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Hello everyone! As you can see, Lambert and I are finally going head to head in our TNA/WWE debate, so I’m afraid that due to space considerations, I have no Asshole’s Opinions on the conclusion of the draft lottery. The debate should be fun, though I apologize for the AIM transcript, as it is a staple of lazy column writing. However, this AIM conversation was for the sole purpose of doing our columns, so I think it still counts.


First of all, if you didn’t yet read Part One in Lambert’s column , go do that. I’ll wait here. Part Two begins here, as we discuss the secondary champions of each promotion. Once again, the key:

AMPLine4Life = Lambert
GoldenAce 007 = Campbell

AMPLine4Life: secondary champs?
GoldenAce 007: surely
GoldenAce 007: you’ve got Daniels as the X Champ
GoldenAce 007: I’ve got Jordan: U.S., Carlito: IC, London: Cruiser
AMPLine4Life: this is an easy one
GoldenAce 007: and Trish: Women’s, I suppose
AMPLine4Life: Daniels rules all
GoldenAce 007: yes
GoldenAce 007: he is awesome
AMPLine4Life: Jordan is horrible in the ring and on the mic
GoldenAce 007: and it’s about damn time he got that title
GoldenAce 007: Jordan is worthless
GoldenAce 007: he only got that title because of his proximity heat from JBL
AMPLine4Life: Carlito is good on the mic but i havent seen much of him in the ring (mainly because hes been on Smackdown, and I dont watch that)
GoldenAce 007: yeah…Carlito isn’t great shakes in the ring
AMPLine4Life: London faces Chavo every week and it always ends in a run in
GoldenAce 007: which is a damn shame
GoldenAce 007: cuz we both know London can go
AMPLine4Life: agreed
GoldenAce 007: however, we now have the potential for some awesome matches with the addition of the 3 Luchadores
AMPLine4Life: the most stereo-typical luchadores at that
GoldenAce 007: yeah…that’s pretty terrible, I’ll admit
GoldenAce 007: good lord
GoldenAce 007: well, I have yet to blown away by the Cruiserweight division, because they still work “WWE Style”
GoldenAce 007: but I know they have it in them
AMPLine4Life: and the only way to catch them is saturday night at 10 or 11
GoldenAce 007: but bringing in Juvi, Psicosis, & Super Crazy gives me hope
AMPLine4Life: (JBL eliminated Benoit with a DDT)
AMPLine4Life: Ya, as long as Psicosis keeps his mask on
GoldenAce 007: didn’t he already take it off?
GoldenAce 007: and hey, the DDT is still a viable finisher
GoldenAce 007: *cough*RAVEN*cough*
GoldenAce 007: :-D
AMPLine4Life: set myself up for that one
GoldenAce 007: hehe
GoldenAce 007: you set ’em up, I’ll knock ’em down!
GoldenAce 007: anyway
GoldenAce 007: I love the X-Division
AMPLine4Life: but lets face. you have to combine the mic skills of Carlito, the in ring work of London and ummm the nothingness of Jordan
GoldenAce 007: it’s exciting & innovative
AMPLine4Life: and then youre still short of Daniels
GoldenAce 007: yeah….and they still don’t equal Daniels
GoldenAce 007: it truly baffles me that he was never picked up by the big leagues
AMPLine4Life: Do you really think he would be anything in WWE?
GoldenAce 007: it’s hard to say
GoldenAce 007: a lot of people in WWE have gotten over in spite of their lack of push
AMPLine4Life: I think he could do good on Raw in a feud with Shelton
GoldenAce 007: yeah
GoldenAce 007: I think so
GoldenAce 007: I think Shelton could take some lessons from him on the mic
AMPLine4Life: but he would be lost in the shuffle on Smackdown until they get their cruiser division straight
GoldenAce 007: yeah…which may never happen
AMPLine4Life: Thats why im going to feel bad for Christian in the coming months
GoldenAce 007: why is that?
AMPLine4Life: Christian is like Daniels to me
GoldenAce 007: hmmm…yeah, good comparison
AMPLine4Life: too good to be a cruiser in WWE, not good enough to be a heavyweight
GoldenAce 007: well, not BIG enough anyway
AMPLine4Life: well, good enough by our standards but not McMahonds
GoldenAce 007: but it could still happen
GoldenAce 007: vis a vis Jericho, Benoit, Eddie
GoldenAce 007: if anyone can break through, I think it’s Christian
AMPLine4Life: Jericho, man talk about a fall off
GoldenAce 007: yeah, seriously
AMPLine4Life: and I love Jericho. He was the one person to sign my Y2J Jersey when I went to Raw
GoldenAce 007: nice
AMPLine4Life: but lets wrap this up. Daniels rules anything the WWE has to offer right now in the seconadry rankings
GoldenAce 007: yes
AMPLine4Life: finally, Tag Champs
GoldenAce 007: okay
GoldenAce 007: shit…I don’t even know who TNA’s are right now
GoldenAce 007: but I’ve got the Superheroes and MNM
AMPLine4Life: The Naturals son
AMPLine4Life: they are on their way too
GoldenAce 007: ah
GoldenAce 007: yeah, I kinda like them
AMPLine4Life: theyve gotten over (maybe in light to Candidos death)
AMPLine4Life: they are good in the ring
GoldenAce 007: :-
AMPLine4Life: and they now have Jimmy Hart on their side
GoldenAce 007: and that never hurts
AMPLine4Life: MNMs biggest pop comes when Melina does her split entrance
GoldenAce 007: rightfully so :-D
AMPLine4Life: and Superheroes biggest pop is when Stacy does her entrance
GoldenAce 007: ditto
GoldenAce 007: and if the Naturals came in with a hot chick instead of Jimmy Hart, it would be the same for them
AMPLine4Life: lol
GoldenAce 007: hehe
AMPLine4Life: but its sad that WWE has to put a hot chick with these teams to get them over
GoldenAce 007: sadly, it’s the nature of the marks
GoldenAce 007: well…yeah
AMPLine4Life: I havent seen MNM in the ring too much because theyve been wrestling Haas and Holly for weeks
AMPLine4Life: and I dont want to see Holly stiff the kids the entire match
GoldenAce 007: I hate that man
AMPLine4Life: I like Hurricane and Rosey but they are going know where wrestling The heart Throbs weekly
GoldenAce 007: yeah…the Heart Throbs have yet to really impress me
GoldenAce 007: though they certainly play their gimmicks well
GoldenAce 007: hehe
GoldenAce 007: I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing
AMPLine4Life: lol
AMPLine4Life: probably bad
GoldenAce 007: yeah, probably
AMPLine4Life: although they do play Rock Paper Scissors to see who starts, something i was a fan of when Hall and Nash did it
GoldenAce 007: yeah, that’s great stuff
GoldenAce 007: so…the tag divisions…..I dunno
GoldenAce 007: this one is a tough call
GoldenAce 007: because I don’t think any of the 3 divisions in question are very deep right now
AMPLine4Life: agreed
GoldenAce 007: but they all have the potential to be exciting
AMPLine4Life: TNA has Naturals, AMW, Canada, and 3LK
AMPLine4Life: although Shane and Shelly seem to be pairing up
GoldenAce 007: plus the jobber teams
AMPLine4Life: and the sometime teams
AMPLine4Life: like Outlaw and Brown
GoldenAce 007: yeah
GoldenAce 007: or the New Age Outlaws, if they EVER pull the trigger on that
AMPLine4Life: lord knows im with you on that
AMPLine4Life: WWE needs to have Raw be the tag division and SD be the Womens/Cruiser division
GoldenAce 007: now, I can’t completely rate the WWE tag divisions because who knows where they’ll be after the final draft trades
GoldenAce 007: or bring back the Cruiserweight tag straps for Smackdown
AMPLine4Life: didnt WCW do that?
GoldenAce 007: yeah
GoldenAce 007: right at the end
GoldenAce 007: AJ Styles was in that tournament!
AMPLine4Life: aka, desperation
GoldenAce 007: it was an awesome division, for the month or so that it lasted
AMPLine4Life: lol

And there you have it. Let us know what you thought of this week’s debate, and if you’d like to see more.

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