[WWE] ECW DVD Out Today, Hogan on RAW, More


– WWE.com, under title history, has an incorrect description of the World Heavyweight Championship. It used to talk about how Bischoff took the WCW Big Gold Belt out of mothballs in 2002 when disputing Brock Lesnar’s then-Undisputed Title, and awarded it to HHH; now it accidentally re-publishes the WWE Title description: “The WWE Championship is widely recognized as the most historic championship in sports-entertainment. Dating back to 1963, the WWE Championship was first awarded to Buddy Rogers after he defeated Antonino Rocca in the finals of a tournament in April. Since that time, the biggest names in the business have held the WWE Championship, including Bruno Sammartino, Andre the Giant, Bret Hart, The Rock, Stone Cold and many more.”

– Also on WWE.com, they are featuring videos showing that Hulk Hogan will be the guest on Carlito’s Cabana next week, as well as footage of Hogan after the six-man tag last night, and of RVD being helped to the back after the Cabana.

– Hogan has returned to WWE to help promote his family’s new reality series “Hogan Knows Best” on VH-1. It debuts on July 10th.

– The ECW One Night Stand DVD has been released today, and is already a top seller on WWEshop.com.

– Dudley Boyz and and Sandman entrance themes were changed for the DVD, likely due to rights issues, and the swearing bleeped.

– Lower-level moves to the RAW and SD rosters are likely to be announced late Thursday night on WWE.com or on the following week’s RAW and SD. Significant changes wouldn’t be surprising.

Credit: PWInsider.com, WrestlingObserver.com, WWE.com

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