The Scholar – Recap – Episode 4

Previously on The Scholar:

Relationships blossom: Alyssa and Melissa both are after Max. Davis and Liz continue to flirt.

Alyssa is upset that she is only one yet to be in the showdown.

Milana celebrates her victory.

Over at the house Davis and Liz continue flirting. It turns out that Liz has a boyfriend back home. Liz claims she has been nothing but loyal to him (yeah right). She tells Davis about how and her bf had a big fight, broke up and are “giving it another try.”

Liz says she doesn’t have many guy options in Buhl, ID.

So now we see Liz’s hometown. If this is any indication Liz wins this week. Liz’s teacher talks about how Liz is taking math classes on her own because she is so smart.

Liz starts to sing her credentials..oh man this is pathetic.

Liz admits she is a huge dork. Well admitting is the first step. Only11 more to go.

The scholars all leave the house. Those who don’t have a spot are getting anxious.

The Captain’s Quiz

It’s a puzzle, it’s a map of the United States but there are pieces missing. The fastest two people are the team captains. They basically have to put pieces of the states where they should be.

Davis feels like he has to win this one and is confident about his map skills. He finished early but noticed he had dropped South Carolina. But he has already clocked in.

Liz clocks in, but Davis notices she is missing Utah.

Rob tells them that Liz and Davis were the fastest both missed a piece.

Scot got the next best time but made too many mistakes. Amari was next but she missed Georgia.

Did anyone complete the puzzle??….

Commercial break. The sneak peak shows Melissa saying she plans to ignore Max, Davis and Alyssa for the next week.

No one completed the puzzle…so Davis and Liz are the captains because they were the fastest with the most correct puzzle pieces.

Max is interested to see how the Davis-Liz relationship plays out now that they are against each other.

Liz says she wants to be the Vice-President.
Davis wants to make it to the White House, he doesn’t want to settle for VP though.

So this duo could produce the first female VP and the first gay President.

Davis’ teacher calls him a “Renaissance Man.” Davis is into everything, including theatre. Oh the signs are REALLY adding up…lol

The scholars show up at the Robert Zemeckis Centre.

It turns out that USC is known for its film school. (free ad for USC)

The teams need to write shoot and film a 2 minute movie.

The movie will be based on a quote.

The films will be shown to the USC film faculty and students.

The winning team gets a 20 days European trip.

Davis (Gold team): Melissa

Liz (Red team): Jeremy

D: Max

L: Milana

D: Alyssa

L: Scot

D: Gerald

L: Amari

Amari is upset she is chosen last, once again.

The teams have to make a movie based one of three quotes.

Three Quotes:

To be or not to be. (Hamlet)

Those who dare to fail, never succeed (or something along those lines) (JFK)

You can discover more about someone in an hour play, than you can by knowing them a lifetime. (Plato)

Bruce Block, a producer of several average movies such as Father of the Bride, gives them some guidance. He says you have to start off with a great script.

Gold Team: They debate whether to go comedy or drama. They decide on drama. They decide on Plato’s quote. Alyssa feels Davis is overbearing.

Red Team: Scot wants to make sure they stick to the quote. They go with “To be or Not to be.” They think it’s the easiest to write a script from.

Gold: Davis thinks they should show a relationship struggle to show about how a girl struggles to break up with a boyfriend she has no interest in.

Max thinks the film is a love letter to Liz. Alyssa does not agree with Davis’s decisions. Melissa is annoyed that Alyssa is not getting it.

Davis thinks Alyssa really wants to stand out and that is why she keeps arguing and wants her way.

Red: Liz decides on making the movie about super heroes. The “to be or not to be” turns into a comedy.

Marquesa thinks the Red team is working well together.

Shawn is impressed with Liz, Jeremy and Amari so far.

Shawn thinks Davis’s team is bickering. Davis thinks the scholarship team will never pick him to be in a showdown so he has to win as a captain.

Melissa is annoyed at Davis for him yelling at him.

Commercial break

Gold team finally wraps shooting.

The teams start to edit things. Gerald is not impressed with how Davis talks in the voice over.

The red team is more upbeat in their editing session.

Davis re-tapes the voice-over. The team likes this take better.

Back at the house Gerald tells Amari that fights almost broke out on the Gold team. Gerald won’t tell her who argued.

Melissa is upset, she is mad at how Max is treating her. She thinks he is a player. Melissa bitches about Max, Alyssa and Davis to Amari and Milana. (duh…Max a player, like that wasn’t obvious)

Alyssa isn’t sure what the scholarship committee is looking for, since they haven’t picked her yet.

As the night comes the scholars decide to play truth or dare. Liz asks what Max is the deal between him and Alyssa. He doesn’t really answer.

Max asks why Melissa hates him so much. She said he screwed with her head. He apologizes.

The scholars get ready to show their films to the audience of students and faculty.

Bruce Block is judging.

Liz is nervous, Davis is confident.

Let’s see the films

Commercial break

Davis’s movie is shown first.

“The Platonic Defect”

Liz thinks it’s funny that her own story is being portrayed on screen.

The Red Team’s film starts, it is titled, “The Superhero Café”

The audience laughs at the red teams movie.

Bruce thinks there was not a big difference between the two teams.

Bruce kisses the ass of both teams. After some hemming and hawing he gives the win to the gold team. He thinks they had a tougher job.

Jeremy and Scot are upset about the loss. They really wanted to go to Europe.

So Davis has one of the three spots in the admissions showdown.

During the interviews with the admissions committee it comes out that Jeremy is a team player. Amari think she deserves another chance. She feels she has been more assertive and aggressive.

Shawn calls Alyssa on her losing her temper. He thinks she needs to control her emotions.

Liz still feels the good team atmosphere she fostered was better then the Gold Team.

I think Davis will be joined by Jeremy and Liz, although they may give Alyssa her pity shot at the challenge.

The Admissions committee debates:
Shawn wants to throw Liz out there as an option. Marquesa throws Alyssa out there but does mention her bad attitude. Peter thinks Jeremy is the backbone of every team he has been on. Marquesa thinks Jeremy sits back too much. Amari is thrown out there by Marquesa. Shawn thinks Max should get a shot because he filmed the winning film.

Back the house…the R.A. posts the list.

Liz and Amari are in the showdown. Topic is American History.

Davis seems pretty happy that it’s American History. Liz and Davis start to play fight.

Alyssa starts to cry she is not picked again. Milana finds her alone crying. She feels bad for her. Alyssa feels she hasn’t got a shot and she doesn’t know why.

Max is trying to console her but she sends him away.

The three competitors, Davis, Liz and Amari, are all studying together.

Scot feels Davis is more relaxed then the other two. Jeremy would not count either of the two girls out.

Liz and Amari do not want to lose for a second time, both think it could be their last shot. Davis thinks he should win today because of the topic.

Commercial…Sneak peak “Who was the author of the pamphlet “Common Sense”?”… sorry if I am spoiling anything but it’s Thomas Paine of course.


The topic is American History from 1770-1850.

Liz: Ratified in 1791 the first 10 amendments are called…the bill of rights.

Davis: we the people opens what document, he waits 30 seconds…the constitution of course.

Amari: during the battle of Trenton …Washington crossed the Delaware.

Another 3 or 4 rounds of correct answers.

Liz gets Thomas Paine question.

Davis: Who invented the cotton gin, Eli Whitney.

Amari: In 1779 who was the commander who uttered “I have not yet begun to fight.” She guesses George Washington, but John Paul Jones is the right answer.

She is out.

Liz: Taxes remained on tea even though the…Townsend acts were repealed.

Davis: Name the incident where the British captured an American ship leading to further tensions leading up to the War of 1812. He answers… The Gaspe incident. But it was the Chesapeake Affair.

Liz has to get this answer right.

What 1790 rebellion attempted to undermine the strong federal government actually strengthen the government. The Whiskey Rebellion, she is right and she wins.

Gerald is impressed with her win.

Liz is now in the final five with Melisa, Scot and Milana.

Liz can’t believe she won. She feels very lucky. She said the reason she did so well is because Davis helped her.

Davis is upset because he should have won, he taught Liz.

Next week:

The students face off in a debate. Alyssa wants anyone but Davis win.

The credits roll and Liz calls her parents and tells them of her win.