InsidePULSE’s WWE Vengeance Report


InsidePULSE’s WWE Vengeance Report 06.26.05
Live from Viva Las Vegas
Announcers are JR, King & Coach (Hugo & Carlos at the SAP table)
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for InsidePULSE by PK

The Hurricane and Rosey successfully defended their titles against the Heart Throbs.

Video package opening, highlighting Cena/Christian/Jericho, then the Hell in a Cell match.

Carlito (c) vs. Shelton Benjamin – Intercontinental Title
Back and forth action to start. Benjamin clotheslines Carlito over the top rope and Carlito takes the IC strap and starts walking up the ramp to get out of the match, but Benjamin follows and brings him back to the ring. They continue to go back and forth. Carlito sends Benjamin to the floor, brings him back in, and stomps away. Carlito body slams Shelton a few times. Carlito with a whip, Shelton reverses it, then Shelton hits a Samoan Drop for 2. The crowd is booing Shelton. Shelton keeps fighting back, hits the springboard bulldog for 2. Carlito in the corner, Shelton charges with a Stinger Splash, but Carlito moves, and Shelton cracks his head on the ringpost. Carlito quickly rolls him up and grabs the tights for 3.
Winner and Still Champ – CCC

HHH and Flair arrive.

Video package of Christy/Victoria.

Victoria vs. Christy
Victoria has new theme music, it’s almost like a remix of her old crap. Christy charges the ring, and chases Victoria. Victoria takes control, dominating the match. Victoria goes for the Widow’s Peak, but Christy flips through and tries to roll up Victoria. Victoria picks Christy up by her hair, and lays her out in the corner. Victoria goes for a top rope but misses a moonsault. Christy with a few hair tosses, then tries to roll Victoria up in the corner, but Victoria sits down on her, and holds the ropes for the 3 count.
Winner – Victoria

Cena cuts a promo about how he’s a target because he is the new kid in school. New Guy Todd admits to pissing his pants in the 10th grade, and they all called him Todd Pissham.

Recap of Edge/Lita/KANE.

Edge (w/ Lita) vs. KANE
KANE chases down Edge to start, and he pummels away on him in the corner. KANE tosses Edge around, and then stalks Lita on the floor. Edge comes around the corner and nails a spear on the floor. Back in the ring, Edge is dominating the match. Edge lines up for a spear, but KANE with a boot KO’s him. Snitsky runs in, and KANE takes him out too. Lita gets in the ring with a chair, KANE grabs her, chokes her out, and wraps her head up in the chair!! Snitsky back in, but he gets a choke slam. Edge back up, gets a choke slam, pin!
Winner – KANE

KANE stares down Lita, and Lita goes up the ramp.

New Guy Todd with HBK. Todd tells him that Angle has guaranteed victory tonight. HBK shakes it off.

Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels
Match starts out slowly. Sounds like someone in the crowd has a bird caller. HAHAHA. Back and forth, and they are both back up, and squaring off again. Angle goes for the Ankle Lock, but it gets turned into a single crap, but HBK crawls to the ropes. HBK now has Angle in the corner, and is chopping away. HBK whips him to the out corner, Angle reverses it, charges, boot to the mouth, HBK up to the 2nd rope, sunset flip, but Angle turns it into the ankle lock, only for HBK to send him to the outside. HBK follows and they go back and forth, Angle goes for and Olympic Slam, but HBK gets out if it, and goes to slam Angle face first into the ringpost, but Angle blocks it, and then nails HBK with a German on the SAP table!! Angle brings HBK in the ring for 2. Angle with a hangman’s neckbreaker for 2. Angle is mauling HBK, stomping away on him. Angle then powerbombs HBK into top turnbuckle! Angle with a few elbow drops, then hits a snap suplex for 2. Angle puts HBK up on the top turnbuckle, and he looks to be going for a belly to belly Superplex, but HBK knocks him off, and HBK comes down with a double sledge, but Angle grabs him in a belly to belly and hits it for 2. Angle has a sleeper locked on, and HBK suplexes out of it. They are both out, and get up at a 7 count. Angle up first, chops away on HBK, then sends him to the ropes, but HBK bounces back with a diving forearm. They are both down again, Angle up first, and then HBK nips up. HBK levels Angle, then goes to the top. HBK nails the top rope elbow, HBK with a DDT for 2. Angle wraps up HBK and locks on the Ankle Lock, but HBK rolls over, and Angle dives into the ref. Angle back body drops HBK over the top rope, and it looks like HBK twisted his knee. Medics come out to check on him, but Angle gets him back in the ring and locks on the Ankle Lock!! HBK tries to roll out of it a few times, but Angle is not letting go. HBK is holding on for dear life, and he FINALLY rolls through, and Angle goes shoulder first into the ringpost. Both men get up and Angle goes after HBK, but HBK nails a Superkick! Both men are down, and at the 8 count, HBK drapes his arm over Angle for 2. Angle rolls out of the ring, and is going to the top rope, Angle goes to come off with a sledge, but HBK nails a huge Superkick for the pin.
Winner – HBK

Coach with Batista. Coach tells him that he looks scared spitless. Batista calls Coach an ass-kissing suck-up, and says that he is not scared of anyone. HHH comes in, and he says that Batista will not be the champ after tonight. They get into a shoving match.

Lillian comes down to the ring, and calls out Viscera. She tells him that she’s had the time of her life the past few weeks. She sits Vis down on a couch in the middle of the ring, and she sings him a song. Lillian then asks for his hand him marriage. Viscera is about to answer, and…NO SHIT…HERE COMES THE GODFATHER!! Godfather makes his way down to the ring with his Ho Train. Godfather says, no disrespect to Lillian, but Viscera was a big player, and when they all found out that he was making his way to Vegas, all his hoes wanted to get a piece of the 500 pound love machine. Viscera checks out the 5 hoes, and he goes back to Lillian, and he only has one thing to say…’ALL ABOARD!!’ HAHAHA! He dances with the Hoes, while Lillian cries.

John Cena (c) vs. Christian (w/ Tyson Tomko) vs. Chris Jericho – WWE Title
Triple stare down to start, Jericho slaps Cena in the face, and Cena tackles Y2J. Christian and Y2J take turns beating down on Cena. Y2J and Christian square off, and Y2J hits the ropes, and Tomko pulls him to the outside. Cena and Christian going at it now, the ref pulls Cena away, and Tomko pulls Cena’s leg. The Ref sees it, and ejects Tomko from ringside. Christian is upset, he charges Cena, and Cena hits a flapjack. Cena goes for a FU, but Christian grabs the ropes. Cena then flips him over the top to the floor! Y2J is waiting on the opposite turnbuckle, and hits a flying back elbow on Cena. Y2J is all over Cena, and sends him to the floor, running him into the retaining wall. Y2J clears off the SAP table, and goes to suplex Cena through the table. Cena reverses it, and DDTs Y2J on the floor. Christian comes back in, smashes Cena’s face on the ringsteps, then sends Cena back in the ring. Christian is working over Cena, then taunts him with a ‘You Can’t See Me’, but Cena explodes with a clothesline. Cena pumps up the shoes, hits the ropes, and Jericho pulls him to the floor, and sends him into the ringsteps. Christian then baseball slides right into Jericho. Back in the ring, Y2J and Christian go back and forth, and Y2J puts Christian on the top rope. Jericho looks to be going for a Superplex but, Cena comes in, and powerbombs Y2J, while Y2J hits the Superplex. Both Christian and Y2J are laid out head to head, and Cena hits a double 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Cena gets Christian up for a FU again, but Christian pulls on Cena’s face, then hits his reverse DDT. Christian distracts the ref, and Tomko comes out and drills Cena with a clothesline. Christian covers for 2. Jericho tosses Christian out, and locks Cena in the Walls. Christian gets on the apron, and Y2J lets go of the Walls, and hits his springboard dropkick, sending Christian back to the floor, then locks Cena back up in the Walls. Christian comes back in, and rolls up Jericho for 2. Cena back up, gets Christian on his shoulders, Y2J charges, but Cena clotheslines Y2J with Christian’s legs! Cena then drops Christian in the FU for the pin. Awesome match.
Winner and Still Champ – Cena

Recap of Batista/HHH.

Batista (c) vs. Triple H (w/ Ric Flair) – World Heavyweight Title – Hell in a Cell
HHH jumps Batista right away, but Batista takes control and is tossing HHH all over the place. Batista goes to whip HHH to the ringsteps, but HHH reverses it, and sends Batista should first into the steps. Batista tries to get back in the ring, but HHH shoves him off, and he flies into the Cell wall. HHH is now tossing Batista around the cell. HHH goes under the ring, and brings out a chain, and he starts whipping Batista with the chain, then hangs Batista with it over the ropes. Batista gets on the apron, and drops HHH throat first over the rope. Batista grabs the chain, and starts whipping HHH. HHH falls to the outside, and Batista whips him again, this time some of the chain hits the ringsteps, proving that it is a legit chain. Batista lifts up HHH, then runs him spine first in to the ringpost, then the corner of the cage, then the ringpost again, then the corner of the cage again! HHH goes head first in to the cage, and he is now busted open. Back in the ring, Batista hits the ropes, and HHH nails a spinebuster. HHH goes back under the ring, and pulls out a barb-wire wrapped steel chair!!! HHH hits Batista 2 times with it in the back. HHH charges again, but Batista with a huge clothesline, taking out HHH. Batista then picks up the barb-wire chair, and clocks HHH over the head! Batista then grinds HHH’s face with the barb-wire, then pulls HHH to the outside, and grates his face on the cage. Batista then tosses HHH like a dart, face first into the cage. Back in the ring, Batista tries to charge at HHH in the corner, but HHH moves and Batista goes shoulder first into the ringpost. HHH lays the barb-wire chair on the mat, and sets up for a Pedigree on the chair, but Batista back body drops out of it, then hits a powerslam on the barb-wire chair! Batista gets the chain, and wraps up his fist, but HHH gets up, and DDT’s Batista on the barb-wire chair!! HHH grates Batista’s face on the cage, then rolls him back in the ring, and goes under the ring, and gets a sledgehammer! HHH gets in the ring, and Batista is up, they go toe to toe, and Batista goes for the Demon Bomb, but HHH back body drops out of it, and picks up his sledgehammer. Batista charges, and gets a face full of sledgehammer for only 2. HHH lurks over Batista with the hammer, but Batista low blow, and he picks up Sledgy, and charges HHH. HHH has the chain around his fist, and KO’s Batista. HHH wraps up his fist again, and goes to the top for the flying fist drop. HHH comes off, and Batista lifts up the sledgehammer, and HHH goes throat first over the hammer! Batista is now pounding away on HHH. Batista whips HHH over the top rope, and HHH is on the floor. Batista sends HHH to the steel steps, then Batista picks up the upper half of the steps, and beheads HHH with them! Batista puts the lower half of the steps in the ring, and leans it up in the corner, and slams HHH face first into the steps, then whips him to the steps! Batista with the thumbs down, calls for the Demon Bomb. HHH goes to his knees, and low blows Batista, then hits a Pedigree…for only a 2 count! HHH brings the lower half of the steps in the middle of the ring, and goes for a Pedigree, but Batista lifts him up, and nails a spinebuster on the steps! Batista then goes for the Demon Bomb, HHH picks up the Sledgehammer on the way up, but Batista lays him out before he can use it for the pinfall!
Winner and Still Champ — Batista

Show over.

Wouldn’t be cool if Edge came down and cashed in his Money in the Bank? Oh well…


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