the match and gets a cheap pin, cashing in his Money in the Bank, then gets drafted to Smackdown. Actually, I think that last one is 100% based on my desire to mark out over Edge and Christian opening RAW as Champs. It’s gotta go one way though … so I guess I’ll just settle for Edge asking Christian for a WWE Title shot, and Christian reminding him that the Money in the Bank is only good for the WORLD Title belt — which will be drafted to Smackdown on Thursday along with the winner of this match …
Winner: DAVE

Dustin Young – Trips job three times in a row to the same let alone in a cell never!!!

SMS – I will not lie, I AM a Triple H hater, and I want him to stop this bullsh*t immediately. The only way this douchebag can claim that he has “put butts in seats” is that he headlines 3-4 PPVs in a row, thus driving up his overall gross, not his average.
Winner: Batista (Please, Vince, don’t do this again!)


Widro – he will

Brad Jennette – Matt Hardy will NOT show up.

James Hatton – I do not believe the conspiracy theorists.. he will be teased, but he won’t show. On the off chance that he does, expect him to have the pop of the night.

Jed Shaffer – Doesn’t he have some RoH dates in July? Of course, the WWE DID just hire RoH’s champion, so they seem to like f*cking with RoH…it would be a shame, though, so see Matt, after all that bitching and moaning on his website, sell out and participate in an angle with the guy who broke up his long-term relationship just to get back on TV. I don’t think even he can stoop that low.

Kevin G. Bufton – I hope he won’t. Some people have said that the use of his music on Monday Night’s Raw is proof that this is all a work and that the Sensei of Mattitude will be making an appearence, possibly costing Edge his match with Kane. I truly hope this isn’t the case. I don’t mind being worked – it just proves that I’m not as jaded with wrestling as I sometimes think I might be, which is a good thing – I just think that Matt would lose the respect of his huge fanbase. Besides – he’s running a wrestling seminar on Sunday night for RINGS in North Carolina…considering it costs $99 through Highspots, he’d have to be a bit of shit to screw over his fans like that.

Vin Tastic – He damn sure BETTER show up!

Jeremy Lambert – Nah, Im kickin it with Matt Hardy at his crib here in NC, cause that’s how we roll.

Bambi Weavil – Won’t show up though I think something’s up because WWE does not need to push Matt Hardy’s face unless he’s still with their company.

Gene Lindberg – I hope Matt Hardy will show up, but I’m doubting it.

Matthew Michaels – Ooooh yeah!

Dustin Young – Here is what I Teased about earlier my prediction is Matt Hardy returns here starting the feud that would make me happy. I see Matt returning here and helping Kane as those two form the Unholy Alliance to take out the team of Edge and Snitsky. Oh the beauty of if i ran WWE

SMS – I hope Matt Hardy stays home and doesn’t show up. If that guy “worked” us all, I will be pissed for explaining to my girlfriend what “kayfabe” means.
Winner: ME…should Matt remain off of WWE, where they ruined him anyway.


Widro – no

Brad Jennette – Yes. Edge will cash in his money in the bank match after the Hell in the Cell matchup.

James Hatton – No, Edge has lost his main event push. Notice how he hasn’t whined lately in lieu of being a snarky bastard. They’ll use it when they need a secondary main event.. I’m thinking Royal Rumble.

Jed Shaffer – It would be very ECW for the WWE to do such a thing. What I’d REALLY like to see is the HIAC winner get traded, thus screwing Edge out of his title shot. It’d serve his “I always get screwed character” a little more. But that won’t happen…and I doubt a last-minute title match will either.

Kevin G. Bufton: Um…don’t know. It seems a possibility as this is only a 6-match card at the moment. Screw it…I’ll say yes. But he’ll lose.

Vin Tastic – That would be the smartest move for him to make. Who says heels always have to be stupid and cowardly? Then maybe Edge could be drafted to SmackDown with the big gold belt.

Jeremy Lambert – He should, but he won’t. Because of this: 1. If Batista wins and Edge uses his shot and wins, HHH goes down to the #2 match, that cant happen. 2. If HHH wins and Edge uses his shot…he won’t win.

Bambi Weavil – Yes. Somewhere also, a heel turn by Lilian Garcia and as a result the return of the heel Trish Stratus during the Viscera/Lilian segment.

Gene Linbderg – I don’t see Edge cashing in Money in the Bank yet.

Matthew Michaels – Really depends on what happens in the Kane match, but I’m going to guess that as logical a move this would be, it would hurt his character more if he challenged a battered Batista or HHH only to lose his shot so quickly. If Christian wins, my money’s on Edge asking HIM for the shot, as I mentioned above.

Dustin Young – If Matt Hardy returns no.

SMS – The fact that this question is up there proves that something is gonna happen. Should Edge take the chance? Yeah. But since I said he broke his leg, he won’t, and his huge cro-magnon forehead will disappear from WWE for a while.

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Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.