[Misc.] John “Earthquake” Tenta Health Update

John Tenta posted the following on the Wrestlecrap.com message boards:

“Well I’m back from my son’s wedding which went great. I was supposed to start chemo today, however while I was in Florida, the hospital called and said I was scheduled for a biopsy today instead. Apparently something has shown up on my last scans. It appears to be 2 centimeters in size but they are not sure if it’s a cancerous tumor or scar tissue since it’s close to where my surgery was done last year. I asked if scar tissue takes a year to form, and the assistant said yes, it sometimes does. So a biopsy today, chemo on Friday when I’ll also find out about the lung tumor.”

You can comment on his message board here. InsidePulse wishes Tenta the best.

Credit: PWInsider.com