What\'s Shipping 7.7.05

Make your list and check it twice! By popular demand, we have the return of What’s Shipping! Just make sure you don’t go to your shop until Thursday. New books are pushed back one day for the July 4th holiday.

Amazing Fantasy 10
Daredevil/Punisher 1
Exiles 66
Fantastic Four: House of M 1*
House of M 3*
House of M Variant Cover 3*
Incredible Hulk 83*
Iron Man: House of M 1*
Marvel Team-Up 10
Shanna the She Devil 6
Spider-Girl 88
Spider-Man: Unlimited 10
Ultimate Spider-Man 79
Uncanny X-Men 462*
(* denotes House Of M tie-in)

Aquaman 32
Batman: Dark Detective 5
Batman: L.O.T.D.K. 193
Blood of the Demon 5
Catwoman: When In Rome 6
DC Special: Return of Donna Troy 2
Firestorm 15
Gotham Central 33
JSA 75 (D.O.V. Tie-In)
Son of Vulcan 2
Superman 219 (OMAC Tie-In)
Villains United 3
Villains United 2 (2nd Print)

Dead Boy Detectives
Swamp Thing 17
Y: The Last Man 35

Intimates 9
Matador 3
Ocean 6
Twilight Experiment 6

Army of Darkness: S.D.D. 4

Bonerest 1
Darkness 21
Dead Eyes Open 1
Fathom 2
Finder 37
Hunter Killer 3
Jane’s World 20
Star Wars: Empire 32
Strange Girl 2
The Norm 9
Usagi Yojimbo 85
Wildguard: Fool’s Gold 1

All New Tenchi Muyo vol. 6
Case Closed vol. 6
Crouching Tiger vol. 11
Dead Boy Detectives
Inu Yasha vol. 22
One Piece vol. 7
Tezuka’s Buddha vol. 6
Video Girl AI vol. 12
Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist vol. 6

Amazing Joy Buzzards
Boneyard vol. 1 Color Ed.
Dead Boy Detectives
Elfquest Grand Quest vol. 9
Freaks of the Heartland
MOCCA: Will Eisner Retrospective
The Plot: Protocols Elders of Zion
Rogue Trooper vol. 2
Space Ghost
Steve Ditko Reader vol. 3
Superman That Healing Touch
Transgenesis 2025 vol. 1
X-Men New Age of Apocalypse

Femme Fatales 14.3
Heavy Metal Summer 05
IQ Gamer 124
Maxim: Stuff Aug 05

Betty & Veronica 210
Justice League Unlimited 11
Looney Tunes 128
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 5
Pals N Gals Double Digest 95

Crisis On Infinite Earths Series 1
Marvel Mini-Mates Iron Man 2-Pk
Sandman: Destruction Mini-Bust

Batman Begins: Few Friends

HTDM Costume Encyclopedia vol. 3

Masamune Shirow

Special thanks to Graham Cracker Comics for providing the list!

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